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New Face, and instant attraction (Tag Pierce)(end)

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He nodded as he eat the pasta. While he felt Marcus didn't have to tell him if he was expecting a phone call he was oddly touched by the thoughtfulness that Marcus put into it. He set down his fork long enough to sip at his water before looking at Marcus over the rim of the glass. "Would Dillon be upset that your eating dinner with an unknown Lion?" As much as he was enjoying himself he didn't want the younger cat to get in trouble just for saying yes to a meal request.

His attention had moved back to his pasta as he picked up his fork once more before glancing at Marcus and pinning him down with a look. He committed the name to his memory and nodded once more. "It gives me a reason to look around. I do need to learn the city as it is." He took another bite of his pasta. The city wasn't so overly crowded that finding one book store should have been to much of an issue.

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When he asked if Dillon would be upset if he ate with an unknown lion, his face paled. He hadn't even thought of that. "Oh man," he groaned as he nearly face palmed himself, but managed to just rub his face, "I didn't even think on that!" he groaned out. He didn't want to leave the lion but he knew he had to. He had to leave after they were done eating or else...well he was probably going to hear it either way.

"I'm sorry if this gets you into early trouble. I'll put a good word in for you," he said as his color slowly started to return. He sped up on his eat just a little, after all it wouldn't do to choke on some food. Well...maybe. He might get lucky that it's the lion that does the CPR on him, and he flushed enough on that thought to return all the color to his face and then just a touch more in his cheeks.

He gave a nod of his head as his mouth was full. He was trying to focus on eating and drinking quickly with out choking. He shifted his leg, unaware that his beast was guiding him as well, and settled so that his foot was nearly brushing Pierces, but managed to be that half inch away.

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An amused look graced his face as he noticed the reaction that Marcus seemed to have after realizing that he could get into trouble for eating with Pierce.He was concerned but doubted that any real harm would come to the beta lion. After all he could just say he was keeping an eye on the strange lion and get off the hook that way. "You could always call him?" It was a mild suggestion as he really didn't want to get the younger cat into any trouble on his account. His fork tapped the side of his plate lightly before taking another bite.

He tilted his head to the side as he chewed before giving a shake of his head as he swallowed. "Don't worry about it. I can more than handle a bit of trouble. I mean no harm to the Pride. I'm sure your Alphas will see this when I met with them." Which eh fully intended on doing. There was nothing worse that going into someone's area and basically playing hide and seek with the local leaders.He picked up his drink after that sipping as he felt something brush against his leg under the table. It moved off and when it got no closer so he didn't pay it to much more attention.

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He blinked at the suggestion that he could call Dillon, and it was then that he remembered he had a phone. Dillon had bought him one, and paid for the bill until he got a job. He had mentioned about how the lion needed something to get a hold of him in case he got into trouble. It was like his friend almost thought he sought it out. Well...he did...kind of didn't he?

"Oh...right..." he said before pulling out his phone, and then looked at it a moment before flipping it open, and dialing one like he was instructed to do for Dillon. The phone rang, and rang but no one picked up. By the fourth ring it went to his voice box. "Hey...Dillon it's Marcus," he started out, "I'm with a new lion...and no don't worry I'm not doing my bad habits," he said assuredly in the message, "he's't worry ok..?" With that he hung up the phone, and slipped it back into his pocket.

He then looked to Pierce on the mention of trouble, and he couldn't help but smile just a little. "Dillon says I get into too much trouble some times...but he means well. He's...just worried that if no one keeps an eye out for me I'll slip into my bad habit," he explained. Which was true, Marcus thought. If it weren't for the few nights that Dillon to him to bed, he very well might have searched something, or someone else out again by now.

He then finished off the last of his food, which was just a few fries, and his drink before leaning back a bit. His foot shifted as he did, and this time his leg and foot was pressed right up against Pierces. He blushed a little when he felt the connection, but he also didn't move his leg either. Almost like he was daring himself to do something bold.

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While he certainly thought his idea was good one he hadn't expected to see it put into motion so far. He paused looking up from his dish listening as Marcus spoke to the other lion. He couldn't really make out the words coming from the other side of the phone but Dillon seemed to have a soothing voice on his voice mail if nothing else. Feeling like he was ease dropping he turned his attention back to his food popping another bite into his mouth.

His fork tapped against the side of his plate as he noticed that Marcus had mentioned a bad habit more than once.While he wasn't one to press about something he had to admit he was awfully curious about the whole thing now though."Is that what caused your.. distress early?" He gave him a good level of attention ready to glance away if it looked like he was making the younger cat look uneasy.

He had reached out to curl his hand around the glass of water when he felt something It was like the slight contact but longer lasting this time. Matter of fact it didn't seem to be moving on. His eyes looked back up as he settled back against his seat. He didn't move out of the touch feeling comforted by the touch of lion. It caused his own lion to get closer to Marcus' inner lion as well.

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He sighed just the faintest of sighs, and looked up to him. "I might as well tell you...I don't want to offend you later or something because recovery," he said and squirmed a bit. He didn't want to make it so blunt, but...well there really was no gentle way of telling someone what he had gone through.

"I'm a submissive in every term of the word," he started out, "and I like pain. excites me to no end...and I was also trained to like it to an extreme state. I've only been out of the circuit for about a week and a half now...Dillon found and rescued me. He's been helping me to fight the need to go off and search for it. He...provides it to me enough that I don't go looking."

He then swallowed some and looked up to meet his eyes as his lion brushed along his, "and you...I don't know what it is...but you smell good...and when you were that close I...I couldn't really think." He said before looking down again, "I was trained to greet anyone who approached me in some sort of...manner..." he said to show it was not a public appropriate one, "and it's been ground into me so much that I really have to think on not pleasing someone right off..." he explained thinking he had done well for not being graphic.

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His meal for the most part was finished so he carefully placed his fork inside of the dish and covered the whole thing with one of his napkins. He set the whole thing to the side making sure to put it somewhere that the waitress would have no problem picking it up if she headed back this way any time soon. His eyes drifted up and over at Marcus as it seemed like he was about to say something that wasn't easy for him.

He opened his mouth even as his hand wrapped around the remainder of his water tugging it closer to himself. Once he noticed he wasn't going to be able to stop the younger lion he merely held his tongue and listened. The word recovery held his interest and he slowly startled to frown as he heard what Marcus had to say. Not wanting to have Marcus think he thought it was the lion's fault he cleared his face up and took a sip of his water. It was horrible to hear things like that happened to people and he was glad that Marcus had manged to get out of something like that.

"It seems like your doing quite well then." Pierce leaned back in his seat. He hadn't even been aware of the welcome he could have gotten if it wasn't for someone helping the lion get over his mental training. He wasn't sure he would have reacted well. Most likely would have shoved the other lion off and thought something was very wrong with the local Pride if he got welcomed like that.

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Marcus nodded his head slowly, "Dillon is a good second and a good friend. He had left to increase his education before everything went to shit. Had he any idea...he wouldn't have left...or he would have taken me with him..." He looked back up to Pierce, "He wouldn't let me go outside until he was sure I wouldn't greet anyone like that. It drove me batty. Today is actually the first day."

His eyes once more found his, and he blushed again before looking down. They were such nice eyes. Hell everything about him was really nice. He also couldn't help to think what some other parts of him were like, and that only caused him to blush further and keep his eyes down.

"I promise you...since Dillon came back, and the new Rex came into town they've been doing real good work. It's almost like it was before everything hit the fan," he said and once he didn't feel his cheeks burning any more, he looked back up to the other lion hesitantly like he wasn't use to looking someone in the eye still.

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It was comforting to know that the second hadn't left the pride when trouble was knocking on it's door. He knew some people who would have no issues dropping their troubles on the shoulders of others and taking off to save their own skin. He leaned back trying to watch Marcus without making him uneasy at the attention. It seemed like this Dillon was a very good friend indeed. His scent must have been the one that he noticed on Marcus. Made him think that Dillon was a mate of some kind.

He noticed the blush but decided to not say anything waiting for Marcus to finish whatever it was he was about to say before speaking again. "I take it Dillon is your.. mate then?" He nodded thinking he came at just the right time if everything was starting to get back to the way it used to be. He wondered briefly thought if him showing up earlier than he had would have been useful.

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Marcus blinked at the question of Dillon being his mate. He wasn't sure if the lion was being serious or not, and when he finally decided that Pierce was being serious he flushed deeply. " No Dillon isn't my mate. I mean I wish he was, but his heart belongs to another," Marcus explained, "I mean...I know he loves and cares for me...but he's the one that makes sure I don't find the dominance games else where and get seriously hurt. He satisfies that part of me, but his love is back in and they spend a lot of time together when not working with the Pride."

He had told the truth. He had always hoped that Dillon would have picked him, but he also knew that Dillon couldn't always do the dominate thing and he had a feeling that's what Dillon thought he wanted. Yeah it was an addiction to him, but that's not what he craved. At a table near by he spotted a couple that were all close and smiles. Just...being there, being tender...caring...romantic. He couldn't help but stare, and unaware to him a yearning filled his eyes and face as he watched them.

"I don't really have a steady person as some would say...a mate. I haven't found someone who can give me what I want," he said after a moment of starring at the couple he turned back to look at Pierce. He seemed more calm then he had before, if a little depressed after watching the couple.

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He listened carefully as Marcus attempted to explain the situation to him. He had to admit that wasn't something he was expecting to hear but it wasn't something he had never heard before. It seemed like Dillon was a safe Dom for Marcus which actually made him relax. He knew people who couldn't get what they seeked and ended up in the arms of the wrong people. Hurtful,violent people who didn't care about anyone but themselves.

He raised the water glass to his lips once more and noticed as Marcus' brown eyes drifted to a table not far from their own. His own green eyes followed curious as to what had attracted the other lion's attention. A couple looking happy together was all he spotted and his eyes drifted back to Marcus. Clearly something the younger cat wanted for himself. He felt a pang for him but didn't say anything as the waitress wandered back with their check.

After giving the bill and a small amount of money he glanced back at Marcus. "As lovely as this has been I have to go now. Feel free to call me when you get a hold of Dillon or if you just wish to hang out." He slipped out of his seat and moved to Marcus' side and placed a kiss on his cheek. "It was nice to meet you Marcus." After that he made his way out of the diner.

Exit Pierce.

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He watched as Pierce paid for the lunch and left a tip. A sense of...well...content filled him knowing that someone other than Dillon enjoyed his company. A small smile spread to his lips, and then a blush as he felt the kiss. Surprise filled his face, and after Pierce left he touched the spot he had kissed. He was nice...and attractive. Maybe...just maybe...but then he shook his head. He might have done the kiss, but to show such affection was common amongst shifters. He may not even be bi, but a part of him still hoped.

Finishing off his drink he then slipped away from the table and out. Heading back to the Pride house to see of Dillon was around yet.


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