Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Surprise, surprise...a reunion of friends...with more? (Pierce and Vittorio)

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Marcus was excited. Ok so the word excited was mild for him at the moment. He was so happy to get off pride lands again he was like a rubber ball sent bouncing off the walls and streets. He was going every where once more to get all the scents and thrills again. His eyes were sparkling, and he seemed much more alive then the other lion has probably ever seen him since joining the pride nearly a month ago, and a month exact since Marcus was rescued. He was also much better when it came to public places...kind of.

He had just stopped at the window of a store in the plaza that sold odd trinkets and such for tourists, and he was currently starring at one of those wind up monkeys that banged together two small disks. He was then instantly caught by the smell of meat. Both raw and being cooked. He blinked a moment and he moved away from the window, slowly out of curiosity, and his lion even perked up.

" you smell that?" he asked looking over his shoulder to the other male for a moment before looking forward again and trying to find the source of the smell. The seasonings they were putting on it was...well it was making his nose twitch and his mouth water.

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While he hadn't really planned anything fruitful for today he was slightly surprised when he was dragged from the Pride house buy a bouncing Marcus. Apparently the kitten had been the green light to wander about town with an escort. And he was the lucky one to have a play date with Marcus it would appear. Following after the younger Lion was a task in it's self though. Marcus seemed to be pumped up on sugar or something and bounced around like a little child going to some place for the first time.

He wanted to look at everything. As if he was afraid he'd miss something while wandering around. Pierce tried to tell Marcus they had time to look at everything but Marcus seemed happy to dart around like a hummingbird for the most part.His hands were in the pockets of his slacks as he trailed behind Marcus. He arched an eyebrow when the lion turned to him and asked him something.

He offered a gentle smile slightly surprised that Marcus still had energy. He nodded towards a booth that was selling food having a feeling that was the smell that Marcus was searching for now. He moved with Marcus suddenly casting his eyes around when the scent of Rat got his attention. So far they had been the only two shifters on the streets of Venice was the smell was enough for him to place a hand on Marcus' arm stopping him from moving forward. "Wait a moment." He glanced around now searching for a smell that he couldn't pin point.

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Vitto was a little depressed as he made his way back toward the theatre. He'd headed out early in the morning to make his way to his parents' house, hoping to reunite with them after having spent a week free of captivity... but they were not there. The house was condemned. They were gone. Dead, alive, he didn't know. But they were gone. He'd snuck out for nothing... he was probably going to be punished in some way and this whole excursion wouldn't even have been worth it. Not that he expected his new Master to harm him; China-Rose was kind and considerate. But he'd disobeyed and gone out on his own without telling anyone where, and too soon after being rescued from the ring. So he had to expect something at least.

He trudged on his not-so-merry way, hands stuffed into the pockets of his fitted jeans and shoulders hunched. His head was down as well, staring at the ground as he walked. He'd tried for nice, casual clothes. Just nice jeans and a pale yellow t-shirt with some logo or other on it. Sandals on his feet because of the warm weather. His hair was a little unruly, particularly because of the breezes that passed through, but not messy. Curling and waving about his ears and neck. it was so strange to be walking outside in thhe daylight. To be on his own... to be -for all intents and purposes- free. But what was freedom if the ones you loved couldn't savor it with you?

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Marcus looked off in the direction that Pierce had indicated for the stall and started for it. However it was only a moment later it seemed that Pierce put his hand on his arm and told him to wait. He blinked, frowning as he suddenly saw the alert look in his face. "What is it Pierce?" He asked, and then suddenly it hit him. The smell of rat was in his nose. It was strong to show they were nearby, but for also brought on joy. He knew that smell.

"Vittorio?" he said a bit softly before suddenly pulling his arm free of Pierce's grip and then ran straight into the crowd in front of him. He would get reprimanded...both by Pierce and Dillon probably, but that was Vittorio. His friend from the ring. The only one that really worried about him, and vice versa. 'He's free?! How did he get out?' he thought as he took in a deep breath to pick up the scent again.

His head snapped to the right, and there he saw his back side. A yellow shirt, new pair of jeans, and hunched over like he normally was. A smile broke over his face as he started to work his way through the crowd. "Vittorio! Vittorio!" however the babble seemed a bit too loud, and so he let out a high piercing whistle three times. Their signal to each other to let the other know it was them approaching when ever they secretly met up.

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A moment after he put an arm on Marcus to hold him in place the other lion was taking off. Knowing that Dillon wouldn't be pleased if he lost Marcus in the middle of the day he followed the younger cat.He was muttering under his breath not paying to much mind when Marcus uttered a name out loud. He didn't care that the lion knew this scent he just knew that the cat had taken off on him.

His eyes trailed around till he found the scent of the rat. His eyes spotted a male and locked on even as moved next to Marcus. Not that he didn't trust Marcus but he didn't know this rat. He would pass judgment later. His own green eyes narrowed on the form of the rat wondering what was going on.

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As he shuffled along, Vitto could swear he heard his name a couple times and he looked up once or twice, thinking maybe someone from the theatre had come to find him. But the only ones that knew him by name were his Master China-Rose whom would be dead to he world, Yuki whom was probably eiher asleep next to their Master or holed up in the library and Gaelen... whom he had a feeling did not like him much. He doubted he'd waste his time coming to look for him and if he did, he wouldn't be shouting his name. He'd be sneaky and take him by surprise.

He shook his head and kept walking through the noisy crowd,, figuring it being just his iagination until he heard a very distinct whistling that stopped him in his tracks then and there. Shocked beyond all reasonable doubt, he whirled around and searched he crowd for his best and only friend, Marcus. Heart pounding, he signaled back, and stayed put. He got jostled a time or two but when he caught sight of his friend, everything just seemed to fade into the background. The noise, the bustling crowd, everything. "M-Marcus...?" he stammered.

He'd heard that his friend had been claimed and taken out of the ring by force. Apparently his Master had come to claim him. Dillon was it? He knew the name but he didn't quite recall the man being his Master. Merely his friend and mentor. But he'd kept his mouth shut. If a little white lie could set his friend free without dispute then who was he to argue the facts? Though the strong looking gentleman that stepped up beside his friend did not look a thing like the blonde Irishman Marcus had spoken of. For one thing, he was too tall. Also his hair was dark and his eyes were not blue. So maybe this was his friend's Master?

He stayed where he was, not approaching lest he get Marcus into trouble. He'd let his friend approach if and when he could. The gentleman with him -also lion by scent- looked rather.. menacing at the moment. At least to Vittorio. And he did not want to make him angry. He already seemed to be looking at Vitto like he was trouble and he ducked his head meekly. He'd behave. He'd be good. He didn't want Marcus in trouble.

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His smile spread across his whole face as Vittorio spotted him. He was taller then Pierce as well. In fact if Marcus had the time to really think on it, he'd realize he was probably one of the tallest people he knew, and in that square at the moment. However his eyes were set completely on Vittorio. He quickly made his way through the crowd, made it easy that for the most part they were going the same direction.

As soon as he reached the rat, Marcus took him into a strong embrace, and the rat would feel his hot tears on his neck. "Vittorio! I'm so glad to see you," he whispered, his voice tight and choked sounding. He had missed his friend, and he had fretted over him. However he had had no idea how to talk to Dillon about getting him out either. "How did you get out?" he asked as he pushed himself though he didn't pull away greatly.

He let his eyes soak up the image of his friend. It was different...seeing him dressed, but he still looked delicious. Vittorio was the only one he had ever been more...assertive? Dominate? Yes both of them. Now that he was with his friend again that sense of more control rose up oh so slight. His lion brushing against his friends rat in greeting before placing a kiss upon his lips for a moment and then waited to hear his answer.

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He was feeling a little better about this whole thing when he noticed that the rat stayed where he was allowing Marcus to close the distance between the two. He couldn't say why but he knew that the other shifter wasn't going to be a problem. His own lion could practical taste the submissiveness of the rat on his tongue. He honestly didn't expect just an out pouring to come from Marcus. Clearly this was someone that had meant something to the younger lion. He took a moment before moving up to the two. As much as he would like to have given the two a moment they were blocking the steady follow of human traffic on the street.

After wandering up he placed a hand on Marcus. When he had the lion's attention he nodded to a spot just off to the side where the two could talk without holding anyone up. He wrapped a hand around the other lion's arm and gently tugged dragging Marcus and by extension the rat out of the middle of the side way and closer to the buildings that lined the streets. Once they were out of the way he gave a gentle squeeze to the younger lion's arm and began to take a step back. It was his intention to give the two more time and room to catch up without stepping to far from the pair of them.

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The smile that spread on his friend's face was enough to bring tears to the younger man's light blue-grey eyes but they didn't fall. Not until he was swept into a near crushing hug and felt evidence of the lion's fresh tears hot upon his neck. His own arms rose somewhat awkwardly to wrap around the taller man and, once they'd done so, returned the tight squeeze. Dio he'd missed him! He'd been so worried... not that he could have possibly gone anywhere worse than where they had been necessarily but still. One never knew.

He couldnn't really find the words to answer the questions that his beloved friend was asking at the moment, he was choked up with rrelief and joy and of course the sorrow of his parents being gone somewhere so it was hard to do anything mroe than stand there stunned and sniffling. His rat, however, had no problem rubbing up against the lion in return. His familiar cuddle-mate. Even the chaste kiss to his lips warmed him and he pressed his face to his friend's neck, shaking slightly with the silent tears.

Then suddenly he felt Marcus being tugged and he instantly let go, thinking that maybe his Master was not pleased with their display... but marcus did not let go of himm and the man did not look angry. It seemed he just wanted to get them out of the way of traffic... Rather stunned, he looked from the one to the other. Instinct screamed at him to get to his knees and greet the dominant male properly. But as they were in a public place, he didn't know if the man would find it inappropriate. He leaned close to his friend's ear ad whispered: "Should... should I greet him? Is he your Master?"

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Marcus let out an eep as Pierce grabbed his arm and started to drag him away. He kept a firm hold on Vittorio though. He was not going to loose his friend again so soon. However he did look up slowly to see if he had gotten the bigger, metaphysically, lion upset. He didn't see any anger on his face, and as he looked back from stumbling after him he realized that they had been blocking the flow of things. ' I feel bad for that,' he thought as a blush crept to his face.

It then deepened as Vittorio asked his question, and Pierce started to move away. His hand quickly went out behind him in search of the lions arm and grabbed it to pull him closer before whispering back to Vittorio. "No...he..he wouldn't like that," he said looking down some. He then looked back up.

"Vittorio, this is Pierce. He's new to the Pride," he blinked as he looked back to Pierce. He wasn't sure what they were, but he knew Pierce was already special to him, "he's special to me." Granted admitting this out loud and now for Pierce to hear it for the first time was going to be interesting. He had still been figuring out how to tell the lion that this submissive lion was head over heals for him.

"Pierce this is Vittorio...he's my true friend and was the only thing that didn't make me a complete sex slave down in the ring," he said as introduction for the two shifters.

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Even though the rat had asked his question softly he had still manged to hear it. Part of the reason he was starting to step away from the two friends. He didn't want them to think he was trying to be overly Alpha and commanding. He didn't get far of course and he smiled to himself wondering why he even thought he would. He settled next to Marcus and looked over the new arrival. He was good looking he'd give him that much but had that hunched look like he was expecting to get hit. His eyes softened up a bit and he glanced over to Marcus.

He nodded when he heard the name and blinked when he heard Marcus offer his name. He hadn't know that Marcus had thought him special in that way. He offered a smile to Marcus wrapping his fingers around the younger lions before turning to Vitto. "Pleased to met you Vitto. I hope the day finds you well.. You look a bit down even though its a lovely day." His gentle way of trying to find out what had Vitto looking so down. With his hand wrapped up around Marcus' his green eyes looked up and down the street. "How about we move somewhere more .. comfortable for your reunion?"

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The telltale blush on Marcus' face told Vitto that he'd made an incorrect assumption and his own face colored slightly. It was a miracle they could both still blush, given what they'd been put through. Vitto especially since he had been in the ring much longer than Marcus had. And Marcus was older. Not by much but still. "Oh.. okay.." he whispered softly when Marcus told him that the Alpha would not like being greeted. At least not in the way that they had been taught to greet a dominant.

he didn't bother to ask whether it was because they were in a public place or what. Whatever the answer, he was sure he would find out soon enough. And correct he was for Marcus introduced them swiftly. So he was special to him, hm? Well. Good for him. At least one of them had found something special. Not to say that he did not think China-Rose was special. He was a kind Master, sexier than he had any right to be and had rescued hi. He made him feel good in ways that were impossible to describe. Both physically and empotionally. But he still was not sure if the vampire intended on keeping him or if this had all just been done out of pity. Until he had that reassurance, he would be uneasy.

He lowered his eyes when Marcus introduced him to Pierce though. It wasn't shocking that the Alpha knew of the ring since he was now involved with Marcus but he felt the color rise in his cheeks once again, waiting for the other lion to look down on him for what he was. What he had been. Or something. But it did not happen. Instead the Alpha greeted him politely. "The day has not gone as well as I had hoped." he said softly. "But thank you." He looked a little uneasy as it was suggested they find a more comfortable place to talk but Vitto could not say o if he insisted. It wasn't in his programming. However, he did turn to Marcus with anxious eyes. "I am not supposed to be out..." he said softly. "I will need to be back to the theatre before my Master wakes..."

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Marcus didn't think it was possible for him to blush more after assuring Vittorio that Pierce would not like their usual greeting, but Pierce proved him wrong. When he felt the stronger lion wrap his hand and fingers around his, Marcus blushed deeper and looked down. He did adjust the hand holding so that his fingers twined with his, and nearly clung to his hand like a life line. The only sign he showed that he was a bit anxious himself.

He then blinked as he heard the sadness in his friends voice, and heard his day was not good. Then he looked back to Pierce, and then to Vittorio on their statements. "Well...we can make sure you get back before hand...but...I really want to talk to you Vittorio," he said softly, "I haven't seen you for ever it seems and I was worried. Just for a little while?" He asked him.

He then reached out, and lifted Vittorio's face. He could see the same look in his, that was once in his own...well perhaps it was still there now and then, but not as much anymore. "Come on..." He grabbed his friends hand, showing more dominance to Vittorio then he has yet shown to any one, "We are going more private and that's that." He told his friend and then looked to Pierce.

"Do you still have your own place that we could go to...please?" he asked him, and blushed a bit. At least he had asked and said please. Though he did peek at Vittorio to see how his friend took to his change in mannerism.

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He had to smile at the exchange between the two noting that Marcus was more than likely to get his way when he asked for more time. Glancing at his watch he verbally back the younger lion up. "It's only a quarter after 2 pm. I'm sure you have a bit of time to reunite." He was inwardly smirking as he glanced over to Marcus. Hearing his question he patted his pockets nodding. "I kept it just in case." Just in case the pride house wasn't big enough to house him as well. It seemed they were in luck as he did have the keys on himself.

He did blink at Marcus interested how he easily became more forceful when it came to steering Vitto in the direction of Pierce's condo. He tucked that info away and lead the way to the condo. It didn't take long before they arrived and he unlocked the door. "I haven't been by in weeks.It might be rather dusty inside." He ushered them in and closed the door behind himself.

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Though Vitto was nervous about deviating from his plans -as they could land him in quite a bit of trouble- he was still very submissive by nature and hadn't the will to say no to Marcus. The first person to ever care for him. Marcus would never steer him into trouble... So he nodded his head and went along with the two lions, keeping close to marcus the whole way of course.

By the time they got there, he was clinging to his friend, not at all at ease about being taken to the vacant apartment of the other man. Being dominant, he could probably tell both submissives to do anything and they would. But as it turned out, they just had pleasant conversation and cuddled together for a while. It was actually a wonderfulend to the day.... a day that had been positively miserable prior to the accidental encounter.

He made it back to the theatre -escorted by both lions for his safety- with plenty of time to spare actually. With plans to first confess to his Master that he had snuck out and such. Then, after a possible punishment was doled out and things had at the very least calmed, he would ask to see his friend again.

(end thread unless Marcus would like to add his side)

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