Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Pierce Harris

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1 Pierce Harris on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:12 pm

Character Name:
Pierce Roberts Harris

Character Screen Name:
In case your screen name needs changing.


Location: Venice

Power level (Dominant/Submissive): Alpha

Age, Gender: 30,Male

Length of infection:10 years

Pierce isn't to towering in terms of his height or his build. He stands at about six feet tall though his posture doesn't let you notice that right away. Pierce has some muscle tone due ot his years of kick boxing and practicing Ninjitsu. He's firmly built but there's no huge pecs or budging biceps. His hair is a dark sandy brown color that makes dark green eyes seem even brighter.

His style of clothing could be considered business casual. He likes the look of high end suits but doesn't wear them much outside of work. During his off time he can be found in a pressed polo or dress shirt and a pair of dark slacks. He doesn't have a set favorite color though he does go for neutral colors more often than not.

His lion is much like any other Lion. Huge and hulking he makes quite the picture standing at five feet in the shoulder and weighing in at over 500 pounds of solid muscle. His coat is a tawny yellow color and his thick mane is only a couple of shades darker. His eyes turn a steady dark brown color when he shifts or when he starts too. His half form is quite impressive as well. He grows to a height of seven feet and is covered in a light dusting of hair, claws and fangs are impressive and the three tail he acquires makes him look almost approachable.

Pierce is like any male lion. Protective of what's his and willing to fight for the death over it. Unlike most natural lions though he takes leadership from another male with almost no trouble. He's a protector to anyone that needs it and to some that don't know they do. He's a bit loud and pushy though has a good heart and a level head. He trusts his gut instinct and makes a fiercely loyal friend when he opens up to someone. Just as easily as he makes friends he falls in and out of relationships. He hasn't found the "one " yet but isn't holding his breath either.He's a old school romantic as well. He'd prefer to woo someone rather than have the wham bam thank you ma'm approach.

Pierce was born state side. Tampa Bay Florida was where he called home. He was lucky enough to be born to a loving family in one of the better parts of town.He was a fairly happy child and got along with everyone. Even the couple down the road with a slightly furry secret. When he got into school his parents got the blessed news that they were going to have twins. Pierce himself was excited for someone else to play with.

The girls were born in the middle of the school year causing him to have to take a few days off since his Mom had to be kept in the hospital.He fell in love with his sisters at first sight and became their loyal bodyguard. Which would later annoy them to no end. Nothing to interesting happened till he got into middle school where a bully decided that it would be fun to pick on Pierce who was still smaller than all the other kids. Even though he kept silent about it a teacher eventually noticed and suggested him learning to defend himself. She suggested Ninjitsu knowing it would not only teach him to protect himself but would stop him from actually hurting anyone else.

The idea took and actually worked when the bully got wind of what was happening. Not only did Pierce like Ninjitsu but he seemed to have a natural talent for it as well. Figuring there was no reason not to he took up kick boxing as well. He was good enough at the to be able to help teach a class several years after starting. He pretty much coasted though the rest of his schooling eventually getting the idea to go into computer science since he found it so interesting.

He was in the middle of moving out of his parents place when a fight down the street got his attention. His normally calm neighbors were having a fight with someone on their front yard. He didn't know it at the time but it was a Rouge trying to claim the title Rex for himself. His neighbor was apparently the Rex of Tampa Bay. Not understanding what was going on he tried to get between the two and got attacked by the rouge before the Rex could stop him.

He doesn't remember much from the attack outside of overwhelming pain. He woke up in his neighbors spare bedroom three days later aching all over and running what seemed to be one hell of a temperature. Needless to say it came as a shock to him to learn about what he hadn't noticed about his friendly neighbors before hand. He was in the Rex and Regina's house and they were positive that he was going to be one of them when the full moon happened in less than a week.

And that's excatly what happened. He struggled to control his beast. It was an effort because he felt betrayed by his friends not telling him the full truth though he had known them all his life. It was only after watching Vampires declared legal did he come to terms about what it would mean for them to come out of the fuzzy closet.Even though this made going to school a little harder he still went and got his bachelors degree in Computer science with a minor in computer programing.

Out of school and with nothing much to fill his time with he worked for the Rex at his club playing bartender and bouncer when the time called for it. He did this for a couple of years before getting offered a job over seas to reprogram computers in Venice. Now with an Alpha title under his belt he's looking for the local Rex to join the Pride and maybe earn a bodyguard spot.

Can control his shifting and has a half form.
Can block the call of a vampire to himself but not others.
Can heal though flesh (blood).
Kick boxes-Black belt.
Ninjitsu-Brown belt.
Can call the Pride to himself.
Takes a long time to heal from wounds given by Silver.
Has a Hybrid form and can shifts select body parts one by one if he wants too (Arm, leg, grow a tail).

Tampa Bay Pride
Sisters- Megan and Tegan.

RP Sample:

See Jon or Patrick.

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Karl Urban.

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"Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams,
purge your thoughts of the life you knew before.
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar,
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