Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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New Face, and instant attraction (Tag Pierce)(end)

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Marcus had been back in normal life routine for the last week, and Dillon had finally deemed it ok for him to roam on his pride lands at least. After his last adventure rules had to be set down, and mile markers set to earn certain rights for his recovery. He had finally stopped greeting every one he met in a sexual manner, and thus earned the right to roam. Now he was currently wandering down one of the streets, hands shoved in his jean pockets and wearing a casual white button up shirt.

He still needed help on picking proper clothes, but he had been getting better at it. He spotted a shop that appeared to sell sweets, and he approached the window. The sight with in made his mouth water. Variety of chocolates stood on a stand, with some hard candies, and sweet pastries. He quickly went to reach for his wallet just as a shadow fell over him. Well not over him completely, indicating that who ever it was was not taller then him.

He also realized that it was a lion as well, but the scent wasn't familiar. His eyes were currently on the person's feet, and they slowly began to rise. He took note that their casual wear was still more uppity then his own, and that it held a touch of money to least in his opinion it did. His chocolate eyes continued to rise, taking in the form of the body. That it was a solid look, and not too developed while still hinting at power. He swallowed a bit as his lion paced nervously with in as his eyes soon met bright, intelligent green eyes. "," he said as the man had stopped.

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While he had never traveled overseas as a child he had always wanted too. Lack of funds was a good way to keep one grounded and close to home. Not that he had a job waiting for him in the city of Venice it was a good way to get out and see the world as it were and start fresh. So far the location had been lovely, the people kind and the food outstanding. the only slight wrinkle on his mind was the fact he had yet to run into any of the Pride. To be without one wasn't something he was used too. For the last ten years he had belonged to only one Pride but they had quickly become an extended family for him. Some one to protect and to care for.

He had found a nice enough hotel for the time being. House hunting would only be done after getting in contact with the current Rex and to annouce that he wwanted to join the Pride. It was his third day in and so far nothing but the teasing scent of lion keept him around. He knew they were there he just had to locate them. Which was how he was prowling around the streets for a lack of anything better to call it. Keeping himself busy while looking for others like him. He was about to call this another lose of a day when the scent of Pride got much stronger. His inner lion perked up already hunting for the source of the smell.

He allowed his feet to be guided by his nose and it didn't take long before he was standing behind the build of a slightly taller lion. He couldn't make out his face till the other turned around but had a small smile waiting for him when he did. he had apparently startled the younger lion if he was to judge by the slight stutter that made it's self know as the younger spoke. "Hello to you too." His head tilted to the side. "I'm sorry if i startled you.. I spotted the chocolate just over your shoulder and had to come over." He nodded at the display before turning green eyes back to the Lion. "My name is Pierce.. Pierce Harris."

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The lion before him was definitely handsome in the young lions mind, and there was that instant physical attraction. He was shorter then him, but he had come to accept the fact that most people would be. The voice that rolled out of the person caused a light shiver to run down his spine, and he had to keep a firm hold on himself so he wouldn't break what recovery he had managed to gain. "Marcus...Marcus Pine," he said in return, and as they were in Pride territory it would not be out of place as he leaned up and brushed his cheek to the lion, showing submission to him by making the first move, and giving formal greeting.

He then looked back to the window, and smiled some. "They caught my eye as well," he said looking back to the male, "are you new in town?" he asked as the male didn't smell familiar nor did he really have pride on him...but then just coming out of the underground he could be wrong. His eyes remained lowered from Pierces, and a sense of more submissive attitude came from him then just his rank as a Beta. He shoved his hands in the back of his pants in the pockets and there on his right side was the wallet he had been going for before he had seen the shadow and feet of the male before him.

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He kept himself still even if his lion was busy looking over the other feline. He had the vibe of a beta or a submissive in his mind. This was proven to him when he was given a formal greet of one lion to the other. His hands came out and found htier way to one arm where he twisted the other cat's wrist pointing the pulse skywards and raising it to him mouth. A greeting normally given to an Alpha. He merely rested his lips there deciding against putting his teeth to the other lion's flesh for the time being. He didn't want to do a private greeting out in the open. After that he allowed the wrist to dorp putting his hands in his pockets once more.

His eyes followed the path that Marcus' took noticing the candy once more before offering a nod at the question asked to him. "Very new. I've been in Venice for two days about roughly. I was looking for thr Pride. It's very good to have run into you." He offered a smile before inclining his head to the door. "Were you window shopping or might I follow you in?" He took a step towards the door moving easily past Marcus thoughe he allowerd his shoulder to brush against the other cat's. Holding the door open he started in brown eyes waiting for the younger cat to make a move either towards him or away.

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Marcus gasped as his wrist was grabbed and he looked away as he expected pain and punishment for doing what was right. Instead his eyes snapped open as the Alpha lion greeted him as if he were an alpha as well. His head turned to look back at him, his hair having fallen forward a bit, and he could only stare. His hand fell back to his side as he continued to watch the lion curiously and with caution.

"Yeah it is...I could take you to the house after wards, but I'm not sure anyone will be there right off," he said as he touched his wrist lightly of where the impression of the males lips could still be felt. He then looked back at the store, and shook his head. "No...I was thinking of buying some. We don't have enough sweets at the house right now," he said, resisting to add that it had been a while since he had anything sweet himself.

When his shoulder brushed his, his lion purred on the contact, and they both turned to watch the lions backside to see if he was just as good looking back there as he was front side, and he was not disappointed. As the door was held open for him, a light blush crept into his cheeks as he followed after him slowly. Turning side ways a bit to slip in, his eyes still lowered a bit before raising them so he could get a good look at was in side the store.

"Whoa," he said softly as the assault on his nose, and tongue caused him to salivate greatly. He had to swallow a few times before his senses were no longer on over load, and he began to browse the chocolates to see what would be good to take home while watching the other lion out of the corner of his eye.

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He allowed his head to tilt to the side slightly as he noticed the blush that was now creeping over the other cat's cheeks but deciding to hold his tongue for the time being. The coloring and the faint smell of lust let him know it wasn't anything wrong he had done on his part. He allowed the other cat to slip into the store before him shutting it behind himself. He liked this part of the world were everything seemed to be about customer serive and almost nothing was run by a computer.

The smell of candy had him tilting his head back and closing his eyes. He had the normal sweet tooth of anyone but had a special spot for the hard dipped candies. Without even meaning to his eyes instantly started looking around as he trailed after Marcus. He nodded at the comment about no one being home. "Prehaps it would be better if I left you with my cell number and allowed the Rex to call me." He didn't want to show up like an unwlecomed house guest after all. He had taken the first step into getting in touch with the local pride. Now all he could do was wait. He hummed to himself taking a step forward and moving to stand next to Marcus."I have to admit they have quite a selection here."

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Marcus looked over to the lion and nodded his head a bit, " think that's the right thing sure." He said a little disappointed, but he kept that off his face and voice as he looked over the selections. He was actually thinking more on how he could stay around the lion a little longer to get to know him. He smelled good, and he was curious about him. He rather did hate his curiosity sometimes.

He then jumped again as he heard Pierces voice right beside him again, and his head snapped around. The look of a frightened animal crossing his face for a moment before he reigned it in. He looked back to the selections and nodded his head. "Yeah they do...this is the best one in pride land...but the best one I think, is on the plaza square," he said giving his opinion, "I just...can't go there yet." He said blushing some as he squirmed a little on informing him of this.

He then picked a few selections as one of the workers started to pack the amount he requested as he continued to scout out the candies, "so...w-what do you like?" he asked and then kicked himself mentally as he had meant to ask where he was from. His lion watching his now hesitantly as it felt his human counter part's mixed emotions on this other lion.

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He hadn't meant to startle the other cat but he clearly had if the brief look that flashed across the lion's face was anything to go by. He instantly felt bad of course and had no idea why Marcus would have reacted so strongly. He shuffled his feet allowing for more room between the two of them before tilting his head to the side. He smiled at the question his eyes already moving around the room. "I must admit I'm a fan of the hard candies honestly. Butterscotch being my favorite."

Feeling bad still he sent his lion over all purring and fluffyness hoping to sooth out any ruffled or scared feelings that might be going on there. His Lion seemed quite happy to snuggle at the younger lion so he let it go while wandering up and down the aisle that held the candies he was looking for. All this candy was making him slightly hungry. "I don't suppose I could tempt you with the idea of lunch?" He glanced back over his shoulder towards Marcus. "My treat."

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He smiled a bit on the choice, "they're good, but if I had too choose on hard candy it would be the Jolly Rancher." He said and then found some truffles covered in a light coco powder. He asked for an order of those as he then moved on to the hard candy section next. "They have some strong flavor, and I've really missed good flavor," he said grinning a bit.

His lion hesitantly reached out to greet his as he still wasn't sure how friendly this lion could be. Marcus trailed behind a little, giving an order for the Jolly Ranchers before deciding that was enough. He went up and paid for his order, and looked back as the lion offered to pay for lunch. He smiled a bit bashfully, about to turn his offer down only for his stomach to growl out in protest. He flushed a little, and glanced back to him. "Yeah sure," he said and then requested that the goods be delivered to the house and left an address for them.

Turning back to face the older, and stronger lion he waited to follow his lead. "I meant to ask you before..." he said speaking up, "but where are you from?" he asked as he slipped out of the store with him.

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He stayed by Marcus' side while still giving him a good amount of space in which to look over the candy. Head tilted to the side as bright green eyes watched with amusement at the joy Marcus seemed to have over something as simple as picking out candy and buying. The amount that he pursued made him think he was buying the treats for the whole Pride and not just himself.He watched a moment longer before stepping up behind Marcus and ordering excatly what the other younger lion had while adding a pound of the own hard candy he was fond of. Everything but those was sent to the Pride house with a greeting to be attached to it on his behalf.

He looked over as the other lion's stomach growled loud enough for him. He laughed slightly and nodded to the door once more taking the lead as he moved out of the shop one hand in his slack pockets and the other reaching out to open the door. An amused look was on his face as he stepped out and looked back waiting for Marcus to come though the door. "I'm from Tampa Bay." Once Marcus was thought the door he allowed it to fall shut once more as he flicked his eyes up and down the street. There was a cozy looking cafe not far from here that he'd been meaning to try out. With pleasant company he couldn't think of a reason not to go. "What about you? Your lack of accent makes me think your not from here.

He moved down the street taking the outside closer to the road so that Marcus remained safely on the inside of the sidewalk as they made their way down the street to the red and white sign of the cafe just a block away. His head tilted to the side as he causally glanced at Marcus trying to study him without making the little cat nervous.It seemed like he wasn't used to having attention on him, or not the good kind of attention. His lion seemed content to stay by the others side sniffing gently for the smell of others.

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Upon hearing the this lion was from the states nearly made his heart jump out of this throat. Another lion from home, well maybe not true home, but home none the less just made him feel less of an outsider in the pride. "I'm from Idaho...just outside of Idaho Falls. Small town," he answered not bothering to joke about the lack of accent like he would normally do, "but I was infected after coming here." He said as he followed the lion. His curiosity about the man starting to over ride his fear a bit.

Now and then he glanced around at their surroundings like he was keeping himself overly aware and alert. He wasn't even aware how Pierce and manipulated their positions so that he was away from the streets. He then glanced back to his company, "so what brings you to Venice?" he asked as the scent of food from a cafe he knew in the pride lands drew closer. He made a mental note to ask Dillon when he'd be able to go back to school for cooking. Though he supposed he'd have to see if he was still welcomed at the place for disappearing in his last two years.

Sighing mentally he glanced over again, and liked how Pierce seemed so confident and sure of himself. He wondered if that was all lion or if he had always been like that. "Also if Dillon allows it, maybe I can give you a tour of the territory," he suggested with a bit of hopeful tone in his voice.

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He had to admit while he knew that Marcus certainly wasn't from around here he didn't except the answer he got at all. He hadn't expected Marcus to be from somewhere so close to his own home. It gave him more of a connection with the lion which was nice. To be so far from home and everything he knew but have that was a quaint surprise. "Really? I haven't been there but have some family around that area." He turned to his inner musing thinking it really was a small world after all.

"What brings me to Venice?" He repeated the question back to Marcus as a way to give himself more time to think about how he wanted to answer the question. Telling the true of course seeing as he wasn't a very deceitful person. "A job of all things. I got a very good job offer and decided to move. There wasn't much to keep me from coming over and I thought a fresh start would be nice." Hands moved out of his pocket as he made his way to the double doors of the cafe.

He opened the door for Marcus allowing the younger lion to step in before him then followed allowing the door to shut behind himself. Hearing the soft comment he allowed a smile to drift onto his lips. "I think I would like that very much." It only took a moment for the two to be seated."You have my number. Feel free to call whenever you like. I don't start the job for another two weeks. I wanted to allow myself time to get settled before starting the job."

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Hearing that his lion had family back where he lived just made him realize how small their world was. It was bizarre for him and he remained silent as he took it in. However he was very aware of his body so close to his. His body heat, his aura brushing against his, and his smell. He caught himself from leaning forward to bury his nose into his neck so he could breath him in more thoroughly. He also quickly brought himself back to the present to hear him speaking again.

"A job offer?" he asked a bit surprised that a company would hire someone from out state. Or maybe it wasn't so uncommon any more? "What degree do you have?" he asked curiously, eager to learn what he could of his male. He liked both sexes, don't get him wrong, but rarely was there a woman who could be both dominant and romantic. Hell it was hard to find in guys too. That's why he was glad that Dillon was willing to share. He was his firm hand...and...with how this Pierce was acting, he was falling. Falling hard at how gentleman like he was being to him despite who he was.

He stepped in ahead of the lion with out thinking, but he didn't step forward enough. When Pierce followed in after, he could feel the shorter man brush a bit firmly against him before he took another step forward. Just that contact had sent a shiver down him in excitement. He shook his head a bit to clear it. He just met the guy and he was already thinking of how nice his body felt against his right then for that brief moment.

It suddenly dawned on him that he did have the lions number, and he just got an open invitation to call him for when ever. Granted it was for the tour but...that was still something. He thanked the lady that showed them to their seat, and he opened up the menu to see what he wanted. He knew the place and could order by memory, but he was actually a little nervous and his mind was having a hard time focusing on simple tasks instead of the images that was running through his mind.

He didn't even realize he had slipped into a small day dream. He thought he was still very aware of his surroundings, but the next thing he knew was the other lion inches away from him before he leaned over and pushed those lips against his. Lips that he thought were just waiting to meet his. As soon as that happened he did come back down to reality, and he flushed again as he lifted the menu higher and slumped into his seat a little as he debated on what to get.

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He nodded at the question. While most people didn't want to travel for a good the pay was far to good for him to not consider the move. Having no real ties to anyone outside of his family made it easy to accept the job as well. He glanced over green eyes bright as he took in the natural curiosity that Marcus seemed to have about him. It was a nice feeling he had to admit to know someone wanted to learn more about him. Normally these were the sort of things. "I have a bachelors in Computer Science and a minor in Computer programming."

He didn't notice that Marcus had stopped till he bumped gently into the other Lion. He reached out a hand resting in on the patch of shirt that was in front of him. Knowing it was slightly forward he gripped the material in his fingers keeping the lion in front of him while he lowered his nose and sniffed at him. He had the scent of Pride, something that he had been missing out on the last couple of weeks. After taking another breath in he released the hold he had on the back of Marcus' shirt.

He allowed himself to be shown to a seat picking up the menu and thanking the host before glancing down at the menu. "Is there anything you would recommend?" His eyes skimmed on the menu paying close attention to how Marcus seemed to be breathing before looking up. His head tilted to the side as he wondered at the sudden flush creeping over Marcus' skin. He set the menu to the side flipping Marcus' down and reaching forward to rest the back of his hand against the lion's forehead. " Are you ill? Your coloring seemed a tad bit off suddenly."

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Marcus couldn't believe he was a nerd. Well...he had to be a nerd to be into computers like that...right? If he was, he was a hot nerd. If he wasn't...well he was still hot. Though he would never tell him that. Even if Dillon was successful on giving him more of a back bone he didn't think he'd ever be able to tell him that.

His breath hitched a bit as the lion was suddenly right there at this side. It didn't help that he was still thinking about how he had smelled him just moments before, and now he was checking him to see if he was ill because of a small day dream he had just had. He could feel himself start to panic. His heart was racing, and his eyes were widening. He wasn't sure what he was suppose to do. He was use to not doing anything sexual now to a new alpha, but his submissive nature wasn't sure how to handle someone who was actually concerned for him that wasn't Dillon.

He was officially embarrassed as all he could smell was the lion. The next thing he knew he felt his mouth opening to blurt what ever was in his mind first, "Gold, bronze, brown..." he started to list off colors at random. At least it would appear random. He was listing off the colors of dragons in one of his favorite science fiction series.

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He noticed that the flush that has started to creep over Marcus' skin seemed even more noticeably now. The other lion's heart was starting to pound away almost echoing in his ears and he noticed the wide blinking look that was given. It was almost like he was having a panic attack if it weren't for the increasing smell of lust and want in the air. He kept his hand resting against Marcus' forehead blinking slightly at the jumble of words that came flowing out of the other cat's mouth.

"Calm down. Breath." He stayed by his side trying to get him to calm down and become the smiling person he had run into outside of the candy store. His Lion came out and wrapped around the younger one purring loudly and offering comfort. "Would you tell me what has caused you to become.. uneasy. And what was that you said?" The words hadn't made any sense to him and like the true cat he was he was now curious about the whole thing.

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'Breath?! He wants me to breath and calm down?! I can't do that with him so close!' Marcus thought as he attempted to pull his breathing back down to normal. He managed to after a good five minutes of frantic fighting to control it. However his heart was still pounding hard in his chest, and his arousal wasn't going any where either. The flush had managed to leave his face nearly completely, but there was just enough to give a touch of color to his cheeks.

"I'm sorry I'm...not use to the concern," he said answering him though not fully telling the truth. He then squirmed in his seat as he was asked what he had randomly spouted out. He sat up straighter in his chair again, and he lowered his baby browns to the menu that was on the table.

"When I get nervous...panicky...scared or what ever I start spouting off random things I know," Marcus answered, "I was...spouting off the dragon colors in this science-fiction book series I like." He said as he kept his eyes lowered. He didn't trust himself to look up into his green ones. If he did...he was afraid he wouldn't come back out totally sane...and in a good way.

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Now that he found himself sitting next to Marcus he didn't see a very big reason to move. He didn't seem to be making the other lion to uneasy though the breathing and heart rate said otherwise. it did make him curious and his natural protection instants were getting slightly roused. At least he was fairly certain that's what it was. It could have been a reaction to the lust he could now smell coming off the younger lion. He resisted the urge to lean in and take a deep breath decided in lean forward and pick up his menu from where he put it on the other side of the table.

He glanced over side ways wondering if he should look into this series. After all Marcus liked it and he was always looking for good books to read. "What was the name of the series if you don't mind me asking?" It was about then that the waitress came up and asked for their order. He gave it to her leaning back and letting Marcus order before giving into his urge to touch trailing a hand over the leg next to him backing up the move with his lion. He didn't want Marcus to think he was feeling him up. It was more of a comfort of touch sort of thing.

After the order was taken he leaned back giving Marcus some space as he pondered on what the other lion had said about not getting concern. Made him wonder a little bit about the Pride that was here if no one showed him any concern about his well being.

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When Pierce leaned in to get his menu again, Marcus sneaked a sniff of his scent. As a result his eyes rolled up a little as the musky scent of his lion seemed intoxicating. It was like Dillon's, but not. It was like...stronger and more....desirable to him. He wanted to be covered in that scent, but Marcus resisted the urge to do so physically. His lion however had started to go forward to do just that, and he had to quickly pull it to a stop. He didn't want the other lion to get the wrong idea.

He pulled back as the Lion straightened up again, and watched him a moment as he asked what the book series that he read was. "'s by an author named Anne McCaffery. It's the Dragonriders of Pern series. It's her most popular one that she has I believe," he answered as he once more looked at his menu as he could smell the waitress approaching. He waited to see what Pierce ordered first, and in the end he settled for a burger, medium rare, with everything and a side of fries. He had nearly jumped while giving his order when he felt his hand on his leg and his lion brushing against his in a comforting manner.

However for him, and so soon out of the circuit, his body didn't see it that way. His lion was now rubbing firmly against his, getting covered in his scent metaphysically. His heart actually slowed down in it's frantic thudding of his chest, but it wasn't because of calm. He was quickly growing harder, glad that the tables were not clear, and he had to lick his lips three times before he could speak up.

"P-please...stop..." he said breathlessly, weak sounding, and like he was struggling with the words. Like he was unfamiliar in using the request, and with it might even hint to the lion that it wasn't the pride that was the problem for the concern, but perhaps something a little deeper and darker then that. His hands were clenching at the seat he was on, and the slightly creaking of a wood being compressed together could be heard as he was gripping it a little too hard.

He didn't understand what was going on. Even Dillon, if he had done the same action, would have only gotten a minor reaction perhaps. Then again, since he had first ran into this lion he didn't seem to have great control over himself. It was almost like the last week's rehab never happened except that he had managed to get out the weak request to stop.

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The quiet request had him frowning wondering what he had done. He nodded moving back more putting more space between them and their lions. It was a bit trickier getting his lion away from the other but he manged it. He slipped out of the Marcus' side of the booth and returned his own hands folding on top of the table looking back over to Marcus. "I offer my sincerest apologizes." He tilted his head to the side trying to form his words while his mind was whirling fast. The reaction didn't match up with what he already knew of the Pride. He wasn't foolish enough to rush into a place where the Pride wasn't one he wouldn't be proud to be a part of.

Which meant something else had happened to Marcus. He took a sip of the drink that had been left for him already pondering on how to try to find out what had happened without getting to many people upset. Figuring a change in topic would most likely be the best course of action he turned the talk back to the book that Marcus had been talking about.

"Anne McCaffery you said? I'll have to look into that. Since arriving I have a bit of free time on my hands." He set the glass back down and glanced over looking to see if Marcus' breathing was back to normal. He didn't seem like he was about to bolt out of the place anymore which he took as a good sign really.

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He was glad the older lion backed off. He wasn't sure how much longer he would have been able to hold back the whine of pleasure. Once he was given the space, he could feel himself slowly coming down, and his lion even backed off a little. Going to the edge of the grass that he always imagined instead of the desert sand, and settled in content. If he could strangle his lion he would. It definitely wasn't making matters easy.

Once he was composed again he sat up straight once more in his booth chair, and looked over to him. "Yeah Anne McCaffery. Her series starts off with three books, Dragonflight, Dragonquest, and The White Dragon. They are kind of like the middle of the series really. I'd suggest reading Dragonsdawn first, and proceed in time line order. It makes better sense for the middle books...but at the same time starting with those three, and going forward until they find..well...yeah you'll read it if you get that far." He said grinning a little.

The grin is what made his face charming, at least that's what people have told him. He tend to get a sparkle in his eye that was from joy and a bit mischevious. His face even would light up a little and he would seem like a whole different person then he was a moment ago. The smile actually made him seem confident, in stead of this skittish beta lion that he was. The smile wouldn't last long as the waitress returned with their food, and he once more had this dark and haunted look.

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He toyed with his drink letting Marcus ramble on about the series of books. Apparently he did like it a great deal from that amount he was able to rattle off on them just off the top of his head. He brought an amused look to his face which he hide behind his glass a moment later. Marcus was certainly charming without meaning to be.He took a sip of his drink smelling the food before it made it's way to the table. He glanced over and shifted back in his seat pretending like he didn't see the curious look shot between himself and the other Lion.

He glanced over the pasta dish he had order to Marcus wondering what he had gotten. As soon as the waitress disappeared the happy smiling face went with it. He tilted his head wondering at the lightly dark look on the younger Lion's face. He knew it most likely wasn't his place to ask but he was going. Something was clearly troubling the lion and he felt a need to try to fix it if at all possible. " Is everything alright Marcus." His dish was forgotten his attention on the lion across from him as he studied the cat. He was trying to be supportive without being pushing but that was always a fine line to tread.

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Marcus blinked and looked up at Pierce, “Yeah…everything’s fine why wouldn’t it be?” he asked not aware that his face still reflected a lot from his time underground. He picked up his medium rare burger, and bit into it without looking at Pierce again for a moment. After he had about two large bites of his burger and a drink he looked up to see those green eyes staring at him intently, and it happened. He got lost in those eyes.

They were a very amazing green, and suddenly inside his mind where his lion lounged everything seemed more alive. More vibrant like Pierce made everything seemed much clearer once he finally locked eyes with him. His lion charged up again, but it wasn’t to make him shift. No it was to collide with Pierces in such a way that it was like old pals meeting again…or maybe old lovers. Marcus couldn’t tell, but it frightened him enough to look away.

“No…everything is not alright, but it’s not something I really talk about right now,” he said as he was sure the lion had seen the fear in his eyes from such an intimate act from just his lion. Once he broke eye contact he also jerked his lion back roughly who gave a roar of defiance before grudgingly obeying his human counterpart.

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It was almost like Marcus didn't want to meet his eyes. He idly wondered if he was ashamed of something or it was just a Marcus like thing to not want to talk about something overly personally like that. After watching Marcus take a bite out of his sandwich he was tempted to go back to his own food. He waited patiently knowing it was only a matter of time before those dark brown eyes lifted back up to look into his.

He was slightly startled when it seemed liked out of the blue a fully grown lion tackled his own lion putting him on the ground. His inner kitty blinked startled but seemed to enjoy the attention it was getting and snuggled up licking at his muzzle. He wasn't used to having that reaction and it was quickly making it harder to control his inner lion. Only years of control kept him from doing more.

When the other was tugged away it made it's own sounds of displeasure rising up to follow before Pierce quickly stopped it. He was breathing a little harder after the whole thing and had to look down knowing his eyes had shifted to that of his lion from the little encounter. Once he felt in control of himself he lifted once more green eyes to look in Marcus' direction. " When ever you would like to talk about it.. I'm more than willing to listen." He gazed at him a moment longer before tucking back into his pasta.

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Marcus nodded his head as he dug into his food again. From what he could tell the lion was sincere in his concern...but he couldn't help but feel that he would want something in return. After a moment of eating, he took a drink of his water, and spoke. "Dillon might call as early tonight when he gets done with his tasks," he said not wanting to have them stop talking due to an odd moment. He wasn't even sure if he was suppose to apologize for how his beast acted.

"'re really interested in looking into the book series," he said shifting a bit, "there's a good book store in the main plaza I've heard about. I'm not sure where it is but I'm sure it won't be hard to find." He said giving a slight smile.

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