Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Rescue? Is it really happening? [AC] (Tag Dillon)

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Dillon nibbled Marcus' jaw as he nuzzled his neck and he smiled heatedly, proud that he could still make Marcus' body sing with something so simple. And that he wasn't devastated beyond the point of feeling pleasure at the moment. His strokes started coming a little faster as Marcus's body uncurled and he started working into the rhythm and he chuckled softly when he asked to move out of the shower.

"Is there a particular reason you want to move, kitten?" he asked gently. His tone very clearly said he was willing to comply but he was a little puzzled. And maybe amused. He slowed his strokes a little as he asked, wanting the younger lion to be able to answer coherently. He may have been dominant but he wasn't a sadist. Not when Marcus didn't require him to be.

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Marcus face buried into Dillon's chest as the stroking continued. His heart hammered in his chest, and he remembered once more how Dillon had always made him. Like he was wanted...loved...home. He had it again, and he did not want to loose it. Not ever again, and his body uncurled a little more as it arched up into his touch. When he asked his question, Marcus visibly blinked as if confused. He had not thought of why he wanted to move, just that he did. He then smiled as he thought of a reason.

"Because we are rather...energetic when it comes to us...and the shower is too small,
" he whispered softly, and looked up to him, "and I want love. I don't want the mindless sex again." He whispered and nuzzled into Dillon again. He was soon his nice long nine and half inches long, and nice and thick to the point that even Dillon would have a hard time wrapping his hand around him completely. He went to move as if to make it easier, but whimpered a little as his back still seemed to be sore.

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Dillon nibbled his neck and rubbed his cheek along the younger cat's as he stroked. His reasoning was sound. Knowing them, he'd likely wind up having to replace the shower once they got done. Carefully he brought them to their feet and settled Marcus against the wall before he reached to trun off the water. He hadn't wanted him to slip and fall. His legs were likely rather wobbly right now.

That done, he snagged the towel from the towel bar and dried his kitten off carefully before tending to himself. Didn't want to give themselves a chill stepping out now did they? He chuckled at the thought of having to start over arousing Marcus. Wouldn't take long but still, he'd rather not torture him. Hence the toweling. Once done he tossed the towel to the floor outside the shower and helped the younger one out, hands idly stroking over his body, not quite touching the flesh between his legs but always teasingly close.

"Well, kitten, I had no intention of giving you just mindless sex." He kissed along his neck as they stood there in the bathroom and continued to let his fingertips glide over his skin teasingly. "The plan was to bring you to release and spoil you with cuddles. To make tonight about you."

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Marcus was glad that Dillon helped him stand. With the combination of his wounds, and the pleasure that Dillon was causing he wasn't sure he could do it on his own. He clung to the wall to hold himself up while Dillon took care of the water. The water felt cool on him due to his body temperature, and he leaned his head against the wall as he closed his eyes a bit. He was already starting to get soft from the lack of attention or pain.

He then felt the towel to his back, and he hissed a bit as the clean material stung his wounds, and his back arched a little away from it. "Fuck!" Marcus spat out surprised it had hurt so much. However after the initial touch his body seemed to handle it alright. The pain had caused him to jump to full hardness again as well, and it wasn't even a major pain he had experienced.

Once the drying was done, he took the offered help from Dillon to get out. His fingers digging into his flesh a bit as he used him for support. He trembled on the teasing that Dillon gave to his flesh, and it only further excited him. He buried his face into the Irish mans neck, and slowly breathed in his scent as he spoke. He moaned softly at the gentle promise, and he held onto his master and lover.

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Oddly enough, Marcus' little hiss and exclamation had startled Dillon into pausing is efforts until he was certain that he hadn't exactly hurt him. While he may very well have been causing him pain, it wasn't aparently the kind that he didn't like. That was something. Especially if his suddenly full erection was any indication.

Gently, he scooped the taller man off his feet and carried him into the bedroom, laying him carefully on the bed. Dillon's bed had always been the comfiest; he loved the feeling of sleeping on a cloud, having a place where multiple people could cuddle comfortably. Thus the exremely comfy bed. And tonight it would get a lot of use in multiple ways.

He crouched over the kitten, fingers lightly stroking along his length though he never took hold of him. Just teased and stroked, touched and taunted. "I'm going to tease you until you can't stand it, since I know how much you love that. Then I'll tease you a little more. And finally, when I think you'e begging for it in just the right way, it's going to feel so good that you'll be ripe for cuddling once I'm done with you." He winked, his tone having been oh-so-gentle throughout that little speech as Dillon generally was gentle by nature. "Does that sound good, kitten?"

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Marcus shuddered a little as he was set upon Dillon's bed. It was so comfortable, and the softness prevented him from really hurting when the material pressed to his healing wounds. The fingers teasing at his length caused him shudder again, and throb against his fingers. Just the tenderness of the touch caused him to ache from how hard he was, but that ache was just another type of pleasurable pain to him.

Upon the description of what was going to happen, he moaned out as he bucked up just the slightest bit. So slight that only a shifter would have recognized it as a buck instead of a shifter on the bed. His lion was rubbing against Dillon's before it rolled onto his back to show submission to the older and stronger male. "Y-yes," Marcus stammered out as he had been asked a question. He would take anything from Dillon at this point.

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