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Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions)

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1 Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions) on Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:27 am

It'd only been a day since he had met Marcus and given his number over. He still felt slightly guilty about causing the younger lion to be as uncomfortable as he had been but had be reassured to know it wasn't a reaction hard wired into him by treatment by the Pride. So after getting a phone call he had dressed accordingly and made his way to the Pride lands again. He hadn't been invited straight to the safe house. Not only was that unexpected but slightly foolish as he still a stranger in their lands. He hoped that wouldn't be a trait he carried for very long.

He paused on a corner tugging out the piece of paper that held his directions. Their meeting spot was a local diner not far from where he was currently. Which was good because he had wanted to show up early. He slipped into the diner eyes flicking around as he stood in line. He didn't know if the other lions planned on eating during this meeting so he would only order a drink while he was waiting. He still had a good ten minutes before his company would arrive.

He ordered a small black coffee waving off the offering of cream and sugar sipping at the bitter drink as he looked around for an empty table far from the other people inside. Finding a seat he moved to put his back to a wall watching as people came and went. He didn't think he would have to wait much longer till he spotted another lion.

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2 Re: Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions) on Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:40 am

Marcus was grumbling as he made his way to the cafe. Dillon had asked, that as the first lion that had met Pierce, if he could come along. He was sure it was because he didn't want him out of his sight for too long. He had come back after his encounter with Pierce pretty shaky, and he no doubt made the second cautious of the lion and thus not wanting him at the pride house at first.

He reached the diner that they were suppose to meet at and he could already smell Pierce on the air. It caused his lion to stir with in as it picked up the scent of the lion that was pleasing to his nose. His lion was eager to see this one again, and ran up to the edge of the grassy plains before sitting and waiting. He shudder as he felt his lion so close, and his senses were already sharper.

Taking in a deep breath, he stepped inside the diner. There his nose was assaulted with the scent of different food. Some of it getting burned which was a horror for poor Marcus who was nearly down with his training as a chef. He glanced around the diner slowly as he looked for Pierce before his head suddenly turned in the direction he had gone. His lion had picked up the scent of him, and before he knew it he was walking straight for the alpha.

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3 Re: Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions) on Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:07 am

Generally the overly punctual type, Dillon had gotten to the diner before either cat -he liked to be early- and had wandered into the restroom just in time to miss the arrival of the new cat in town. He was wandering back out just as Marcus arrived and he paused just outside the restroom door to observe the two as the lanky kitten crossed to greet whom he could only assume -by scent and by the look on Marc's face- was Pierce. Handsome devil. That explained a bit of why Marcus had been so spazzed out yesterday. Definitely a dominant presence which could account for another bit of it. He could see from across the room that Marcus was smitten. Which explained the rest of it.

He'd asked Marcus to come for a number of reasons. For one, the kid needed to get out more. For another, this lion knew him by sight and visa versa. Easier to spot one another. Also, Dillon had wanted to see how they interacted. If Marcus was afraid of him then it was a bad sign. But so far it was quie the opposite and that actually pleased Dillon. A part of him was a little jealous of course because he loved the kid but... Marcus needed more than just him. Especially since Dillon also had the Rex to contend with. His domineering but oh so charming and aggressively sensual long-time lover. The Rex was busy with the affairs of his company at the moment so Dillon was charged with meeting and greeting. And anything else that would require the Rex's attention that he could not oversee. The joys of being second in command.

Casually, he strode over to the pair. He hadn't dressed formally, he simply wore a pair of dark blue, low-slung jeans (belted of course), his motorcycle boots underneath and a simple but form-fitted black cotton tee. His thick blonde hair was spiked carelessly and his baby blues gleamed brightly as he came up behind Marcus and ruffled his hair playfully. "Looks like I'm not the only one who likes to be early," he teased lightly and extended a hand to Pierce. "You must be Pierce," he said with a smile. "Dillon McSwain. Again, I'm sorry that the Rex couldn't come to greet you himself but he's an insanely busy man. Lord if I know how he keeps up with it all."

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4 Re: Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions) on Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:17 am

He'd only just barely sat down when he noticed a pair of eyes pinning themselves to him. Curious he glanced up and over to the door. Spotting Marcus he offered a slight wave of his hand and stood up.His own Lion rumbled and greeted Marcus and he waved at the seat across from him waiting for the other lion to sit down before he took his own seat. He had to admit it was nice to see the lion so soon. He hadn't thought that this little meeting would be anymore than the Rex, a bodyguard, and himself really.

"I'm pleased to see you. He leaned forward his eyes on the other cat as he spoke. "I looked up that bookstore you talked about. You were right it wasn't that hard to find really." He picked up the water in one hand and took a sip before glancing around looking for the waitress. "Would you like something to drink while we wait?" He twisted his head back looking at Marcus once more.

It wasn't much longer after that he noticed the feel of another lion. Dominant like himself, maybe even a bit stronger than himself.He tilted his head to the side slightly as he noticed someone walking up. Well no wonder Marcus spoke so highly of Dillon. He stood and offered his hand to the other to shake. "I was raised to believe if I'm not ten minutes early then I'm late." He offered a smile with his words and gestured to the chair next to Marcus. "Pierce Harris. Glad to be able to meet you."

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5 Re: Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions) on Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:15 pm

Marcus was aware of no one but Pierce. A smile was already sliding over his lips at the sight of the lion, and his own met his in greeting. As he was Dominate to Marcus, but in a public setting, he greeted the lion with a handshake that would allow his wrist to be up and showing to his in submission. "Hi Pierce," he said his sparkling, "and yeah it's like the main one here. As for a drink..." he slipped in to sit across from the lion, "water would be fine." He answered as he watched the other lion move. He was completely into him, especially after the fact Dillon didn't seem too upset the other day.

He nearly pulled away from Dillon's touch in surprise and fear as he started to ruffle his hair, before his lion recognized who it was. When he did realize it, he pushed into the hand a bit as he looked up at his friend, mentor, and part time lover. Respect, awe, and care easily showed in his eyes as he watched Dillon and Pierce. However when they moved to Pierce again his eyes seemed to hold a curiosity in them, and almost like a yearning that he wasn't even aware of.

He watched the two greet each other, and once more he wondered why Dillon wanted him to come. He wasn't a fighter...he wasn't strong enough power wise to intimidate anyone. He was quite confused, but he did remain silent as he slid over to make room for Dillon to sit down at the booth with the two of them.

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6 Re: Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions) on Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:52 pm

Dillon smiled softly down at the cub as he pushed against his hand and looked up at him. He was such a sweet and gentle soul, Marcus was. Though damned mischievous at times which Dillon also loved. Soon he would be his old self, plus some emotional scarring but... with the help of the Pride and mmaybe this Pierce getleman, maybe the scars would fade more easily.

The other man had a firm grip and a pleasant smile, somethig Dillon approved of already. He grinned and chuckled. "Aye, I wasn't raised the same but I'm of the belief that if I'm early i'm on time ad if I'm on time I'm late." He shrugged lightly. "Not soething I expect everyone else to live by but it works for me personally." Still smiling, he parked himself next to Marcus and pulled him into a one-armed hug briefly. "Again, sorry that Alaric couldn't come eet you himself, he's in Germany on business right now. So you're stuck with just me. Figured it would be more pleasant to have someone you're familiar with around so I asked Marcus to join us." He smiled over at the younger cat. "Plus I knew he'd want to see you again and getting out and about is good for him." He winked.

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7 Re: Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions) on Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:51 am

He waved off the words slightly knowing it was alot to expect to me the Rex right away. It made more sense to him to have to met a second or third.After all they didn't know much about him and till they could find someone as powerful as him or more they might not let him next to the Rex. Smart thinking in the long run really. He took another sip of his drink eyes wandering over as a waitress showed up to get the drink orders for everyone else. "It's not worries. I'm in no rush and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Lots of time to meet up I think."

He offered a smile to Marcus as he was included in the next bit that the Dillon said. "I have to admit it is nice to see him again. I was thinking he would have gotten in trouble for speaking with me more than anything else." He was glad to see that wasn't the case. He did smile a bit at hearing that Marcus would want to see him again.

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8 Re: Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions) on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:21 pm

"Dillon," he grumped a little as his better spoke his last words, and he looked down to try and hide the blush. Why, oh why did he have to say that?! It was bad enough that his lover had picked it up so quickly, but to tell the near stranger of a lion! Granted a stranger that he had instantly liked...instantly thought of...he shook his head a little to clear his thoughts. He had to be good. He had to prove to Dillon that what he was doing with him was working.

He raised his head once he had himself composed, but when Pierce admitted to wanting to see him again himself caused another blush to creep up. This time he was not able to hide it in time. "He was concerned...scolded me for not calling him right away...but he eased up when I said you wanted to join the Pride..." he mumbled out as his left hand gripped his leg, and the other moved over to Dillon to search for a part of him to hold. He needed touch to calm down. Well actually he needed touch of Pride just to think straight at the moment.

His lion first brushed against Dillon's, showing submission to him before turning to look at Pierce's. His energy trembled in anticipation of being near his lion again. A wanting and craving. It lowered it's head down and sniffed in Pierce's direction. Marcus finally decided to put his hand on Dillon's leg, and upon the contact seemed to visibly relax once more.

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9 Re: Preplanned trips (Dillon/Lions) on Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:34 pm

Over all, the little get-together went very well and Dillon found he rather like this Pierce fellow. It was decided that he would enter the Pride on a trial basis of a month. Provided that he did not feel the need to leave sooner.

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