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Caught in the Act (Gaelan)

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1 Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:13 pm

Having just come back from his unauthorized little jaunt, Vitto was a little on the nervous side. Not only had he snuck away without permission (for a good reason but still without permission) but he had also allowed himself to be led off to a secluded place. A situation that could have been very dangerous had it not been Marcus and an honest-natured Alpha. He knew he would smell of lion, something he would have to expplain once his Master woke.

He would confess all. but first he wanted to take a thorough shower to at least dull the scent of the cuddling that had taken place. Nothing more had happened but he had no delusions that others would probably assume more nefarious activities had taken place just because of the strength of the scents surrounding him.

After they'd escorted him to the theatre, Vitto had gone around to the back entrance so as not to be so easily spotted and slunk into the building. he just prayed silently that he did not run into anyone that was up and about that would know he was not supposed to be going outside. That would be very bad indeed.

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2 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:17 pm

Gaelan was waiting. He had found the instructions from China to watch Vittorio. So he had gone in search of the rat, and found him gone. No one knew where he was, or who had gone out to see. He growled a little as he knew that China was gonna be pissed. Hell he was pissed and he didn't really know the rat that well yet. He was nice looking, and he had that sense of...submission like the wolf had, but he also had something else. Something that needed to be cared for first. He was wearing casual shoes, slightly loose jeans, and a form fitting black shirt.

As the rat walked in the back door, the most likely spot he would enter in Gaelan's mind as he had left with out notice, and would want to slip in with out notice. "Do you much trouble you would be in if China had woken up first?" he simply asked to the back of the rat, "especially smelling of lions, Vittorio?" He asked as he caught the scent of the feline on him. At least he didn't smell like sex. However China wouldn't see that. He wanted to back hand the rat for his disobedience, but he held himself back. The rat had seen enough of late, no need to add onto it just yet.

"Come need to get showered and cleaned up before you see China," he said with a slight hiss to show he was not happy. He grabbed him by the arm firmly, and started to drag him down the hall. The large public showers would be too open and free for someone else to smell him. Instead he went to the room they both shared, yes they had to share a room, something he still wasn't sure on, and directed him to the shower. Once with in the bathroom he let him go as he turned the shower on.

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3 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:02 am

Vitto spun around with a cry of startled alarm, hands clapping over his own mouth to muffle the sound, as a voice sounded from behind him after a few paces down the hall. Shit! It took his eyes a moment to adjust to the gloom of the hallway -compared to the bright sunshine outside- but when they did... oh he knew he was in trouble. Because it wasn't just anyone glaring up at him, it was Gaelan. Gaelan who had been given the task of keeping him and Yuki safe and in line when China could not. For all intents and purposes, he was in charge right now. He had rank and dominace over Vitto. And he looked about ready to smack him from here to New Zealand.

"I j-just... needed to get outside for a little bit..." he stammered, which of course wasn't entirely true. He'd needed to try to find his parents. Being outside had been an added bonus. But it was embarrassing to admit what he had been up to, why he had so badly needed to see his mama and papa. He didn't know what all Gaelan knew about him and he wasn't all that keen on sharing. "I d-didn't do anything, I swear-" His words were cut off when Gaelan sepped forward to grab him by the arm, dragging him unceremoniously. Of course his first instinct was to try to pull away and flee, knowing that Gaelan had quite possibly been given permission to punish him. Bbeing punished by someone who cared about him, like China, was one thing but in the entire week he'd been here he had the feeling that Gaelan found him to be a nuisance or a bother. He'd tried to stay out of his way but as they shared a room... it wasn't always possible.

His heart was pounding in his chest and his arm and shoulder were more than a little sore by the time they reached their room but he kept quiet. He let him lead him into the bathroom and when he was let go, he panted himself against he counter and remained as still as he could. "I can wash myself..." he blurted. "I cann do it on my own, you don't have to stay in here. I'm sure you've got more important things to worry about. Like Yuki. Is he around? He might need you." Okay so he was stammering and rambling, trying to make it quite clear that he didn't need a showering partnner and that he would prefer to be alone. Thinking of excuses that might actually prompt the snake to leave him to his own devices. Though technically he had lost his privacy privileges by venuring out alone. Why should he trust him to behave and stay put like a good boy?

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4 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:22 am

Gaelan gave a snort in Vittorio's direction when he turned around from getting the water on. "Nice try, Vittorio. You've been gone long enough that I've had Yuki taken care of hours ago, and he knows where to find me if he needs to go out," he said pushing that aside quickly, "besides you lost your right to be left alone at the moment. Now strip and get in." He said firmly and in a tone that clearly said he was pushing his dominance over the rat. He wasn't going to be swayed so easily, and he made it clear on that.

"If you don't strip, I'll strip you myself, and shove you in," he said as he worked on undressing himself. The water would get hot enough to get humid, and he was not going to stand in the bathroom to get his clothes damp. Once he was done he stepped out long enough to put his clothes on the bed, and grab two towels. Entering the bathroom again, he eyed Vittorio hard.

"Don't make me say it again," he growled out and his power flared to slap across him in a promise that he would do what he had said just moments before.

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5 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:48 am

A blush of shame covered Vitto's cheeks as Gaelan caught his little attemmpt to get him out of the room and give him his privacy. It wasn't that he wasn't accustomed to having company for bathing or the like... and certainly not because he was afraid to bare himself. He was just afraid of what the snake might do to him. he lowered his face when he pointed out exactly what he'd been thinking, about his right to privacy, and turned his head in the other direction, unable to face the dominant male.

On instinct, his hands reached for the hem of his shirt when he was comanded to strip down but... stubborn pride halted them from actually pulling it up or making any other move to disrobe. Gaelan may have been in charge of him right now but he sure as hell did not own him. If he was to be punished or pushed around, it would be by his Master, not this underling. He'd been bought, he wasn't just anyone's meat anymore.

His gaze snapped up when the door to the bathroom opened and he saw Gaelan slip out with his clothes. He could lock him out... run to the door, slam it shut and flip the lock... but no, thatt would just result in the door being broken and a worse punishment for him in the long run... Too late, he'd missed his chance anyway. Before Vitto could even move, the snake had returned with towels and was staring him down hard enough to make him squirm, to lean back against the counter in a sort of cowering fashion.

He let out a sharp cry as the Alpha's power struck him like a stinging slap and his knees buckled, sending him to the floor. But not before his back scraped against he edge of the counter on the way down. No skin broken but it still hurt. His hands fumbled with the sandals he wore, trembling so much that it took him a couple minutes eachh just to undo them and get them off. Still shaking, he got to his knees and started pulling his shirt up... but partway through the gesture, he froze and asked the one question he had never been allowed to ask before. A question that perhaps he should not have paused to ask but one that he could not push out of his mind. "What are you going to do to me? I want to know."

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6 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:59 am

Once he was sure that Vittorio was going to strip he gave a nod of his head, and set the towels on the small stand near the door. His question humored him a bit, but he kept it out of his voice as he spoke. The hard edge still remaining, "I will do what ever is necessary to make you presentable to our master." He said to the rat. Though China was literally Vittorio's master, Gaelan gave the title out of respect to the Vampire. He served him willingly and kept his word law.

"I could very well punish you if I wanted...however I won't touch you that way until China says how to," he said and turned to look back at him, "but there are other things I could do if I wanted. Is that what you are worried about? That I will use you...take you with out caring that you may not want it..." he gave a snort to show what he thought of that. It disgusted him. He might like the roughness, and taking...but if the other involved did not want was rape in his eyes.

He was sure the rat would learn him better in time, but he wasn't really around the rat often. It was almost like he was being avoided by the other male. He walked over to the simple wooden bench, and took a seat. "For now...I'm going to make sure you get clean and me and my snake will enjoy the humid heat from the steam," he points at the rat, "now finish or I'll make you finish." He said with a scowl.

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7 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:22 am

The young rat's heart beat faster at the reptile's flat statement and his hands clenched around the hem of his pale yellow tee shirt. Whatever it took... that was hardly an answer, merely more fuel to the fire of his fears. He pressed back against the lower cupboard as Gaelan went on to confirm his fear that he could indeed punish him if he so chose. He couldn't even register relief when he said that he would not yet because then he was hinting at... other ways he could put him in his place. Ways that Vitto was all too familiar with.

But fear turned to anger at the display of disgust. The way Vitto interpreted it, it sounded as though it was not the act itself that Gaelan found distasteful but the idea of debasing himself by touching the rat in an intimate manner. So he found him unworthy did he? An untouchable serf? Dirty? Rubbish to be disposed of? That made him mad. To hell with him. He didn't have to suffer this kind of humiliation.

His blue-grey eyes were blazing wih defiance and anger as the snake seated himself and he lowered the hem of his shirt again. "Oh so you'd soil your hands and touch me just to prove that you're a man of your word, eh? If I'm so revolting then why don't you just piss off and leave me alone, huh? Nobody said you had to fuck me did they? Nobody said you had to touch the filthy slave. So get over yourself and get the hell out!"

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8 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:00 am

Gaelan was moving even before he knew it. His energy was swirling, and his hand was raised as if to back hand him. However he clenched his hand into a fist, and held the urge to hit him for assuming that's why he did not do what he wanted. His snake peered out at him, and the anger was very clear. "Do not...tempt me. If I take you it will be because we both want it. NOT to prove I can," he spat out to him, and then his hand moved in a blur to turn his head towards him, "and the reason I have not done it yet is because you've avoided me since the start."

He then let go of Vittorio completely and walked back to his bench. The rat frustrated him some times to no end. Yet he could not help but to admit an attraction with him at least. However he was broken. He could smell it, and with it he could not take as much pleasure in him as he normally would. He would have to help heal him first. Before he could sit, he sighed, and then turned back to Vittorio. He could not have the rat fear him.

Moving over to him, he reached down, and tugged at his shirt carefully. "Come know China is going to be pissed if we don't get that lion stench off of you," he muttered in a slightly more softened tone as he worked on stripping his shirt off.

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9 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:54 pm

As soon as Gaelan moved to approach him, he flattened himself against the lower cabinet of the bathroom counter, heart pounding, but his eyes did not show fear. They showed anger and hurt. Defiance. He was accustomed to being thought of as property, as an object or as just a peice of meat. No rights, no thoughts, no nothing. But to have someone outwardly express their disgust with him for aspects of himsef that were beyond his control... that stung and pissed him off. Even though he was practically choking on Gaelan's energy, he did not flinch.

His words confused him a little but before he could really contemplate them his jaw was in a grip and they were practically nose-to-nose. Vittorio's heart sped and his breathing became shallow. He wouldn't admit verbally that the acion was exciting his body, he didn't want Gaelan to find more reason to be disgusted with him, but damned if h is jeans -which were already naturally snug- didn't feel just a bit less commfortable than they had a moment ago. Dio!

"and the reason I have not done it yet is because you've avoided me since the start."

That threw him for a loop, his eyes widening, and when the snake released him he was frozen in place. What the hell? Hadn't he just displayed how revolting he found the idea of touching him? Had he misinterpreted that? What the blazes? His eyes followed him as he made his way back to his bench, bewildered and wide as saucers. It may very well have looked like he was afraid at this point, especially since he was still frozen in place. But really he was just dumbfounded.

His wide-eyed gaze lifted when the snake marched back over to him and grasped at his shirt. Gently really. He was right. His Master would probably not be too happy to smell the strong musk of lions on him even if nothing had happened. His shirt was off before he knew it and the muscles in his belly were clenched tight with sudden nerves. He would have tog et up, wouldn't he? God he hoped that he snake didn't pay his partial arousal any mind. He really didn't want him to think any less of him just because a little rough play, genuine rough play, had pushed his good buttons.

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10 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:11 pm

Gaelan couldn't help but frown as the rat just sat there. "Well...come on Vittorio...or do you want me to handle you like a doll and undress you?" he asked slightly amused, but more concern then anything. He go around like the all big bad and mighty, but he wasn't an ass. Sighing he bent down and did it any way, carefully guiding him up to avoid the counter only to see the start of bruising on his back.

Reaching around to touch the back lightly from where it had roughly scrapped along the sink. "I'm sorry," he said as he then reached down to work on his pants, "I did not mean for you to get hurt." He said simply. He could smell the arousal, and see it. However Gaelan was polite enough to not mention it, or acknowledge it. He knew what those rings could be like, and what damage could happen. Part of the healing process was to show that everything about the person was accepted. Not a bit could be rejected.

"I can help in the shower only if you want," he said giving him an option, and a casual one at that. No need to pressure the rat, and yet it would start to slowly break his training of never choosing. Or so he hoped.

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11 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:44 am

The rat stared up at him blankly at the light question. He could tell it was meant to be partially teasing but at the moment he just wasn't sure how to react. He was stunted when it came to social interaction. Anything that wasn't completely sexual or didn't involve submission and he was as quiet and awkward as a new kid in school.

He allowed Gaelan to bring him to his feet, flinching just the slightest bit as he rose, muscles moving under the tender expanse of skin along his beck from where he'd scraped it on the counter. ut the pain was minimal and it turned him on more than anything. Such was the teisted inner working of his mind and his libido. He had no conrol over it. His breath caught in his throat when the snake's fingers lightly probed the tender area and he could have expired on the spot from shock when he apologized.

The fact that he was now working at his pants didn't register because he was too bowled over by the two simple words to notice. He blinked rapidly and swallowed hard as he attempted to find his voice again. "I.... I sh-should not have faltered." he stammered. "I should have just done as you said. A good slave does not fight..." He urned his face away, eyes finding the floor. "A good slave knows better...."

There really wasn't more to say at that point. Though when he gave him the choice of whether or not he joined him in the shower he nodded silently. Vitto would need his help anyway in knowing whether or not he'd washed himself thoroughly enough to lose the scent of lion. That and... he wanted him there. He hadn't before but now he did. There really was no explanation.

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12 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:32 pm

With how Vittorio acted to his teasing, and casual comments made him realize how out of it the rat was to just simple social interaction. He'd have to ask China if he could help with de-programming him. Take him out at times...more in the early morning or late evening when there would not be as many people about. Get him slowly use to things again. It's not that he did not think China could, but more he might go about it wrong as he was not use to his and Vittorio's world.

Gaelan held a finger up to Vittorio's words, "you are not a slave. China may have bought you...but you are not going to be a slave." He said firmly with a stern look on his face, "you are allowed your opinion. It's good to see that you have not been completely whipped senseless." He said to assure the rat he was not angry about that aspect of what happened, "Keep in mind...please...that when I ask you to do something it's to help...not damage."

He watched as Vittorio thought on the question that he gave. It was a simple one, one that he did not think Vittorio would spazz out on for. When the nod of consent was given, Gaelan moved the shower door opened. He really did like the walk in showers. Easier to get in and out of, and it left more room for play if it every worked up to that. Granted he wouldn't be doing that any time soon with Vittorio. Not until he was certain the were rat would be ok with it. "Come on...the water is ready," Gaelan said simply.

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13 Re: Caught in the Act (Gaelan) on Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:52 am


He could feel it, whatever animated him at night was back and pulling him to the surface of conciousness. It wasn't even dark outside yet, Chin could feel that the sun was still up but that was alright. He was used to rising in daylight hours since he had become a Master in his own right. Blinking ice blue eyes open, the pale haired vampire sat up from his position and looked around for a moment. Yuki wasn't here but the bed sheets had been pulled over China and that could only mean that Yuki had ensured his master would be comfortable before the youth left to do whatever it was he did for the day.

Getting his barings, China stood from the bed and replaced the sheets before making his way into the bathroom and running himself a bath. He loved to have a bath if he could, preferring them over showers, they just got him into the right mindset for a nice relaxing night off. Checkng the temperature of the water he nodded saisfied before slipping into the bubble filled water. After this he would have to find either Gaelen or Vittorio and feed. Yuki needed a feeding break so one of his pomme's would have to be on the menu tonight.


"Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams,
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Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar,
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