Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Gaelan Zenos

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1 Gaelan Zenos on Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:56 am

Character Name:
Gaelan Zenos

Character Screen Name:
Gaelan Zenos

Species: WereAnaconda; dark spotted

Location: Venice

Power level (Dominant/Submissive): Alpha, Dominant

Age, Gender: 25, Male

Length of infection: 25 years


Gaelan stands at a good 5'10", being averagely taller then most women still with out towering over the person, though more on the shorter end of a majority of the guys of today. He has a fair complexion with a few marks on his face that are near invisible from fights he had been in. His hair is a sandy blond to light brown, people have always argued over which, and a light wave to it, but people have agreed that his eyes are a gray like an approaching storm clouds. He's lean and fit to show he has been active his whole life, and has more of a runners build to him then a fighters with a touch of muscle definition to him. He has old scars on his back from where another shifter had raked him when he was in his youth, but other then remains unmarked. He only has one piercing, and it was because one past partner had suggested it to him. He has a nice Prince Albert peircing, and he definitely hasn't had any complaints, and thus has not regretted his choice on the matter.

He has two other forms, his half form which is majority snake, but his upper half appearing with human features, like a chest, and arms, and facial features enough to speak with. In his half form he stands up to 6'10" inches, and is thicker then his human form. Then he has his full snake form which is up to 30' long and about 16" in diameter. His skin is darker toned with even darker spots on his body.

He has been taught since birth that power comes from strength, and with it confidence and control. When Galen see's something that he likes he doesn't hesitate to move in for the "kill". He acknowledges those that are stronger then he out of bed, but when in the bedroom he doesn't bend over for anyone, period. He doesn't mind doing the work either as it makes him feel like he's more in control. He's also as deadly as his animal counter part. Striking with savagery, and always going for the kill unless ordered to other wise. He tends to match his snakes eyes with dead, killer eyes. Rarely showing any emotion through them despite what his face may be showing. Once he gives his word he keeps it, even if it means risking his life to keep it.

He is an aggressive bi, leaning towards male company. Though he's aggressive he does not partake in pleasure that his partner does not like. He also has an insatiable curiosity in everything. Learning what ever he can, and willing to learn new experiences. One can tell when he's angry because his face will even go blank and cold to match his eyes, and when he does one should be careful with what they say at this point. When he's able to relax he's casual and can be smiling, even if it doesn't reach his eyes all the time. When it comes to relationships, he will have on person that is a priority over others and will be the one he beds with by the time he retires, but could never truly dedicate his time to one person. His loyalties also have a ranking system...the higher his loyalty is to you the more he'll choose to answer you over others. He tends to be sluggish during the day, and during the night is more alive and wired.


His parent's met as young hunters, both 17, and had fallen for each other. They worked as a team, and one day killed the wrong preternatural creature who had family ties to witch craft of sorts in the Greece where they lived. They were cursed to become the very beings that man had cursed years ago for fooling Adam, the first. To become hunted as they had hunted, and the curse would not break until one of their family learned that shifters and preternatural people were just like everyone else. Thus how it came to be that his parents became roaming Wereanaconda's, and thus he was born with the curse a few years later. The curse becoming evident in him when he shifted while afraid a few month's later.

With it his parent's taught him everything they knew from how to kill shifters, to how to handle the weapons to kill them with. Feeling that their curse was one more reason why they should be wiped off. At first Gaelan agreed, supporting his family and helping where he could as he got older. However as he started to get to know some of them during his deceptions to lure out the target, the more he came to like the community he was born into, even if he still felt that there were indeed some that needed to die, and showed no regret in helping in their deaths. As the years went on, and his family grew stronger in their were forms, it was soon showing that he was stronger then his parents, and that he embraced his beast. When he reached the age of 18 he decided to test his skill as a hunter, and went after a target on his own. He ended under estimating his enemy and as a result got raked across his back. Had he not been a shifter already he would have become one that night.

Since then he has learned not to under estimate people, and to not show his true emotions through his eyes and face. Over the years he either used shifters to get information, or hired himself out to kill one. With in a few years he had earned enough to live comfortably for the next few years, and with it decided to settle in Venice for now as the river would be perfect to swim in now and then on the edges, and because in such a large city he could always find work of some kind that his skills were needed for. By the age of twenty three he has experienced everything from being with all types of shifters, to Vampires in bed. He took no specific side during the war, but instead hired himself out to the highest bidder at the time to take out who ever they wanted.

Now with the war done with he has come to find that he misses the feel of being fed from by a vampire, but doesn't want to appear like a junkie of it either. So for now he hires himself out more as a bodyguard then anything, and even now and then as a meal for a vampire who want's something a little more exact then the standard species in the city.



-Use of handguns
-daggers, knives, and swords
-flame throwers

Shifter abilities:
-All Omega skills
-Only shifts on the night of the full moon, and only once fully risen
-controlled shifting during stress/blood/sexual situations
-All standard abilities: enhanced strength, senses, etc.

Alpha abilities:
-Can Call and calm a fellow weresnake
-can do advanced partial shifting: hands, teeth/fangs, and tongue
-shift at will
-Doesn't need to sleep after shifting

-Extreme cold will put him into a deep sleep and/or kill him
-Lack of full trust


RP Sample:

(Look at Rebecca and Marcus)

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Paul Walker


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2 Re: Gaelan Zenos on Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:34 pm


Approved! Don't forget your face claim!


"Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams,
purge your thoughts of the life you knew before.
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar,
and you'll live as you've never lived before."
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