Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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1 Vittorio on Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:21 am

Character Name: Vittorio DeSanto

Species: Rodere

Location: Venice

Power level (Dominant/Submissive): Beta/submissive

Age, Gender: 21 (will be 22 in July) male

Length of infection: going on 5 years

Description: Vittorio is somewhat lanky, standing at 6 feet tall and sporting the long, lean body to go with it. All sinew and toned muscle that many love to slide their hands all over and have. Lightly tanned and silky smoothe skin covers said muscles, marred only by a single tattoo at the back of his neck and of course the occasional cuts, abrasions and bruises from his trade. His body is completely smoothe and sleek, lithe and honed exquisitely to keep the customers coming.

His hair is dark and thick, curling and waving haphazardly as it will to fall into his face unless pulled back. Many love to run their fingers through the silky waves. To grip cruelly and angle his head back for whatever reason. You cannot look at the thick, richly dark brown locks annd not want to take a fistful of them. But what tends to fascinate most is that, despite his coloring, his eyes are a lovely blue grey. They stand out becomingly against his skin, a lovely contrast to his slight tan. They're framed by thick dark lashes and complimented by fine features that are just this side of feminine but most definitely masculine. Full, kissable lips, exquisitely carved cheekbones, the works. A lovely package.

Personality: After years of being cooped up and abused, Vitto is rather antisocial and awkward with people. Unless it's in a sexual situation of course. He is not shy or meek, if he has an oppinion he will share it no matter the consequences to himself, but he tends to be quiet around people if given the option. He doesn't do small talk and he won't take charity. Pity absolutely annoys him and embarrasses him. He may be a victim but he has enough pride to take umbrage at being treated like one. Never let it be said that Vitto isn't a fiesty one. They took his freedom but his spirit he still has. Which is what intrigues his 'dominants'. Though of course it also gets him into trouble.

On that note he is loyal to the point of recklessness. If someone he cares about is in trouble, he'll do whatever it takes to get them out of it; even if it means taking their place. He'd rather he suffered than annyone close to his heart. And once he is comfortable with someone and trusts them -which has only happened once in his life- he is fiercely loyal, though if they somehow break that trust it is unlikely that he will ever trust them again without great effort and atonement on their part.

History: Vitto was born in Venice, Italy on July 12, 1988. His father, Bernardo, was a professional photographer -a very lucrative profession considering all the tourism- and his mother, Beatrice, was a housewife. She stayed at home and took care of the house and three children; the youngest of which was Vittorio himmself. His older siblings were his brother Cesare who was eight and his sister Violetta who was eleven. A comfortably sized family with hardly a worry; they had their ups and downs like any household but for the most part they were very happy.

The years rolled by at a leisurely pace, the children growing and learning. By the time Vittorio had reached his teens, both siblings were away at school and getting ready to start their own families so he had only his mama for company aside from a few school mates here and there. But he didn't mind. He was content and of course as the youngest he was very much a Mama's Boy. He loved to help her out around the house and keep her company after school. She taught him to sing to dance and even to mend and sew. They were each others' best friend aside from Papa of course.

But as Vittorio grew to be fifteen, both parents worried that he might be isolating himself too much. He never really hung out with any of the other kids in the neighborhood or even those from school and they were concerned he would grow up a hermit. So they started encouraging him to go outside to play. To associate with the neighbor children more often than just in the morning and afternoo on the way to and from school. They even tried to get him to go with the other children when they went on trips to the cinema in the evening but he always refused to go. He did not want to go out and about at night without either his Mama or Papa present.

One summer night, however, both put their foot down. It was his birthday. He was sixteen now and they did not want him being antisocial for the rest of his life so they made arrangements to escort the young adults to the theatre ad pay for all tickets and treats. After which they ushered the children to the ticket taker and then left. The cinema was close to home and the neighborhood children generally wet in a flock to and from. The movie would be out in plenty of time for them to walk home before dark. Vittorio was very upset that they would be leaving but after some urging he went along with it and actually enjoyed the film. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. A strange movie but an amusing one.

On the way home from the cinema, the teens gabbed and chatted as they walked but Vitto paused as they were passing an alleyway because he thought he heard someone crying. He waved the other kids on ahead, saying he'd catch up in a moment, and went to investigate. Perhaps the most foolish thing he could have done but, looking back, better he than any of the other children.

The source of the crying was a boy that couldn't be any older than Vittorio himself and he looked battered and broken... As soon as he knelt down to help him, the boy grabbed hold of him and overpowered him, pinning him to the ground and feeding from him until he'd lost eough blood to pass out. This ensured that he wouldn't have the strength to fight when he woke. not that it would do him any good. When he woke up he was in a world of pain for a tattoo signifying slavery had been done on the back of his neck. The one place that was guaranteed not to be harmed in his new profession.

The profession in question? Prostitution. He'd been snatched off the street -on his birthday no less- and thrust into training to be a sexual submissive in a prostitution ring. It catered more to the s&m and bdsm lifestyle. All aspects of it. He was not given a choice in anything, not even whether his clientele were me or women. He had to be conditioned to serve anyone in any way. Men, women, humans, vampires and shifters. In fact, one of his first preternatural clients was a wererat. He'd lost control (wheher by accident or on purpose was unknown) and as a result, Vitto was infected with lycanthropy just weeks before he was to turn seventeen.

Apparently it wasn't an uncommon occurrence. Any "slave" or "pet" or "toy" that didn't arive as some sort of preternatural eventually wound up as one unless they were really lucky. It was inevitable. There were always plenty of humans of course but in a business that caters to all, how long could one expect to remain so? It was just a fact of life as the years went by. He watched others brought in like himself. Some started human as he had. Others, like a friend he eventually made, were already shifters or even vampires that got scooped up later on in life to join the used and abused of the Venice underground. Never to see the surface again. Unless they were bought up or "retired". Which usually a result of death. Such a bleak existence and it was all his. It was a miracle he even survived to see his 22nd birthday looming overhead.

-Marcus (only friend)
-Bernardo (father)
-Beatrice (mother)
-Violetta (sister)
-Cesare (brother)
-Underground prostitution ring

RP Sample: Bwahahahaha! You cannae make meh!

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Gabriel Garko


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Approved! Don't forget your face claim!


"Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams,
purge your thoughts of the life you knew before.
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar,
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