Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Misha Gabriela Asturias Varon

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1 Misha Gabriela Asturias Varon on Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:39 pm


Lukoi - F.P.S. Sergeant
Character Name:
Misha Gabriela Asturias Varon

Character Screen Name:
Species: Wolf

Location: Venice, Italy

Power level: Low Level Alpha

Age, Gender: 34, Female

Length of infection: 15


5’10 and 173 pounds of toned muscle, Misha is a strong girl. She’s got a scar across her left shoulder and neck in the form of a bite mark left from when she was originally infected with Lycanthropy and has a tanned, Spanish looking skin tone. Her curly hair is a deep coal color that falls thick and long past her shoulders to an inch or so past her elbows; most of the time it is pulled back in a ponytail or bun because she can’t bother to have it in the way when she is working. If it’s not pulled back, you will typically see her ‘bangs’ hanging to the side of her face ending at 1/8th of an inch past her ear.

Misha usually smells like sweat, seeing as she is normally quite busy, but if she is out on a formal event she might squirt a few pumps of lilac smelling perfume. Her wardrobe is mainly just black tanktops and skinny blue jeans, but she does have an array of dresses and fancy wear for when she goes clubbing and wants to feel sexy. Her voice is typically raspy and rushed- Misha is used to talking in police codes back and forth on radios so it’s sometimes hard for her to keep her sentences from being brief, abrupt, and straight to the point.

In wolf form she has matted fur that has a mixture of white, golden-brown, black and gray-- from a distance she would look a light tan colorant and she most resembles the Artic Wolf. Her eyes are small, alert, and gray.

Misha is what you could call ‘motherly’ especially within her pack. She makes sure everyone is taken care of and gets what she needs, and she won’t ever hesitate to scold someone if they’ve done something wrong, although sometimes her scoldings are much harsher than she intended them to be.

She isn’t naturally aware of emotions too well, especially her own, and so it takes some extra communication to get it across to her that she’s hurt someone’s feelings or been too hard on a person. Once she knows though, Misha will be the first to apology and give a respectful salute to that who she has insulted, a habit that is left over with her training in military school.

Misha has a rather mild mood set to her, and is never all to happy or all to bothered. While she appears serious from the outside, the wolf is rather playful and enjoys to poke fun at people she knows rather well. She isn’t particularly outgoing unless she views it as her duty, and when she is asked her opinions about things Misha is never quite shy.

She is obsessive about her work and responsibilities and at time can neglect people she loves in her life because of these tendencies, which are deeply rooted in her childhood.
Sexually Misha is and always has been a monster; she is bisexual and is always craving sexual comfort wherever she can get it from. This woman has a high sex drive- and if you plan to take her on…you better be prepared.


Misha was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, on April 11th 1976. She was the 4th born and second to last child of Gaspar Varon and Dacia Asturias Varon. Her family life, in her earlier years, was full of naïve pleasantness. She was at an age that she didn’t understand money or responsibilities; so for Misha, life was good. She ate sandwiches at lunch with her three older brothers and learned to wrestle and play rough. At school she made average marks and made friends with the boys and very few girls, who didn’t understand her rough demeanor. While she didn’t know this at the time, her family was rather poor. Her father ran a local grocer and her mother was a sculptor who had many artistic talents. Paying for four children was expensive on their sort of salary, and so Misha and her siblings lived a very simple, meager life. They did not have the luxories of most children but they were not on the streets poor; her parents always had enough to get by, enough so that everyone was clothed, fed, the bills were paid and a party was always celebrated on their birthdays.

Misha’s family moved from Guatemala to Spain in 1981 because of the Civil War and riots that were going on that made Dacia concerned for the safety of her little ones. Shortly after her youngest sibling and only sister, Maria, was born; Misha was 5 years old. While her mother was visiting relatives in Barcelona in the year of 1983, she contracted what was called ‘toxic allergic syndrome’ and died shortly after. This left Misha’s father to take care of five children and work full time; unable to do it on his own and at his last resort, he moved in with his wealthy parents who resided in Italy. If asked, Gaspar could only describe his choice to isolate his family until that point in time from his parents as ‘a lifestyle choice’. Gaspar didn’t want his children to be subjected to the extreme prestige and pressure that he had when growing up with his constantly moving parents; and being the only child of the Spaniards, he was expected to keep up the family’s wealth and reputation.

Misha and her siblings soon understood what Gaspar’s concerns were really about. She was soon enrolled in full time ballet school, piano lessons and studying Latin. From seven to eighteen years of age, Misha’s life revolved around lessons, school, and doing the best at every task she was assigned. She was never asked to work a job and had no sense of what it meant to earn real money—but she did know how to work hard and apply herself at whatever she did. Misha learned through these Lessons that her real passion was painting, and while she was forced to spread out her learning Misha did always set aside time to put a canvas up in her room and paint. She liked to experiment with all forms, but found that she was the best at still life and over the years perfected that talent.

All of the siblings reacted differently, and she found that the biggest conflict was with her brother Roberto who was eight years her elder and the second born. He constantly tormented her beyond sibling rivalry; it was as if he had a special resentment against his sister. As he grew older Roberto showed signs of going off the deep end; at seventeen years old Roberto was placed in a mental institute when he attacked a classmate with a pair of scissors. He was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

After years of grade school of having been told by her peers that her brother was ‘crazy’ and she would be crazy too, Misha developed a sensitivity to people using politically incorrect terms for the mentally illed. She understood that her brother had a problem and it was hard for the whole family, especially when he was released from the institute at Eighteen and turned heavily into drugs. Her family for the most part cut him out of the picture, but would always bail him out of jail when he was caught with possession for fear of what it would do to the family name if they didn’t.

Roberto’s actions led to the family pushing harder on the children’s achievements, forcing all of them to either get high marks or be shamed severely. Desperately wanting to live up to the expectations, Misha spent most of her free time when she wasn’t in lessons overdoing homework assignments- rewriting and rewriting and rewriting until they were ‘right’. She developed a sort of OCD complex and became a perfectionist with everything that she did.

An A student, top achiever and by now a master of four different language- Latin, English, Spanish and Italian, at fifteen Misha found herself diving into the world of dating. She found that she had a sex-drive that was raging for both sexes that could never be quenched. While the family’s Catholic religious views encourage chastity until marriage, the teen found herself unable to heed to these morals due to ravishing desire that in the end won out. Even though she went to church every Sunday since she was five and faithfully believed in God Misha ‘lost’ her virginity at fifteen to an American boy named ‘Rex’ who challenged her dedication to always doing things correctly. Dating him steadily for three months, Misha dabbled in drugs and one night broke down with a panic attack in Rex’s arms. She realized that her compulsive, OCD behavior was just as unhealthy as Roberto’s off the edge mental disorder and decided to try to level out.

It was Bernardo, her brother whom was her elder by three years, who caught the signs of Misha’s changes and found out who she had been dating, which led to the revealing to her family that she was no longer a Virgin. Increased focus was placed on her to ‘step up to the plate’ and do well in her classes and studies, and when Misha refused she was sent to a Militant boarding School to stay until she turned Eighteen.
When she got out, her Grandparents, Maria, and Bernardo all considered her a ‘bad apple’ and refused to talk to her. Roberto was bad on the same path, and the only part of her family that would associate with her was her father and her eldest brother Juan who had a made a career out of being a film director, having also inherited their mother’s creative gene.

Since she wasn’t part of the family anymore, Misha found college out of the option so she decided to attempt to join FPS, thinking that she would most likely be accepted due to her boarding school training. Two weeks after she sent in her application she was called in for an interview and hired on the spot; she began training immediately and was very pleased with herself.

Towards the end of her one year training bout, When Misha was 19, she was practicing her aim at a FPS firing range when a captive whom had been brought down to the station to be recorded broke out of his cuffs. His name was Darren Rames; a name she knows quite well because the male was a shifter, and he attacked her, biting her shoulder and infecting her with the wolf strain of Lycanthropy. Misha doesn’t remember anything from that event until four days later, when she woke up in the high-security hospital for newly made shifters. Due to the fact that the FPS was at fault for her injuries, she was allowed to stay on the force so long as she joined the local wolf pack and learned to train her inner beast. She was paid for the time she spent in the hospital and during her early training as a Beta Shifter in agreement that she would testify against Darren Rames in court when it was proved she could control herself enough to be safe in a courtroom.

After two years of intensive work with her pack, she was deemed fit and she started the lengthy process of the trial. It ended three years later when she was 24, by that time she had been a shifter for five years and had reached an Omega status and was able to work full time as an officer without having to worry about snapping off the deep end.

The FPS attributed her climbing of ranks to their high involvement in her training efforts; when she wasn’t with the pack she was with them, doing training exercises that she was deemed capable of-- she is now a Sergeant. Misha found that after being turned her sex drive had gone to high to unbelievable, and she was constantly having to bed strangers just to satisfy it. As she moved up in rank it only seemed to get worse and she would admit to spending at least two hours per day having sex; admitting this to a pack mate she began training that area of her beast. Even with extensive effort she’s only been able to shave ten or so minutes off of her cravings.

When she turned thirty one she climbed the ladder once more to Alpha due to her still apparent OCD habits; a status that she is still attempting to master entirely to this day.

As far as romance, she hasn’t been able to find someone who can ‘handle’ her. She has most likely slept with half of her pack at one point at another but love, that’s an entirely separate concept to Misha and she isn’t sure if she will ever get anything but the short end of that stick.


-OCD, perfectionist tendencies

-19 years of military training; 4 of them in boarding school and 15 of them with FPS.

-An extremely high, hard to quench sex drive

- She can speak, read and write in four languages fluently: Latin, Spanish, English and Italian

- She has excellent wrestling, fighting skills and is capable of getting along with men easily because of growing up with three brothers

- Normal Alpha powers, however she still has trouble with not shifting during sex when she is mating with another shifter- it will from time to time just ‘happen’ without warning.

-She cannot block the call to her pack

-Has limited ability over shifting body parts; Misha can only shift her eyes.

- 8/10 times she is not affected by Vampire's Eyes

Father: Gaspar Varon 73
Mother: Dacia Asturias Varon ( Died when 39, when her youngest Maria Rosa Asturias Varon was 2 years old)
Siblings: Maria Rosa Asturias Varon 29
Bernardo Diego Varon 37
Roberto Tomas Varon 42
Juan Martin Varon 46
RP Sample:


Playerbase/Face Claim name: Michelle Rodriguez

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Approved! Don't forget your face claim!


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