Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Amber-Rae Felicidad

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1 Amber-Rae Felicidad on Mon May 31, 2010 11:58 pm


Il clan dell'ondulazione - Chang
Character Name:
Amber-Rae Felicidad

Character Screen Name:

Species: Gold Tiger

Location: Venice

Power level: Alpha, Chang

Age, Gender: 28, Female

Length of infection: Birth

Amber-Rae is a 5'8" leggy red head. Her hair is shoulder length and curls slightly at the ends if it isn't styled. Her eyes are the golden brown of a tiger with a ring of darker brown around the iris than fans like a flower petal. It is the eyes which give her away as a pure bred tiger. Slim and toned but not muscular, Amber-Rae looks very athletic with medium sized, pert breasts.

Her clothing style is usually very sophisticated as she wants to make a good impression on the Tigers in her Streak and any coalitions or press she may have to deal with. On a normal day she will wear a pants suit with heels or wear a dress that suits the weather. If she is lazing around the Streak home she will either be naked or wear shorts and a strap top.

Her hybrid form stands at nearly 8ft tall and is an extremely pale almost golden brown. Her muscles are more defined in this form and she uses it mainly for speed.

Her full tiger form is slightly larger than a small pony and is the same color as her hybrid form, with a white underbelly and muzzle. Through each of her forms, her eyes remain the same golden and dark brown.

Dominant with a capital D. Amber-Rae is a firm but fair leader, despite her relatively young age. She is willing to listen to those in her Streak and try to solve problems without violence. She will however turn to a violent punishment if problems are not resolved or if troublemakers don't get the message. In this regard she is rather ruthless and believes that, despite her normally gentle rule, sometimes a leader must be feared if they cannot be respected. She would prefer to be respected though as she believes that respect brings loyalty.

When she is not commanding the Streak she likes to paint or write, allowing her creative side to have free reign in the privacy of her room or the serenity of a hill top. Luckily, despite her pure bred upbringing, she believes that infected tigers should be given the same help and opportunities that pure breds have. In her opinion it is not a matter of being pure bred or infected, it is a matter of looking after your own kind.

Born to Michelle Felicidad and Alonzo Felicidad on the 3rd February 1982 in Venice, Italy. Amber-Rae was born in to a clan of pure bred tigers. Whilst most were Gold tigers there were other colors within the Streak, made up of females from other clans and males that had wandered in search of their own clan to rule or co-rule.

As a child Amber-Rae was doted upon as she was the only daughter and expected to grow up and mate with a strong male tiger. Because of this she was heavily schooled in etiquette and manners from a very early age, ensuring that the lessons would never be forgotten. Whilst being taught etiquette she was also home schooled in a number of subjects from maths to mythology. Her father, Alonzo, believed that she should not mingle with humans because when the shift finally came upon her, she would have to be pulled from school for control lessons anyway. It was ultimately safer for her tutor Vittorio to teach her from her own home.

Amber-Rae proved to be a very fast learner but she was also extremely observant and by the time she was eleven years of age she was already fluent in French, Spanish and English. Bored with the meager languages she took up Japanese and Cantonese, mastering them in the next four years. She also saw the predjudice held for the tigers that had been infected and not born, leading to her disgust of the treatment Streak members received when it was not their choice to become infected. Much as it wasn't her choice to be born a tiger. It instilled a sense of justice and unity in the young girl that caused her to be protective of all tigers, not just pure breds.

At the age of twelve, Amber-Rae experienced her first shift, making her an early developer even within the clans. Her beast proved strong and dominant, Beta level already despite her lack of control to begin with. Her mother knew that she would be extremely strong and as such would surpass the power of a Little Queen and be a high level Chang. As the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Immediately her mother began to school her on how a Streak was run but still allowed Amber-Rae to have her own opinions and ideas. After all, how can you lead when the ideas are not your own and times are constantly changing?

For the next twelve years Amber-Rae was trained in everything she would need to know, from shifter politics to transferring her beast, control and combat. Despite reaching Alpha level at the age of twenty the lessons continued to ensure the red head was as strong a leader as she could be. Four years later her parents were killed in the war that Elise, the old Master of the City had started, taking their place in the war effort and striving to keep the Streak alive. At the age of twenty four (after fighting off several chalengers), Amber-Rae became the official Chang of Il clan dell'ondulazione and has been in her position ever since, accepting both pure bred and infected tigers if they proved their worth.

Currently she has an agreement with the Nimir-Raj of Il clan della cresta, allowing Mei, one of her tigresses to teach Ruby the panwere to control her tiger strain of lycanthropy.


  • All base attributes
  • Increased healing even amongst shifters
  • Can shift at will
  • Can transfer her tiger to another tiger in order to stop the shift during the full moon and any other time.
  • Does not shift around sex/blood/violence e.t.c
  • Can partially shift and cosmetically shift any part of her body except her eyes
  • Can block a vampires call to herself and her Streak
  • Can calm and call anothers beast but can't extend it beyond her own species
  • Can call out to the streak in times of need
  • Unaffected by vampires eyes
  • Can call males to her from a weaker female tiger, almost like hypnosis
  • Can heal the Streak through touch

  • Etiquette training
  • Shifter politics
  • Self defence (street fighting)
  • Speaks French, Spanish, Japanese, Cantonese and English

  • Silver
  • Sometimes takes too long to get violent
  • Taking in infected Tigers
  • One of the last Gold Tigers in existence, making her a valuable target/bounty

Venice Streak

RP Sample:

I are immune

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Rose McGowan


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