Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Rules & Guidelines

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1 Rules & Guidelines on Thu May 20, 2010 3:47 pm


Vampire - Master

Disclaimer – this site has been voluntarily rated R but its administrators and is for over 16’s only. Please be aware that some threads contain graphic violence, sex and gore; these threads will be clearly marked by the label ‘Adult Content’ (AC). Again, this forum is not suitable for those under the age of 16. You have been warned.

    >> your character name should be your screen name. (i.e. Your character is John, and your screen name is John).

    >> if the name is common and already in use then register with a pet name or nickname (i.e. JD). You may also register firstname lastname (i.e. John Doe).

    >> only one character per account; new character = new account.

    >> until your application is approved, please post only in the pending applications thread.

    >> please aim to have completed your application within seven days; if you are having trouble please let an admin know.

    >> please use the templates provided.

    >> applications that appear to have been abandoned will be moved to the Graveyard section – PM an admin if you want an extension or you want it dredged back up.

    >> please make sure to keep your graphics within the specified limits; avatars: 150 (width) x 2o0 (height) pixels; signatures: 300 (height) x 600 (width).

    >> please wait until your application has been accepted before using avatars and other graphics.

    >> good spelling and grammar are required on this site, (we are intermediate-advanced) though no one is perfect. If you don't have a word processor with a spell checker, ask an administrator, we will be happy to point you towards Open Office or some such free software.

    >> we will have some activity checks from time to time; if you don’t post in one or leave an appropriate away message then we will deactivate your account. Don’t worry! If you come back we can always reactive your account – we’re nice like that.

    >> if you know you’re going to be away, please do post an Away Message.

    >> respect toward other members is paramount – keep all arguments and disagreements in PMs or IM.

    >> we will not tolerate bullying on Web Of Blood – if you have any concerns then please alert an admin.

    >> PM an admin if you have any problems or questions whatsoever, it’s why we’re here!

    >> Have fun! Seriously, this is a hobby and we do it for our own twisted amusement - take a chill pill and let's

    >> all in character posts should be written in the third person POV, past tense. (he did, she said, he walked etc).

    >> There is not a minimum post length however please note that one line posts are not appropriate. Try to match your partners post length - give them something to work with.

    >> Please be mindful of plot continuity. Feel free to have multiple threads on the go but make sure relationships and so on are consistent.

    >> There is no hard-set activity requirement, but we would like to see that players are involved and active. So, one post a week should be achievable.

    >> Power-gaming, god-modding, meta-gaming and anything else along those lines are no-go topics. Just because you know something OOC, doesn’t mean your character knows it too.

    >> please remember that the cbox is publicly visible.

    >> keep it strictly pg-13 kids, some of us have more delicate sensibilities.

    >> the cbox is OOC but we do go in for IC shenanigans too.

    >> no advertising in the cbox – we have an advertising section for that.

    >> no negative comments about other rpg sites. Sorry but we don’t really want to hear it.

    >> no spamming, arguments, abusive comments, flaming, deliberately antagonistic comments or generally taking over the cbox. Some of us like to get a word in edgeways and we like to have a nice, happy environment to RP in.

    >> while swearing is okay, please don't cuss every other word. We don’t want a wall of effing and blinding.

    >> while the chatbox is a discussion area for members, please think carefully before discussing your problems – do you really want the world to see it?


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