Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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What Makes the Yuki Tick-Tock-Tick

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1 What Makes the Yuki Tick-Tock-Tick on Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:11 pm


.watanabe, koyuki

.behind those eyes lies the truth and grief

.full name: Koyuki Watanabe
.nicknames: Yuki, Strawberry, poppet, Tweety
.race: Human
.date of birth: 10.05.1991
.place of birth: Paris, France
.first language: French/Japanese
.nationality: Half-French, Half-Japanese
.age: 18years
.apparent age: anywhere from 16 to 20 depending on how he carries himself and what he wears

.behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy

.eye color: ebony
.hair color: onyx
.weight: 118lbs
.height: 5' 1"
.blood type: B
.hair length: layered. longest is just past his chin
.hair texture: straight
.hair style: spiky, flyaway
.tattoos: none
.piercings: tongue, navel, left nipple
.birth marks: none
.gender: male
.jewelery: just the bars of his piercings (they're surgical steel, not made of silver)
.clothing style: simple but stylish. he doesn't like anything flashy or gaudy but he can be very creative in his wardrobe. he definitely likes leather and dark denim, snug-fitting clothing, things like that

.the flawless skin hides the secrets within

.likes: music (especially if he can dance to it), museums, fluffy things, Erroll Flynn, body art, old movies, mild kink, satin, leather, j-rock
.dislikes: prejudice/discrimination, closed-mindedness, snobs, needles that have nothing to do with a tattoo or piercing, jocks, liars, scissors (“Don’t you even think about touching my hair…”), stereotypes, chopsticks, escargot (gross gross gross!!!)
.strengths: streetwise, independent, resilient, smart, sweet
.weaknesses: slow to trust, stubborn, somewhat shy at times, has trouble telling a truly dominant man “no”, he’s a sucker for tears
.allergies: none
.pet peeves: when people don’t realize that no means no or try to break your personal boundaries

.the silent forces that secretly ignite your sin

food: strawberries
color: red
season: fall
movie: Captain Blood
Book: Dresden Files series
candy: almost anything dark chocolate

.hobbies&past times: writing poetry, doodling

.behind these clouds you can hide all your tears

.sexual orientation/attitude: homosexual/submissive
.defining memories: his first kiss, being thrown out, his first sexual favor
.personality disorders: none
-a little broken but not beyond repair
-easy to please
-eager to please
-wears his heart on his sleeve

.beyond this world you'll be safe from their wicked fears

.biological mother: Madelaine Watanabe
.biological father: Magojiro Watanabe
.guardian or caretaker(s): China-Rose
.other living relatives: no clue
.spouse/significant other/whatever you want to call it: China-Rose
.other significant persons:


Koyuki Watanabe / 18 years old / Human / Strawberry / Human Servant to China Rose
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