Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Information collected...heading home for study: Tag any

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Il clan dell'onda - Ulfric
Rebecca had gotten the confirmation from her wolf that the address was legit at least. So the next step was approaching the man. It had taken him some convincing to give him the dropping her guard and letting her full power wash over him and had him to the point he was kneeling from the weight of it. She rather enjoyed convincing sensitives. Just drop her guard and they were willing to believe her. After pulling her aura back in, he was more then willing to show her what he had.

They weren't books per-say. More like notes, and record entries from different leaders and people who had encountered each bloodline of vampires. He was only willing to part with one clump at a time. She as fine with this, and took Belle Morte's first. It was this line that was the biggest threat at the moment to her pack. Once she assured the man she would be extra careful with his book, she soon found herself walking the streets of the residential area. One of the few places that was considered neutral territory as all species of shifters lived in the area.

She pulled her power further in tighter so that she would have barely registered to people inside the buildings, and only as an Omega to anyone she would end up passing. Her mind was racing as she walked. There had been at least five books that she had seen, and he hinted that there was more out there possibly that didn't have anything written about them. This didn't bode well on her conscious, but she would deal with them as the time came.

She then slowed her walking as she heard someone following her. She couldn't quite pick up who it was, but she was aware now. She then resumed her pace before, no need to give away she had detected the person. She would keep the element of surprise in her hand should they decide to attack.

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It wasn't that Julian had gotten bored, or even irritated. He did not mind sitting in his room in the slightest. After all, it had been given to him by Donovan, and Julian was entirely too greatful for it. The freedom, however, was something that Julian wasn't entirely sure what to do with. Belle Morte had always provided him with something to do, whether he wanted to or not. Donovan was...entirely different. Julian could not understand it; the concept of freedom illuded him completely. The thought had been stabbed out of his rotting frame.

Julian found himself with enough time to know where every single crack and crevice in his room was, regardless of how small. His thoughts, whilst dark, could never be realized. Donovan wished for a different type of society than the one that Julian had become accustomed to. This in itself was rather taxing, at least for Julian. Feeding had become dull, but Julian could not speak of it. If he asked it of Donovan, Julian was entirely sure that his master would scorn him. He couldn't speak of it, and thus he simply stayed in his quarters, waiting for some instruction that suited the darker half of his mind.

It was only because one of Donovan's pommes had suggested it, that Julian had begun to wonder about the outside world. Of course going outside by himself was a rather large task for Julian; he could not fathom being isolated by himself. He was never by himself; at the very least, there was a victim or aqquaintance with him. Julian never required much, simply another presence was enough. He was not allowed to be by himself anyway. Even Belle Morte had agreed to that.

Still, the concept of outside was one that brought only curiousity to Julian. Once he had finished feeding from the pomme, he'd decided that perhaps he would go outside. After all, had the pomme not suggested it? And it did not seem as though Donovan would give him some task anytime soon, even if it twisted at his gut that his master could come back to find Julian gone. Julian could only hope that it would not be the case at all.

Julian felt insecure enough, however, to wear black flats instead of heels. He already knew he would not need to run from anything, that was silly. It was more that he needed that confidence, that bravedo to dress to his more feminine tastes, and he was not feeling it in the slightest. Black pants and black shirt made for a very cliched black adorned pasty figure that could have come off as gothic had he been wearing make-up.

It had taken a long time for Julian to step out of the theatre. Partially because he was scared of going outside and being taken by the council once more, and partially because he wanted to go to Donovan's room and let his master know that he would not be available for some time. He did not do the latter before taking that small, tiny step outside, eyes instantly hurting at the bright lights. Julian had not had any knowledge or need of technology before leaving the council, and he had learnt very little of it even now. A wonder of the world that he had barely been exposed to before.

He had not felt the Ulfric's power – he was shielding too tightly for that. Just in case the council was searching for him. Not that shielding would do much, but he was deluded enough to hope, if hope was even the appropriate word for what he was doing. Following the blonde haired woman was also merely a co-incidence; he was simply following the glow of lights and he was terribly, terribly lost. His food had always been given to him by the council, and now by Donovan, so he hardly had the skills required for hunting. Julian was, as Donovan put it, no better than a child.

“Excusez-moi...Miss?” His voice was feathery, feminine and completely contradictory to his appearance. Julian cared not. “Je suis desolee...I'm lost. I need to find Il teatro.”

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Il clan dell'onda - Ulfric
As the person drew closer, she became more ready. Her instinct was to fight still when alone, and someone was as quiet as the one approaching. The war had changed many. Some more than others. She was kind yes, but when it came to punishment it was firm and cruel to her pack sadly. However if she was not then the challenges would keep coming, and she had to control her pack. Protect it from rogues, and the vampires. Especially the vampires...

As her follower drew closer, the scent of death wafted to her. So her follower was a vampire. If they thought she would be an easy victim they would guess wrong. Her wolf was already approaching as she called her forth. Ready to shift into her half form where she would have more flexibility and strength to fight. However her wolf paused as instead a question came from the person. The voice was feminine, but she could have sworn the scent said male. She came to a stop in her walking, and turned to face who had spoken to her.

Sure enough there was a male there, but his appearance...well that was another thing. As well as the mannerism. was amusing a little. To see a cross gender vampire was definitely...amusing to her. However she would not say so to the vampire. They were always so finicky and could easily take insult. As his question sank in, she blinked just ever so slightly.

"You are a long way off," she said as the theater was a good hour or so walk...half hour if they both used their increased speed, "I can take you there...I've got to pass close by to return to my own home." She offered him. Rebecca also wanted to study him. Watch him, and get an idea of what the new vampires were like. She had yet to set up a meeting with the new master for peaceful talks. At least that's what the word that was going around. Peaceful? Vampires and peaceful rarely went together and when they did...well that vampire tended to not last long in her opinion.

"Come on...I'll show you," she said as she took a different, smaller side road that would get them in the proper direction, "I am Becca." She said giving a shorter version of her name with out giving too much information. "Are you new in town?" she asked, letting it go off that she had no idea what he was. After all...keep things to one self...use it later if need be.

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