Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Aselma-Ashling O\'Brien

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1 Aselma-Ashling O'Brien on Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:57 am


Vampire - Master
Character Name:
Aselma-Ashling O'Brien

Character Screen Name:

Power level: Master

Age, Gender: Female, 1030 Vampire for 1010 years

Location: Venice


Her hair is a dark, rich red. Giving the appearance of almost freshly spilled blood that falls to about the middle of her back. It has inherited streaks of royal purple, emerald green and ice blue. Her eyes vary from a light grey to pale green as it varies on her mood. Her height was not something all that amazing, standing at about 5'6" to 5'7". Her skin is fair, though not perfect. Upon her left leg is a vine of roses that goes from her lower back to her ankle. Her parent's believing that it would bless her with fortune and love. Her stomach has an acid looking burn from when holy water was thrown on her, and it wraps around to the edge of her lower back no the right side. On her back is the outline of black fairy like wings that takes up the whole upper body, as once more her parent's believed it would bring her luck by the Fey people. As tattoo art improved she had it improved to appear crystal like with swirls of royal purple and ice blue with in. Upon her face around the eyes is a permanent tattoo of emerald green eye color on her eye lids and out to the sides of her face slightly with glitter added in. Giving her the appearance of some mystical creature...or suggested Fae.

Despite the looks her preferred way of dressing is in dark clothing. Not because she desires to be Gothic, but because it reflects her soul from all she has seen. It varies from dresses, to top and skirt, to pants and shirts. She is seen in knee high leather boots at all times no matter how her outfit looks. However she is always seen in black with splashes of the three colors she enjoys most: royal purple, emerald green, and ice blue. She tends to appear more human then most vampires, but still has the touch of something more to her. Her ears are pierced four times each spread through out her ear length at even intervals. Her tongue is also pierced and her belly button.


She does not hide what she is. She feels if anyone wishes to be her friend they should accept her for all of her. Due to this belief she has also strives to still be human. She never allowed herself to forget what it is like to be alive, and breathing, and with it came to be more accepted then most vampires in their time. Even starting out she never took an unwilling victim to feed from. She always sought out those that were willing and eager or at least open to the idea. However as all good things come to an end, she knew when to fake her death in an area to move on with out causing too much ire in a town or city. She has also never gotten too close to any male, nor any female...making people believe she has no interest in sex, when it was nearly opposite. She had interest in it, but only with males...and she wanted it to be with someone who would be with her forever, and with someone she connected with deeper then she had yet to feel with the others.

She also does not stand stupidity and with it her temper will flair alive in a split second. However it always varies as her opinion of stupidity varies from people. She strikes swiftly, and whether or not their is an audience or not. She does acknowledge those of higher power then she, and if she's ordered off from attacking/disciplining someone she will. Loyalty is a strong thing with her, but it's hard to earn as well due to past events. Her Irish accent is pure and strong as she never fell out of use of using her native tongue.

When in bed she's assertive and aggressive. She tends to be the dominant, and anything that gets done is done with her approval. Though she's only been with one person, unwilling and under their control, she still knows what she wants. She will do what ever she can to get to her goal.


Aselma-Ashling O'Brien was born to a lower noble in Ireland in 990 AD. Her strong Irish blood showed through as she was born with a full head of red hair to her parents. She was the oldest of her siblings, and had been close to her father before his passing when she was 10. Her mother re-married to a man she rarely saw, but on the few times that she did see him a sense of unease always settled upon her. As she reached her full height and maturity her mother managed to convince her step-father to go through the ritual of the tattoo's to be placed upon her that had been chosen for her at birth. Her Step-father, who she had only know as Oliver, allowed it. With it she inherited the roses upon her left side, and the start of her wings.

Upon the age of twenty their small land was attacked by the vikings one day while she was out riding, and upon her return found ruin. Despair, hurt, and most of all...revenge filled her up. Her step-father found her passion of such a delight, and thus revealed what he was to her that night as he changed her to be a vampire, Mr. Oliver only using one bite to change her due to his age and strength. She lay amongst the dead for three nights, so that it could be considered her family completely dead, but he made sure to watch over her body and make sure that it was not destroyed. On the third night, Aselma-Ashling rose and lived her first night as an immortal. For the first year and four months, the hunger controlled her upon waking and she always took her victims savagely. Then one night she rose with out the desire for blood right off, and with it Oliver began to teach her more thoroughly.

As time went on, Aselma-Ashling began to forget her family except for their faces and their relations...but never could remember how they were, nor what they liked. She witnessed the change of her land of believing in the Fae, to turning christian, and how it broke her heart. Her own strength and faith with the powerful people never leaving her as she believed it was the will of the Fae that granted her immortality with Oliver as the tool to make it happen. Over the next five hundred years she followed Oliver, came to learn of his position as a council man, and learned how to be deceitful enough to never reveal her full intentions should she ever desire to do so. During this time Bella Morte managed to convince Mr. Oliver to let her play with his pet. During this time helped confirm Aselma-Ashling that she was straight. She managed to pull out of her control, weakened, but out of it. This caused Bella to get angry and as a result her in trouble and sent back to her master. However as she came to learn and watch how they were, it caused her to be more determined on remembering what it was like to be human. To remember the emotions of love, safety, jealousy, anger...everything that made worth living enjoyable. During her time at the Council she learned a few other languages due to the flow of traffic, and the city the location of the Headquarters.

As a result she began to be more trouble then Mr. Oliver wanted, and instead sent her to Venice where he felt she would enjoy her time more. There she was transferred from one master to the new one of the City of Venice. Around her 520Th year of living, she had a power jump from Adept to Master. The rush of greater power filled her up and made her feel more alive then she could ever remember, and she cherished it as it continued to help her act and appear more human. Though she was skilled she did not gain everything. However she had learned that she had inherited a pleasant voice from her original master, and when one "felt" her voice it would give them the sense of rose petals caressing their skin, and when angry like a dull knife blade carving their skin. She watched as the Master of the city changed a few times...whether from being challenged or their own folly. Always learning something new from each one and learning different ways of fighting to serve the master. She fought in the wars that came and went as she was directed, but never involved herself willingly as to here there was no reason for her to other then being ordered.

It was also noticed in this time that she did not appreciate stupidity, whether it was from someone who killed a thief because they were starving and were nothing but skin and bones, or for creating a trouble that was not needed. During the last war that erupted in Venice from the old Master, Aselma-Ashling had her share of shifter death's upon her hands, and thus she is not as well liked among them even if she was following orders. During one confrontation with the tigers, one had thrown holy water at her to try and dissuade her from following after. She had screamed out in pain and as a result gained an acid like scar on her stomach and around her lower back as she had turned to flee. Looking like melted wax there, she has been tempted to get it tattooed to look like an open wound with blood oozing out. She has also gotten her face tattooed to get it to look more like the Fae that her family had believed in.

She also let it be known, in the last 100 years, that she preferred to be called Selma. Reserving the right of using her full name for the one that she desires to spend eternity with. One of which she has yet to meet. Now she awaits to see what is in store for her with the new Master of Venice.


-All standard enhancements
-All Fledgling Abilities
-Levitation: Only herself, full flight.
-Vampires Bite: does not gain control of a person
-Empathy: Can not detect lies.
-Deep Rolling
-Voice Tricks

Master vampire Powers:

-Creating a Human Servant only
-Call Shadows
-Rise Early (about 2 hours before full dark)


-Holy Water
-Holy Symbols (based off of persons faith)


Hand to hand combat
Some politics
Languages known: Latin, Italian, Gaelic, French
Book collector

Blood Line Power: Earthmover Bloodline. She can cause earthquakes like her original master, however she has kept it secret thus far as it is not as strong as her Sires.

Kiss or Non Kiss:

RP Sample:

Selma fingered her acid scar once again as she lounged on her long chair. The night had been dragging once more, and since the war ended it seemed that the action of the night was less filled. It was a little sad really...that from the last few hundred years all she had known was war and fighting. She really must learn some new hobbies. With that in mind she flipped her legs down and quickly rose as she went over to the one wall in her room that was covered in bookshelves, and filled with books. She would have to look into something that she could do at night...something that she could take full pleasure in with out having to worry about missing lessons. She began to pull books down one at time, replacing them if the hobby did not sound appealing.

After a moment she came upon a book that she was about to skip over, but then stopped. Taking it down off the shelf she looked down at the title. "Basic Cooking"...yes she did not eat any more...but she had heard about how Human Servants could eat for their Master and the Master be able to taste the food as if they were eating. It also brought up memories, though foggy, of how the cook so long ago in her family's home, would try to teach her now and then before her mother would pull her away. "This would could be fun..." she thought as she kept the book down and returned to her chair. Opening it up as she resumed her seat, she started on page one, and began to learn of the simple measuring units.

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Unknown


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Approved! Don't forget your face claim e.t.c


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