Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Korin Kaishihebi

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1 Korin Kaishihebi on Sun Jun 06, 2010 5:31 am

Character Name:
Korin Kaishihebi

Character Screen Name: Korin

Species: Were-viper

Location: Venice, currently

Power level: Alpha

Age, Gender: 28, Male

Length of infection: 28 Years

Description: Physically Korin isn't an imposing individual. He stands roughly 5'11" his physique toned and in shaped from years of regular activity and careful attention on his part; athletic and in peak condition. His hair is naturally dark with a tone like ash, however he's been known to change the colour often thanks to his chosen line of work. The length and style also change, wearing it anywhere from long to short (though currently it is being worn short and trimmed).

Despite his being a lycanthrope from birth, a wide variety of marks and scars dot his body from different injuries he's sustained. A number of tattoos also cover his body. Both arms are covered at least from wrist to shoulder. His left arm shows a rather fantastical scene with a large snake-like creature with multiple heads appearing to be something out of a legend or folklore. The right depicts a more sinister and macabre scene. Dark imagery of haunting beings and allusions to death. It isn't neither graphic nor gorey, more subtle and poking at the psyche.

Shifted, Korin takes on the form of a large viper; much bigger than what could occur normally in nature. The colouration is a mix of brown, red and copper with strips of black all intermingling with one another. In hybrid form he appears to be what some night consider a 'Naga' or other variety of snake man. While he stands close to nine feet tall in hybrid form, from end to end he's close to fifteen feet long. His lower half is generally that of a snake using a 'tail' for mobility. While mostly covered in scales, his upper half is human in form. Strong arms that end in five fingered, clawed hands. His head maintains a semblance to that of a human with slit eyes of a snake and no nose. His mouth become larger and filled with sharp teeth and prominent fangs with jaws that can unhinge. In both snake and hybrid his scale colouration remains the same.

Personality:Korin is a master of masking and hiding his true thoughts or emotions from other people. What others see is susually what he wants them to see. He adapts his attitude for whatever situation that he finds himself in. To say that he doesn't have or feel genuine emotions would be untrue, Korin simply keeps them hidden from most people. At the heart, Korin can be cold, ruthless and calculating with a unique moral outlook. He adheres to his own sense of honour and moral code.

He doesn't see things like theft, violence and murder as unacceptable as long as the conditions or reasons for such an act to be performed as 'right'. It is a fine line that only he really seems to understand. He is hardly a mentally unstable socio-path, everything he does is done with or for a reason. Korin is very much a mercenary, both in personality and in occupation. When it comes to family, friends and significant others, he is a very loyal and dedicated individual which others can depend upon.

Korin doesn't give his company, friendship, companionship or association freely or easily in a lot of cases. He judges others by their actions and gauges their 'worthiness' strictly. He can cast harsh judgement on others for what seems like little or no reason and is not afraid or ashamed to share them with those in question. He's intelligent beyond his years and arrogant to a fault.

History: Korin, and his seven fraternal siblings, was the product of careful genetic matching. His parents were engaged with one another with reproduction and perpetuation of the viper species first and foremost. There is little that he remembers from some of his earlier years, as is the usual case with most children, but never was he unaware of his serpentine nature. The clan he belonged to was very much a large, extended family; members able to trace some sort of connection to another member in one way or another. Such a vast network of connections offered near-limitless potentials.

As was expected of all young Vipers of his family, Korin and his siblings began learning the family trade from a very early age. It was little things at first. How to live and control the serpentine side of his being. What could be considered more intense games of 'Hide and Seek'. The basics of martial-arts and other forms of self defence. Given the great fear of shifters and the less than perfect control a young shifter could have over their beast, Korin and his siblings were home schooled for the first many years of their school careers.

It wasn't until he was about the age of ten that Korin he was enrolled in a more public school setting. While learning and being taught in the folds of the tight-knot viper community offered a great amount of safety, the development of social skills was considered equally important. Korin liked the other children enough, despite often being ridiculed for his 'unusual' name. Nothing quick couple of knocks to the offending party couldn't cure. While the public education system was doing its job, in private the young snakes would continue to learn from their elder kin. Simple games and exercises became more rigourous and demanding. Minor weapons training started to be introduced with the beginnings of focused and more specialized training suited to the strengths of each individual.

To say that their clan was anything more than a group of petty thugs and criminals was a great insult. Though their ancestors were mercenaries and hired killer, and their choices of business were almost never entirely legitimate, they were well organized and never without a prupose. To the vipers, their choice of lifestyle was a matter of survival. Everything in nature had their place, and they were hardly ashamed of theirs. Of all his siblings, Korin took to the traditional line of employment in his family. Such became his focus of expertise.

During his teen years and in highschool, Korin honed his skills in martial arts and unarmed combat/defense. His training with weapons advanced, covering many different melee and unconventional instruments. Firearms weren't far behind either. In the same scope, his relationship and skills with his beast continued to expand and develop. As much as there was to learn, practice and absorb, it was rarely overloading. Smart and organized, though his schedule was always tight, Korin managed.

By the time he was eighteen, Korin was taking private, low-scale jobs through family contacts to be introduced to the life of a mercenary. While many of his early jobs provided moderate income, and definate challenges and tests to his skills, the inconsistantcy of them left him unsettled. Enlisting in the military only seemed like a logical progression. It would provide income, training and an outlet for everything he had learned. Shifters were still not allowed to enlist in the Armed Forces, however pulling a few strings and favours Korin was able to ensure he would pass without suspiscion.

Almost anything the military was willing to teach, he was willing to learn. His skills and knowledge with weapons expanded to include regular issue military weapons. Smiper tactics, demolitions and disposal, recon and intelligence were among a few of the things he learned in his time as a soldier. As always, the viper lived on a tight schedule. the time he had away from the military was spent perusing his other chosen profession. Jobs were selected ever so carefully. As the years progressed, Korin developed quite a reputation for himself, both on the field and in the shadows. Unfortuantely, his career in the military would come to a premature end after striking and breaking the nose of an officer whom he was 'in disagreement with.'

Now he finds himself in Venice, hearing of the situation through the proverbial grapevine; hoping to put his skills to use one more.

Shift at will
Partial shift
Hybrid Form
No sleep after shifting
Resist shifting when faced with stresses and the moon
Resist/block a vampire's call
Immune to vampire's gaze
Call other vipers
Poisonous bite (hybrid and animal form only)
Poisonous blood

Eight years of military service and training
Lifetime of informal training from family members in a wide variety of skills

Trained in the use of various bladed weapons (knives, daggers, etc)
Trained in various firearms including small arms, small automatics, rifles and larger firearms.
Trained in various forms of unarmed combat and self defense
Trained in various skills and tactics for stealth, infiltration, spying and general undetectability

Affected by ambient temperatures around him in much the same way as a reptile (can become more active or sluggish if the temperature is higher or lower).
Weak and often tempermental digestive system much like his reptile counterpart.

Three Brothers
Four Sisters

RP Sample:

At least 200 words, a sample of your role playing ability, must concern your character and be in the third person.

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Kyo


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