Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Marcus Laramie Pine

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1 Marcus Laramie Pine on Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:41 am

Character Name:
Marcus Laramie Pine

Character Screen Name:
Marcus Pine

Species: Lion

Location: Venice

Power level: Average Beta

Age, Gender: 27, youngest of twins, Male

Length of infection: 7 years

Marcus inherited his fathers height of 6'4" and naturally bronzed skin, but inherited his mothers dark brown silky hair and eyes. He never really had to do a hard work to keep himself tone as his genes leaned that way with both his parents being naturally slim. However when he became a freshman in high school he took an interest in weights and took it all through high school. He also showed his true colors then as most of the classes he took were too easy and he was placed in AP classes. There he was an average of an A- student.

It was also during his time in high school that he realized he liked both girls and guys...especially after one night at a crazy party in his sophomore year. The party had gotten a little out of hand later in that night caused him to gain the scar that runs down his chest in a jagged line. He is normally seen wearing casual clothing during the day and in public places, but when he's at his normal scenes, even before being a shifter, he wore tight clothing, leather, and fishnet. He is also well endowed. Being in the bracket of above average to large.

His lion form is standard sized for just normal feral lions. His fur is a rich golden color that matches his skin. His eyes are a pale sky blue, almost on the verge of being a light gray.


In public Marcus appears to be this out going, smart guy. Not that he isn't smart, after all he did get a full ride scholarship to be in Venice schools. However he's too submissive. Even when he's out in public, anyone he's with, or even in public submission rolls off of him. Easily taken advantage of to get tasks done as he doesn't think anything is wrong with it. When in the bedroom he's worse. While in public he might be able to say no, in the bedroom there's no chance. He doesn't know when to say stop, and because of it he's come close to dying many times. He follows the dom of who ever happens to have won him, or rescued him...or forcefully taken him at the time. He's been trained to think, that depending on what his dom says, is to greet every time sexually in some manner...even in public. He has no preference of sex or species either. To all species of shifters, he's considered a piece of meat and tail.


Marcus Laramie Pine was born on June 21, of 1983 in a small town of Idaho to the parents of Sarah and Jeremy Pine. He is the youngest of the set of twins born to his parents. He did not have a bad or extra ordinary childhood until he got into high school where he showed his smarts and was in every AP class available to the school. However it also caused him to get picked on at first for his freshman and half of sophomore year. One night he was invited to go to a party, where it was perhaps a bit extreme. There was booze there, like any rebel teenage party would have, but there was also free going sex as well. He got drunk enough to the point where he didn't care, and actually opened up at the fact that he was bi.

He had started making out with a Senior boy when the fight broke out. It seemed the guy hadn't been single, and his boyfriend was a jealous lover. Marcus was shirtless already when he tried to intervene...saying he would just leave, when the boyfriend pulled a knife, and viciously attacked. Marcus managed to step back up enough to avoid serious injury, but his chest had still gotten pretty sliced up. Simple to say the party had ended, and he was busted to his parents.

The rest of the school years he couldn't seem to get enough of being hurt. He had loved the feeling of when he was sliced up, and his submissive ways started out early and light in high school. Though his twin brother always kept an eye on him while he was around home to make sure he didn't get too badly damaged as he could never be convinced out of it. He passed all AP classes, and managed to get a full ride to one of the best colleges in Venice for cooking. So at 18 years of age, he moved out to Italy.

There, as an adult, Marcus was introduced to the larger world of BDSM and fell in love with it. He had always managed to have someone with him to prevent him from getting too deep or with the wrong people. The most steady was one Dillon McSwain. He did not know at the time that Dillon was a werelion, nor that he was genuinely concerned for his behavior as a sub. It happened to be on a night that Dillon was not his escort that he became infected at 20 years of age. One of the rogue lions became too rough, and worked up on the smell of blood that he partially shifted and claws his back up while he was chained up. Granted that night ended up being the best night for him but he soon learned that he had become infected.

He ended up having to take a two year break as he learned to get his shifting under control. It would still be a year after that before he was deemed fit to go into public places once again for schooling. For the next four years Marcus got passed around, but he never minded. He also developed a huge crush on Dillon after discovering they were pride mates. However it wouldn't be long after his training started that Dillon would leave, and the war in Venice took a nasty turn.

when it did the Rex died, and the pride scattered. Marcus was taken and put into the under ground chain of BDSM for the more rougher and harsher Alpha's of all the different species. He would be sliced up, gang banged, mounted up while they were animals and he kept human. At first he struggled with some of it, but as the four years went by he was "trained" to love it, and that's all he knows now. He was also trained to greet each new Master and dom to give some sort of sexual greeting, and to make it obvious of what he was.

Now...with the war ended, of which he doesn't know, he's still stuck under ground. Unaware that he's in need of rescuing. Unaware that there was a new Rex, and that Dillon was back. During these four years under ground he lost contact with his family. His parent's did not mind as much as they understand the cost of calling home, and they did still recieve a letter now and then. However his brother, Sean, became suspicious...and so unaware right now...Marcus has no clue that his brother is on his way to Venice.

(Has permission from Dillon's player to use him in his history)


-Increased strength
-Increased speed
-Increased agility
-Heightened senses
-Increased healing: About twice that of a normal human.
-Immune to infections
-Shift in to animal form
-Can Shift at will
-Can resist transforming for a while but still tied to the moon
-Less likely to shift around blood/sex/high emotions

-Trained to be an exceptionally good sub to the point where some would say it's brainwash.


-Silver: Deadly allergy that burns the skin on contact
-Shifting tied to the moon
-Susceptible to a vampires call

Sarah Pine- Mother (living)
Jeremy Pine- Father (living)
Sean Pine- Twin Brother (living)

RP Sample:

Marcus was currently tied up, gagged, and blind folded. The cool air against his body didn't seem to phase him much as the rustle of chains was heard before his legs were forced to spread wide and stay that way. "Now...remember...he's the master. Let him do what ever he wants," his current owner whispered harshly in his ear. He shuddered as he was afraid of what was about to happen. He heard and felt the other shifters leave before a much more stronger one entered.

He whimpered a little which only caused the other shifter to laugh in pleasure. He could feel his lion pulling further into him as they both started to retreat to a better place. However he gasped and cried out as he suddenly felt like someone had reached inside him. He would have sworn someone was actually grabbing his animal and pulling it up before stopping right at the surface and holding it there. "I want you to feel it all," the male voice said, "all of you."

Another whimper escaped him as he felt the air stir as the male moved behind him. "They didn't lie about your size...perhaps I"ll take advantage of that," he whispered into his ear before the male lewdly licked up Marcus neck, face and ear. He flinched his head away which only caused him to cry out around his gag as his head was forced back by the hair.

"You'll come to love it," he said before lining up behind him, "before the night is'll always beg for this." All Marcus could do was swallow and clench his eyes shut despite being blind folded, and take the ordeal that was about to come upon him.

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Jared Padalecki


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2 Re: Marcus Laramie Pine on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:39 am


Approved! Don't forget your face claim!


"Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams,
purge your thoughts of the life you knew before.
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar,
and you'll live as you've never lived before."
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