Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Rebecca Maria Romano

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1 Rebecca Maria Romano on Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:36 am


Il clan dell'onda - Ulfric
Character Name:
Rebecca Maria Romano

Character Screen Name:
Species: Wolf

Location: Venice

Power level: Alpha Ulfric

Age, Gender: 25,Female

Length of infection: ten years

Description: Rebecca's Heritage rings strong and true of her Spanish and Italian blood. The rich complexion of her skin to the wavy fair hair, and everyone thought she had been born lucky as she grew older. Her eyes are a rich chocolate brown that shows the fire and power that she holds from her status and personality. She has a slender, but toned body. Showing she takes care of herself and works out to keep herself in shape. She stands at 5'10", slightly taller then the average woman. she has a scar on her upper right side of her lip where she had been bitten by a dog when she was younger. She also has a circular scar on her upper left arm. She prefers to wear either as little as possible, form fitting or a combination of both as it allows her to move more freely. She is also seen either in running shoes, or flat heeled boots depending on the ocassion.

Her She-wolf form puts her at nearly a 6'6", almost adding on another foot to her height. She is the standard white and grey coloring of the Grey Wolf. On her upper left arm there is a circular bald spot where no fur is at. In her full wolf form, she is nearly doubled the size of a husky, and the same colorings of a grey wolf.

Personality: Rebecca is a survivor, and she'll do anything to ensure her survival so long as it's sound and comes out with the least amount of damage. She has also learned through trial and error to take an opponent out as quickly as possible, and to make sure they are out for good. She doesn't appreciate it when people act irrationally, and as she calls it "like the stupid flock of today's world". However she also understands that we are all mortal, and make long as it doesn't happen twice. She's fair when it comes to punishment, giving it according to the crime. She has a weakness for the under dog however. She has always looked out for those weaker then herself, and who always needed a voice to speak out. Most people who knows Rebecca would say that she's the knight for the weak. The beacon of hope and safety. However they have also called her the avenger as she will take any one down that she has considered to be under her protection, and show her prey no Mercy. This is also a weakness as she will do anything to protect her omega's and beta's of the pack.

Unfortunately she has also grown cold, and blank through the years of the war and taking on the role of Ulfric. The need to keep order, and those in line that needs it to continue proving her worth and right of the title. Her life of living in the lower rung of society had taught her to always be one step ahead of those better then her. To learn of their weaknesses, and what to use against her enemies while keeping her own tight and close to her chest. She had learned how to be strategic to stay out of the hands of bullies, and how to manipulate them to her advantage. With it she keeps her emotions closely in check, but like everyone who does she does tend to loose that hold every so often and it's one of those times that is perfect to strike her for any kind of an attack.

Rebecca's mother had run away from her home in Spain at the age of 17, and fled to Venice where she had heard that one's dreams could come true. Whether it was for a career or love. She did not find her dream job, but she did find the love of her life. He was not high in society, in fact many people in the area they lived thought him slow witted, though it was more he was always careful not to hurt any one, and he had a great love of life. Her mother saw this, and came to love him for it. As a result..nine month's after marriage, little Rebecca Maria Romano was born on May 1, was also the same day her mother died.

Her father raised her, never remarrying, giving her everything she needed. However Rebecca had made sure to always do something to earn it later. As she grew older, she started to get picked on more and more for not being a true Italian, nor a true Spaniard. Something that always confused young Rebecca and would send her home crying in the beginning. However as she learned that crying did nothing to fix it, she began to learn about the kids that picked on her. Learning their secrets, little embarrassing habits. Using them at the right moment to get them to leave her be. Granted she did not start out perfect, and embarrassed herself as well as the one she was using it against. However as she grew older she grew better at it with out revealing any of her own.

She also learned how to handle knives, and how to fight as she got older and the need of spilling embarrassing secrets was no longer good enough. She also began to learn what fights to pick, and which ones to back away from. Soon the fights she was getting involved with were for those far more defenseless then she. Those who didn't stand a chance, while she herself could come out less beaten then them. Because of this she soon had a lot of loyal friends who always covered for her when needed.

She was 15 years old when the news of dead bodies started to appear on the news. Of how they looked to be mangled by animals, or drained of blood, or heads ripped off. She didn't have her suspicions of the supernatural world at all until a few month's later when she was out with friends. One of the kids she had dealt with when she was younger, and had not seen for years suddenly appeared in front of her and her friends. He was at least three years older then she was. He was back for some revenge, and Rebecca thought this would be easy to put him down again. However she didn't know he was a shifter now.

He allowed her to get a few hits in before he used his enhanced speed. Rebecca wasn't sure what was going on, nor how he was doing this, and was quickly over taken. He had slammed her up against a wooden fence only to get sent flying through it as the wood was rotted, and right into the backyard of some folks who had some ill tempered dogs. She screamed out as she was bit in the face, and her friends not knowing it was dogs that was attacking her now, took off in fright.

The boy who had jumped them, didn't like the fact that these feral dogs were doing what he wanted, and with his temper he lost his control and shifted. He killed the dogs, but in the process Rebecca was mauled by him on the back of her legs. As he turned to finish her off, the sound of law enforcement was heard, and he took off. She was rushed to the local hospital where she was immediately taken in to be treated. A few hours later they learned quickly what killed the dogs and mauled her as her leg injuries began to heal much more quickly then should have. The only thing that was not healing right off was the bite on her face. That one they put in a few stitches to keep closed enough to not get infected. The doctor that treated her then called the local Ulfric, and thus the Ulfric dealt with the attacker. Rebecca never saw him again.

After that her life seemed to plunge into hell. She was made to loose her virginity by someone she barely knew and had to be taken on faith they were not bad as she learned how to control her shifting. She had to become dependant on someone that wasn't family, and learn a whole new way of life. As she got better at her control and skills, she started to get sent out to fight in the war. Here she learned a whole new way of living, of surviving, and of fighting. She learned to never turn her back on an enemy with out first making sure they were out of commission. That when one fights it's always for survival and dominance. She was fine where she was in rank in the pack for years. Never showing her true potential until she was about twenty years old.

She was still considered to be a low level beta as she never pushed for more, however she watched, and she learned. She practiced a few things that she thought she could do, and because of it she learned how to hide her growing aura of power. It wasn't until one of her old friends became infected and started her training in the pack, that she let everything fall and be shown. She knew that her friend was a complete submissive. Unable to say no, and she watched one night as she herself was being used...her friend...for the most part of the definition...was raped...with the prick of a bastard as the Ulfric watching, and encouraging. Her old sense of needing to protect flared up with in her again, and the next thing she knew she had thrown the one on her in the direction of the Ulfric.

An aura filled the room that was on even levels with most of the alpha's with in, but still weaker then Ulfric's. She pulled the males off of her friend, and she turned on the majority of the male alpha's in their pack. She took note of who was there, and she instantly went through weakness. A weakened leg, damaged eye, slower reaction times. All rushing through her head as they had charged, and she instantly reacted. She didn't come out untouched. No she was probably the worst for wear by the end, but she was also the last and only one standing with all still alive...barely. The Ulfric immediately took interest in her. Finding it amazing she had managed to keep her Alpha developement a secret for so long.

After that she was taken under the wing of the Freki for her training. During the next four years, when she was not fighting in the war, she was training. Rising quickly through the years in the pack in power level, and rank. In the last year she has quickly risen up to high ranks of power in the pack. Getting up to Geri, and now being near equal to her previous mentor. As the war progressed, Rebecca became more concerned and angry at the Freki and Ulfric as her advice on strategy was ignored. They were determined to make as much damage as was possible it seemed. When the news of human bodies started coming out a few days later, Rebecca had enough. She challenged the Freki for his position, and barely survived the fight in victory and earning the title of Freki. Her greatest injury in the fight was her arm nearly getting ripped off by the guys claws. As a result when their some what skilled healer helped put her arm back together, the skin scarred to show a ring of about half an inch thick of scarred flesh.

After that she had more say in advice to the Ulfric, and a little more say in orders. However the Ulfric seemed to still ignore her when it come to possibly high casualties. With it she started noticing that the pack was starting to fall apart as more and more of their comrades died, and more of the pricks started to come into power. She started to offer her protection to those lower in rank as she started to notice abuse going around. A month before the war finished she declared herself Fenrir and challenged the Ulfric for his position. There was a near up roar at the fact that a female was dare challenging for the position. It was unheard of, and the times that it's happened the females have all died. Rebecca didn't care. She was tired of seeing the current Ulfric throwing the lives away of the pack, and only thinking of the bloodlust that had come from the war. If she could change it...she would.

They fought, and it was gruesome. They both gave everything they had, and they were at a stand still. Neither could gain the upper hand at the present, and it was eventually called a draw so the two could heal up and try again later. However with her decleration it soon became appearant who supported her, and she had a tough time healing as she protected those she had promised. It took nearly a month to recover completely, and as she watched, she noticed that the Ulfric was healing slower. She took advantage of it, and challenged him again. Even with the Ulfric injured they were still fairly matched. Rebecca used all of her speed and strength to her advantage, but it still be some time before she would spot the advantage she needed. He was favoring his side, where she had ripped a good chunk out of him before. However as she noticed it she was swiped across the face, and her upper lip was cut open. She had to dodge, and manuever just right to taunt the Ulfric to charge. It didn't take much as she hit home with the comment that his Lupa thought he was so blood lust because he was lacking bed of late. That caused him to go over in anger, and he lunged. She side stepped, and slammed her hand into his where it was already weak, and shoved her hand right up to his heart. The Ulfric was shocked as she ripped his heart out, and he fell over dead.

The up roar of the win would have been heard in the city that night, and Rebecca's fight was just starting. She was instantly jumped by the Geri, and she had to kill him in return. By the end of the night, the Geri, Skoll, Haiti and the old Lupa all laid dead. The sun rose red that morning, and the pack feasted well that morning. A week later the council came and ended the war by killing the Master of the City. Since then, Rebecca had to kill more of her pack as they disobeyed her orders, and to hold her title as Ulfric. She's had to go through the legal actions to inherit the old Ulfric's property in the pack territory, and those that she had to kill as well. Now the negotiations would begin, and she would have to rebuild her pack.

Standard Abilties:
-Increased strength
-Increased speed
-Increased agility
-Heightened senses
-Increased healing: This of course depends on the instrument used to harm them and their -own strength as to the speed of healing.
-Immune to infections
-Shift in to animal form

Alpha Abilities:
-Increased Stamina: allows herself to shift mulitiple times in a day with out side effect of exhaustion. Doesn't need sleep after shifting.
-Can Shift at will
-Can resist transforming until the last possible moment with the moon
-Will not shift around blood/high emotions, but she will on sex at least partially.
-Can block a vampires call: Can extend it to the pack, but as a result she must answer the call herself.
-Unaffected by a vampires eyes
-Can call out to the pack in times of need

Ulfric Ability:
-Feeding the clan with sex*

*She will come to discover, once she finds the one that she actually cares for, that when she has sex the power build up from the result will be shared through the pack in the link that she has to them all.

-The Pack
-Deathly allergic to Pineapple

Maria Romano- Mother (Deceased)
Mario Romano- Father (living)

RP Sample:

Rebecca sat behind the desk she had been in all day dealing with the lawyers and legal rights of getting power of attorney and her name placed on all the businesses that had been in the hands of the pack members she had killed. There wasn't much that she enjoyed having now. The Dance club was fine as well as the very busy coffee shop that was dead center in the territory. She'd re-do the club if anything, but the "Escort" business she could not just get rid of despite her opinion on it. She had seen the list of shifters that depended on it as a job, sadly enough, and she was not going to have that hanging over her head.

She had also inherited the Lupa's little fashion store, which she had groaned as her sense of fashion was never that great. Always wearing what ever pleased her and not giving a damn what any else thought about it. Then from the Skoll and Haiti, who had been twin brothers, she had inherited a super store that sold nearly everything anyone could think of. So all in all it wasn't bad, but it was more then she really wanted. She'd leave management in the hands it was already in and merely have meetings once a month.

A slow and steady breath escaped her as it seemed like turmoil was going on inside her head while the outside she merely seemed to be thinking. The power structure was gone, and she knew there were not enough powerful shifters left in the Alpha's to hold what she needed filled. It was going to take time, and more then likely taking in wolves from other packs that were already over burdened. Part of the negotiations she'd have to do with the Master is to allow her free reign for the time of wolves coming in. Their numbers had gone from nearly a hundred and fifty, to down to thirty because of the war and the stupid Ulfric before. She had to get their numbers up and fast before the other shifters started to move in on their turf.

At that moment the phone in the office ranging shrilly into the empty air. Her eyes slid open as they peered at the machine as it rang again. Every one knew this was the main place to get a hold of the Ulfric if not at the deceant sized Pack house that was on the out skirts of town and pack territory. She reached out as she picked up the phone, "This Rebecca...Ulfric of the Cruor perfusus terra* pack." She said in answer as her eyes took on the look of emptiness.

*Means Blood soaked Earth

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