Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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1 Patrick-Wolf on Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:48 pm


Character Name:
Patrick Reed Evans

Character Screen Name:

Species: Wolf

Location: Venice

Power level: High Beta

Age, Gender:25, male

Length of infection: 4 years

Patrick is lanky in that ex-skateboarder sort of way. Spending most of his time on the streets he burns up alot of energy so keeps his weight down to a pretty healthy 175.He's not overly slender having some muscle tone from his kick boxing classes but he's not bulked up either. He's never like the huge pec look. His hair is a sandy brown color and his eyes hazel.

His dress style is fairly casual as well, he prefers tees to suits and sneakers to dress shoes. He can be found in faded t-shirts and worn down jeans. A staple to his day to day look is also the amount of rings and bracelets he wears. None of them silver any more but rather white gold or stainless steel. Which ever he can get his hands on easier.

His Wolf tends to stick out more than he does. Coming to a little under five feet at the shoulder Patrick looks more like a really shaggy pony then an actual wolf and wouldn't be mistaken for his wild counterpart. He had no hybrid form though he is slowly becoming able to shirt his teeth and eyes.

Patrick was a loner growing up. Since becoming infected he's slowly getting used to the idea of being close to people and actually snuggling with them. He's heard tales of people going insane fighting their inner animals need to be around its own so he takes it in baby steps and so far everything seemed to be working out ok. Patrick has a very dry sense of humor and on random moments it can been seen.

Once you get past the outer shell he's worked up he's actually a fairly laid back guy. Quick to offer to chip a hand and helping others out in times of need. He isn't used to having a group to stand up for him but he's getting used to that as well as sticking up for them when they need it. He's not the type to be pushed down and let it go. He holds a grudge like it was a skill someone would want.

Patrick was born and raised in Venice. His Mom was fairly young when she had him and at the time had no idea who his father was. Not unusual for the area or the time. She did give it her best and when he was two she finally wised up and attempted to find the father. When she did get in touch with him he claimed the baby boy wasn't his and she never heard from him again. Disheartened she gave him to a local orphanage.

He sent the rest of his childhood years around nuns and priests. While he learned more about religion than he wanted to it wasn't a bad deal at all. He knows how to fix most house hold items having been one of the only boys in the place. He attended school at the church getting average grades- not the worse but not the best either. Once he got out of school he was offered a job at the church as a handy man/maintenance worker. He declined wanting to travel a little. With nothing more than a couple changed of clothing and a beat up car he travel around never stopping in one place for more than two nights at a time.

He was actually in France during the night of a full moon drinking with some guys he had manged to bump into during his travels. He was impressed by the amount they manged to put away without even getting buzzed but didn't really think to hard about it. On the way back to their mutual hotel one of the guys seemed a little off. Patrick didn't think to much about it till later in the night when someone broken into his room waking him up. Apparently the guy was a wolf and his inner beast liked Patrick's smell so much he decided he was going to infect Patrick and keep him around.

The only thing that stopped him from dying was the rest of the the guys (his pack mates he found out later )dragging the horny wolf off of him. The next couple of day where lost to a huge fever and what seemed to be a stomach bug. The traveling wolves wouldn't let Patrick leave by himself nor would they budge till they knew if Patrick was one of them or not. It only took less than a week before the signs started showing. He healed almost all the marks from the attack.

The guy that attacked him was beaten down by the highest Beta of the group and sent back home with his tail between his legs.
He hadn't even know that his home town had a pack but the traveling group manged to get ahold of the leader and explained what happened. Only after that was cleared up and they knew for sure Patrick had a place to go did they let him leave.

He trained with the pack quickly getting control over his wolf was still harboring some hate for the guy that made him like this. For a while it was touch and go into someone sat on him and forced him to give up the whole story of what happened. It did actually feel better to talk and only after that did he come to real terms about what it meant to be a shifter. He's been in the pack for going on four years now just coasting by and helping out around the house. He manged to get a club at one of the local Mechanic shops and thats where he spends a great deal of his time if not with the pack.

Can control his shifts anytime outside of a full moon-then has to shift.
No half form or hybrid form but is starting to be able to shift his eyes and teeth.
Can't block a vampires call.
Increased hearing,sight,smell and healing.
Has Seelie blood way back in his family making him smell good to certain shifters and vampires.
Silver is extremely harmful to him.
Knows kick boxing and can defend himself in a street brawl if need be.


RP Sample:
With a cigarette clamped between his teeth Patrick made his way down the streets of Venice. Every so often a voice would call out to him and he'd give a head nod without stopping. A Saturday in the shopping area was usually good when it came to giving him that being around people feel. He seldom bought anything mind you but it was nice to see so many faces smiling and looking like they were enjoying life.

He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and tapped the end causing ashes to fall to the ground. Smoking was one of the last of his bad habits he had manged to cling too. And he heard guff about that from time to time. Sighing he glanced at the rest of the burning cylinder and tossed it onto the ground before putting it out under the heel of his sneaker.

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Shane West


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Accepted. Don't forget your face claim.


"Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams,
purge your thoughts of the life you knew before.
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