Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Dominic Jr.

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1 Dominic Jr. on Sun May 30, 2010 9:51 pm


Raj's Bodyguard
Character Name: Dominic Alestro Jr.

Character Screen Name: Dominic

Nickname: Dom, DJ, Mini

Species: Clouded Leopard

Location: Venice

Power level: Alpha

Age, Gender: 25, Male

Length of infection: Nine years

Standing at 5'6", Dominic looks completely innofensive due to his size. He isn't obviously muscular and has a rather average build, not fat, not thin and he's fien with that. His hair is that dark brown, almost black that has blue highlights in the right light and his eyes are a dark chocolate brown. Both traits he gets from his hispanic mother, along with his high cheekbones and cheeky smile. His skin is naturally tanned though nothing too dark, instead it is almost like a sheen of bronze over gold. When dressing he has a habit on just throwing on anything within reah but makes sure it's clean, even if it's mis-matched.

His leopard man form stands at around 7ft tall, still rather small for a shifter, and is a pale yeallow, almost white colour underneath the rosettes of black.

Dominic's full leopard form is a clouded leopard, slightly smaller than a small pony, making him one of the smallest leopards in the group. Size is not an obstacle for him however. His fur is a pale yellow but it is hardly seen as the black rosettes on his body have very small gaps between them. From a distance he looks purely black with a pale head and brown leopard eyes.

Dominic is in one word, a troublemaker. He is not however a troublemaker that warrants jail time. He is a practical joker and a constant ball of sunshine, carefree and fun loving. Often he is the one who dares play jokes on the Raj, from putting stuffed animals in his bed to bleaching his hair blonde by replacing the shampoo or starting a game of tag during Pard training. He never does anything to warrant true punishment though he has come close a few times. Despite all his fun and games, Dominic does know when to be serious and it's a certain tightening around his chocolate brown eyes that gives his mood change away, though the smile still remains on his face.

Throughout all of his fun and despite his occasional seriousness, Dominic takes great pride in his work and makes sure that he never misses a beat. He is always alert and one of the first to know of any danger that is around, making him ideal for the job Jon bestowed upon him.

Born on the 12th December 1984 to Dominic Alestro and Olivia Alestro in Venice, Italy. Dominic had a normal child hood. His parents were average parents, working hard to fund his schooling and social life, essentially ensuring his future was secure. He had plenty of love from them and despite their average wealth he wanted for nothing though he was not a spoiled child, taught to work for what he wanted.

At the age of sixteen, Dominic decided that he would take a year out of his schooling before proceeding on to higher education. He wanted to help his parents and save as much money as possible so he could fund his own education for as long as possible. It was with that reasoning that Dominic took a job as a delivery boy for a large company in Venice. It was during a delivery that everything seemed to go wrong for him.

It was a quiet night and roughly one week before his 17th birthday. He had been given a fragile package to transport and true to his contract he hadn't looked inside it. All he knew was that it was an animal of some sort and he delivered it without a second thought. It was when it had been delivered that it all went wrong. As soon as the client had signed for the animal, he had asked Dominic's help to move it over to the enclosure and release it. Thinking nothing of it he did as asked but as the slide back lid was pulled open, the animal dodged the enclosure and attacked him. Falling back, the animal, a leopard, dug in to Dominic's arms and had to be pulled away from him. The man he had delivered to looked panicked and before he could protest he heard a sick popping noise and felt claws in his arms once more. Before passing out due to bloodloss and pain he heard the man mumble something.

"You'll either die from bloodloss or heal as a shifter....sorry kid."

Two days later Dominic woke in the mans home and introductions were made formally. The man was Miguel Filestra and he was a member of the local Pard that owned the local zoo. The leopard that he had brought in was his newest attraction and in order to save his life, Miguel had to infect Dominic with the leopard strain of lycanthropy. It was a pure accident and unfortunate but Dominic was glad to be alive.

Dominic was immediately taken in to the Pard and has seen two leaders as well as Miguel, die. Two in battle and Miguel at the hands of a bounty hunter. Despite being infected, Dominic didn't give up on his education and continued on, eventually getting his degree in biology with a minor in Psychology. He doesn't use it though as he feels his job with the Pard is far more important and has dedicated his time to it, taking up martial arts so he is better at it. Now he is under the rule of Jon, the newest Raj and so far is enjoying having the man as his leader and client.


-Enhanced speed, strength, senses
-Partial shift (Hands, eyes and teeth)
-Very rare to shift during stress or sex
-Can resist the moons pull for about three hours before shifting
-No shift coma
-Can call the Pard
-Can block a vampires call to the Pard but not himself

-Kick boxing
-Tiger and Crane style Kung Fu
-Degree in Biology with a minor in psychology
-Speaks Spanish, Italian and English

-Basic shifter weaknesses
-Can be annoying with his pranks

Dominic Alestro - Father
Olivia Alestro - Mother
Miguel Filestra - Mentor (Deceased)
Venice Pard

RP Sample:


Playerbase/Face Claim name: John Leguizamo


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2 Re: Dominic Jr. on Sun May 30, 2010 9:57 pm


Accepted! Off to Face claims with you, shorty. Shoo!


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