Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Alaric Krupp

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1 Alaric Krupp on Fri May 28, 2010 9:47 pm

Character Name:
Alaric Reichen Krupp

Character Screen Name:
Alaric Krupp

Species: Werelion

Location: Venice, Italy

Power level: Alpha

Age, Gender: Male, 33

Length of infection: 15

True to his German stock, the Prince of the Krupp Empire has a head of thick golden hair kept at a medium length such that it falls around his ears, and makes everything he sees his own with a pair of penetrating blue eyes. Standing at 6'2” and slender in the torso, with long and agile limbs, Alaric is the epitome of Aryan aristocracy, affecting a demeanor both refined and masculine; civilized yet powerful. Not one feeling the need to physically show off often, he tends towards business suits and other elite attire, which more often than not obscures an incredibly powerful and toned body beneath.

Alaric Krupp is the ultimate socialite and manipulator. He radiates charisma and sure sense of self bordering on arrogance, yet seems to know just when and how to display the right amount of humility in order to skirt the edge entirely. Instead, he comes off as completely in control at all times, seeming to have inside knowledge of ineffable wisdom regarding any and every topic. This makes him master of interpersonal interactions, knowing precisely how to read others even when they say nothing, and having a talent for divining how to act and what needs to be done in order to elicit the reactions he wants from individual to individual.

His core modus operandi is one of contrary geocentricism and empathy for others he considers relevant. As far as he can tell, in just about every circumstance, he is the one with the talents, skills, and demeanor to get whatever needs being done, done. Typically this means both protecting and expanding the influence and power-base of his family, which extends entirely to the lion lycanthropes of whichever Pride of which he is a member. Despite his at times selfish and merciless methods, all that he does, he feels, is for the betterment of the Pride.

The Krupp family goes back 40 years to to Essen, and has since then made themselves rich and influential by the production of steel, ammunition, and armaments. At the start of the 20th century, its business, Friedrich-Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp was the largest company in Europe. Jumping to contemporary background, Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach married into the family through its heiress, Bertha Krupp. The company was forced into serving Adolf Hitler's regime, during which it reverted to the sole command of the aforementioned pair's son, Alfried Krupp von Bhlen und Halbach. At Nuremberg, Alfried was convincted to 22 years in jail and to sell 75% of the company, being released in 1951, and regained control of the company in 1953 due to no potential buyers.

It was during this interrim that Alaric's immediate family comes into the picture. His father, Klaus Krupp, was born in 1951, being the illigitimate son of Alfried upon his release and a nameless whore. Klaus grew up in the ghettos of Essen, poor and sordid, taking care of his mother until she died of Syphillis when he was 12. At that point, he approached Alfried in 1963, presenting himself and his story to the Krupp tycoon. Alfried saw much potential in the boy, who expressed already an amazign cunning and intellect, and having at that point no direct heir successor, he adopted him as his legitimate son. From that point onward, Klaus was raised fittingly for his role.

In the year 1975, Klaus Krupp, being the company's head of finance and foreign relations, had been courting for some months in secret a woman named Claudia Thyssen. Thyssen AG at that time was a rising steel competitor for Krupp, and thus Klaus and Claudia had to keep their liasons secret, though had the greater goal of ending the familial/commercial feud via an alliance. In 1976, Claudia became pregnant and things could be hidden no longer, and thus the two eloped and married in Vienna, being considered black sheep of the family. There, Alaric Krupp was born and raised to adolescence, by a pair of loving parents who nonetheless retained majestic plans for both themselves and their son.

From an early age, Alaric displayed a strong curiosity and sense of self: whatever he wanted, he worked tirelessly to get. His incredible intellect prompted an IQ test, putting him well above the requirement for being a genius at 175. By the time he was 14, he had shown a stupendous talent for the workings of social etiquette and other interpersonal relations, and had mastered five languages. He attended Second School to the age of 18, after which he was awarded with a safari trip to South Africa for the summer.

Early in the trip, Alaric flaunted authority by sneaking off on his own one night. He remembers from then on little but fangs, pain, and darkness, waking up three weeks later in a hospital bed. After a week of healing, he was sent back to be directly supervised by his father, who was on a preliminary, 'test' economic ambassadorship in Belfast, Ireland, having convinced the Krupp Board to give him a second chance. There he had been working for some time to establish a deal with the Harland and Wolff hipping company, dealing primarily with Aonghus McSwain. Upon arrival, Alaric was immediately smitten with lust for Aonghus's son, Dillon, and the pursued insistently, and with great charm, carnal relations with him, which ended summarily in success.

However, a full month after Alaric's terrible accident, the truth of what happened arose. He and Dillon were in the midst of intimacy when Alaric's lycanthropy triggered and he shifted. Only his and Dillon's lust for each other prevented him from slaying his bedmate, though he did deliver several minor to moderate wounds. His father, infuriated and embaressed, sent him home, though was able to still land the deal with Harland and Wolff.

For the next year, Alaric spent time learning to control his lycanthropy, becoming in time a member of the Pride at Essen. He showed just as impressive talent and skill with lycanthropy as he had everything else in his life, and by end of 1995, had achieved Beta status and was a welcome adviser to the Rex. However, he left at that time, pursuing studies in Linguistics and Economics at the University of Stuttgart, from which he graduated in 1999 with a Doctorate in Linguistics and a Master's in Economics. In 1999, his father and mother achieved their goal, and their familial companies merged into Thyssenkrupp AG.

Having won back his pride and the respect of his family, Alaric returned home to Essen, where over the next 5 years he served in various branches of the company as a translator, relations officer, and economic analyst. In 2006, he was named as the head of a project to establish an office at Venice to be the head of an expanded branch serving southern Europe. Plans with the Venitian and Italian government proceeded for another year, at the end of which construction began on Thyssenkrupp AG, Venice International Headquarters, which was completed in 2008. At this point, Alaric moved to Venice and has been working there since to expand and enrich Thyssenkrupp's coffers.


  • Master in the European martial art of Kampfringen
  • Skilled in both hand to hand combat and long-range, having received private lessons from former German elite soldiers
  • Standard weaknesses/strengths for an Alpha Werelion of his age and experienced
  • Genius level intellect, specializing in social interactions, predictions, and problem-solving and puzzles
  • Can speak English, German, Dutch, Britthonic Gaelic, Latin, Old English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Greek
  • Vast financial resources and influence
  • Regarding special Alpha abiltiies, he can both feed the Clan through sex


  • Klauss von Krupp: Father
  • Claudia von Krupp und Thyssen: Mother

RP Sample:
Alaric Krupp, Economics Professor celebrity of Yeovil College, was finishing up his Senior Seminar in Advanced Econometrics one Friday afternoon.

“I agree, Judy. It would be interesting to hear Keynes's opinion on the current American recession,” the infamously hunky blond educator agreed, much to the delight of his student, resulting in the ginger girl's flushed smile increasing pulse. “Now, remember to email me with the topics you've chosen for your analytical articles. Have a good weekend.”

After half a handful of minutes spent in final discussion with a pair of students who stayed after, during which the lycanthrope was packing up briefcase all too-aware of the puppy eyes being thrown his way by the slight blond male gymnast of the pair, the refined professor exited the many-windowed, bright conference room. Making sure to shut the door behind him but not lock it (if he remembered correctly, there was a Statistics class to be held in it not too distant future), Alaric made his way down a hallway with case in hand, whistling a light, anonymous tune. Upon entering the elevator, he plugged in destination floor for the suite of offices in which his was located.

In the short span of time it took for the doors to open once more and usher Alaric to his destination, he found his thoughts straying towards the topic of Kieran McCarthy. He had just recently been hired as a professor of Shakespearean Literature, but Alaric's personal inquiries into his character had started about a week prior, when Kieran was still up as one of the final four potentials up for the faculty position he would later acquire. It had started out as just a matter of normal procedural protocol; Alaric made it his business to acquaint himself with the identities of all potential faculty at the college. Later, however, things had arisen that had caught his attention. Very... Interesting things.

The lion's reverie was broken by the loud ding announcing his arrival, followed by the elevator doors parting. Chuckling idly, he shook his head and exited, nodding to one or two colleagues on his way. He found himself entering not his office, but rather the suite's little faculty lounge. Deciding to let his instincts carry the route, he entered the otherwise empty room and made his way over to set down his belongings next to a large, comfortable chair. After fixing himself a large cup of black coffee, he took his seat and threw his legs up to his heels on table before him, reclining back with his mug and exhaling, relaxing.

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Daniel Goddard


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