Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Lin Bao Yu

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1 Lin Bao Yu on Fri May 28, 2010 1:42 pm

Bao Yu

Vampire - Master
Character Name:

Lin Bao Yu (Translates to "Forest of Precious Jade" or "Precious Jade Forest" in English. *Note- Lin is Bao Yu's surname and is placed in front of her given name as is tradition in Chinese culture)

Power level: Master

Age, Gender:

Age: 538
Gender: Female
Length of time as a vampire: 502 years


Bao Yu is approximately 5'3" with fair, yellow skin, almond-shaped eyes and raven-black hair that shows purplish highlights when seen in light. She is of Chinese descent and her most notable feature is the color of her eyes. They are a bright emerald-green, which is revered as an auspicious trait to have in her culture as most Asians are born with dark eyes. She has a small frame and an athletic build, but is strong despite the fact that she’s so small. She was trained in martial arts but usually has no need to use them, with the exception of maintaining her discipline. Most of the time she wears little make-up, only enough to bring out her features. She usually dresses in casual clothing, choosing earth tones as opposed to loud, bright or pastel colors, unless she is working or attending a party in which she dresses appropriate to the occasion. She also likes to wear various sorts of jewelry, though not overly so as to appear gaudy.


Bao Yu is a curious sort of person. She’s very intelligent but occasionally over analyzes situations, causing her to have to figure new ways out of precarious incidents. She’s a manipulator and won’t hesitate to use any means possible at her disposal to get what she wants. She has a fiery temper that often conflicts with her humble upbringing. Though her temper can get in the way, when she is confronted with a situation having to do with her profession, she most often is able to control herself and keep up a professional front.

Bao Yu loves to shop when the opportunity arises and enjoys learning about a broad array of subjects. She is something of a masochist and a bit of a sadist. She enjoys deriving pleasure from pain she receives from her master. Bao Yu, by nature, doesn’t like to harm others but will do what she must if the occasion demands it of her. When she must harm others, she allows her darker side to emerge and take control. This dark side of her personality is where her sadist tendencies can be seen and she thoroughly enjoys the pain she brings to those unlucky enough to witness it. She’s usually submissive to her peers but has a tendency to bend or break rules at times, especially if it means obtaining revenge. Because of her high intelligence, she is usually able to clean up her tracks behind her and can throw suspicion off of herself. Bao Yu’s sadism and alter ego stems from her having a borderline personality disorder overlapped with a dissociative identity disorder. In essence, because of her upbringing, she most times is submissive and she really doesn't like to fight. When she's in personal situations that cause her to have to defend herself physically or is over-stressed, she releases an alter ego that is opposite of her normal self and that's where the sadism comes from. The sadism is not a coping mechanism used for sexual gratification, as this is where her masochistic tendencies come into play.


Bao Yu was born on the 21st of February of 1472, in the city of Jinzhou in the Liaoning province of Northern China to an upper-middle class family. She spent most of her life learning to become a proper Chinese wife and when the time came, was married off to a wealthy Chinese man from the same province. She was often revered as an auspicious child due to her unusual emerald-green eyes and people would treat her like a walking, talking goddess. Bao Yu hated this growing up because she wanted people to see her for what she was, a normal girl that had a brain. Times back then were hard though and Bao couldn’t complain because of the role women had to play at the time. She even had to endure the painful “foot binding” as proof of it. As a result of such a torturous lifestyle, Bao Yu learned to turn her pain into pleasure, thus becoming a masochist. But because she is not violent by nature, she manages to keep her sadist tendencies locked away inside herself. She only lets it out when she’s highly upset or if she needs to go against her nature in a life or death situation. In such cases, she releases the dark side of herself and lets it take control. When this happens, Bao Yu’s personality changes drastically, becoming evil.

Bao Yu’s history as a vampire is a rather long involved one. She was marked by a master to be his fledgling about 502 years before the current timeline. At that time, she was with her husband living in England for a while due to his work. While there, a master vampire who chanced upon her began to fancy her. The master seduced her away from her husband, who left her for long periods of time to work, and was able to get her to pledge herself to him. He was very cruel to her and had just about taken her life before she was turned. Another vampire sent out at the time by Belle Morte to go and sire more vampires, named China-Rose, discovered Bao Yu and had an affair of sorts with her. Seeing how she was treated and discovering her dying in a room alone, China decided to sire her himself. Bao’s former master came back to check on Bao only to see China stealing her away. China took her from her former master and nursed her back to health before convincing her to pledge herself to him then turning her. She was fledged on the 13th of May 1508. The two shared a relationship that was more than just master and fledgling for many years before China-Rose ended up abandoning Bao Yu. She never knew exactly why, whether it was because he was bored of her, fell in love with another or was called away by Belle Morte. This left Bao with no choice but to pledge herself to a new master so as to survive, but she’d never stopped thinking of China as her only master nor did she ever stop loving him. Because of her temper though, she carries a grudge against China for his actions, thus creating for herself a love-hate relationship with him.

Bao Yu works, by current trade, a liaison between the preternatural and normal humans. She has experience as a lawyer and also a translator, as she speaks several languages. These include Mandarin Chinese (her primary language), English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and German. Originally, Bao Yu was the first wife of a wealthy Chinaman and as such, had no real means to care for her financial state. It was when she was pledged to become the fledgling to a master vampire then stolen by another that she began to expand her knowledge and ability to care for herself. Initially, she had done nothing but study intensely for her current trades while being cared for by her sire. Though, she was careful to do away with her Chinese husband and stash away his fortune for a rainy day. After she’d learned enough, and years had passed, she reintegrated herself into society and began to actively participate in activities that helped further the integration of the supernatural into the human social systems. Currently, Bao Yu is working with the faeries in negotiations with the humans and is traveling in the town of Venice.

Bao Yu is also a witch. She’d learn the ways of witchcraft from her grandmother growing up as a child. It was kept very secret because witchcraft was looked upon as pure devil worship and was cause enough for immediate execution, especially by the British who were settling in the South of her homeland. So, she trained her in the ancient ways unknown to all but those privy to the family secrets. Bao Yu had strong power as a witch when she was human due to her bloodlines. Each woman in her maternal lineage was a witch of some sort before her, though not traditional witches by today’s standards. Now that she has become a vampire, her powers were severely diminished and she can only perform the most basic of spells, charms and hexes. However, she still can make and use potions and elixirs proficiently as she was also taught in the ways of herb lore. Bao Yu, through the years, eventually joined a coven and became a seeker in traditional witchcraft, thus learning the traditional methods and religion. She has since surpassed her years as a seeker and has become a full-fledged witch even though her power is limited. She also possesses innate abilities as an empath. As a human, she couldn’t do anything with them very well and it wasn’t until she was turned that she could fully control them and understand their potential, which she uses to both satisfy her bloodlust/ardeur and to aide her in her work as a liaison.

*Note – “Foot binding” was a torturous and barbaric custom practiced on young girls and women for approximately one thousand years in China, beginning in the 10th century and ending in the early 20th century where women had their feet and toes broken and bound so as to shorten them to resemble the dainty feet of an empress. It was generally done to small children roughly at three years of age to begin with so that by the time they were grown the binding would be complete. Both the rich and poor practiced it, though it tended to go by faster by the rich due to being able to pay for the procedure and being able to have the bindings unwrapped and rebound daily.

*Also the relationship between Bao Yu and China-Rose has been discussed and approved with China’s author.



-Fledgling Abilities
-Deep Rolling
-Orgasmic bite
-Mass hypnosis
-Levitation (Can only levitate so many feet, no actual flight)
-Empathy (With Bao’s empathy, she’d discovered that she possesses two abilities that stem from it. The first she refers to as “soul reflection”. This ability allows her to reflect upon any person she’s near the emotions/feelings she feels so that they feel them as well. This reflection is also intensifies the emotion she feels so that the receiver feels them more intensely than Bao. The second, she refers to as “soul sharing”. This ability allows her to “share” the emotions another is feeling so as to lessen the intensity with which they feel it.)
-Witchcraft (Is knowledgeable of many forms and can perform basic magicks efficiently, as she’d lost the ability to perform greater and/or more powerful forms of spells when she became a vampire. She can heal with herbal potions/elixirs, which are severely limited as opposed to healing spells that she can no longer perform. All spells she can perform successfully are limited to basic spells/charms/hexes which are low level and can be overcome easily by more powerful witches, provided they are aware of what is cast.)


-Martial arts master in the art of both Changquan and Xingyiquan.


-Extensive traveling while alive and more so as an undead.
-Expansive knowledge of various subjects including languages, law, witchcraft and medicine.
-Active and long-time participation in preternatural/human political affairs.
-Speaks Mandarin Chinese (primary language), English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and German.


-Stake to the heart
-Holy Water
-Hexes (if not already protected against them)
-Susceptible to spells cast by more powerful witches than herself.

Master vampire Powers:

-Human/Animal Servant Capability

Blood Line Power:

-Bao Yu is of Belle Morte’s bloodline as she was sired from China-Rose, who is also of this bloodline. She has obtained the ardeur.

Kiss or Non Kiss:

RP Sample:

“…But you are correct also in that I need to feed and would choose you to feed from. Tell me mein leben, will you do this for me? I can promise you, it will be very pleasurable.”

Bao Yu looked at the pale-complected vampire with disdain. Didn’t she just tell him to take a hike? As the vampire spoke, she noticed a change in his voice. He was trying to roll her but she felt nothing thanks to her spell of protection. Bao Yu smiled a wily smile at China. He’d no idea she was a witch. This was good. It alleviated some of her former fears about his motives. Perhaps she could turn the tides on him as well with a quick spell or two as well.

“I don’t think you’ve understood me correctly. I have no interest in allowing you to feed from my blood. You’ve no idea of what you’re asking for if I did allow it. I think it’s time for you to go.”

While speaking, Bao Yu quickly looked to make sure there was no wandering eyes set upon the two. As it happened, the station was pretty well clear and the people who were there were caught up in small chattering groups, with the exception of a snoring old man who was sitting on a bench by himself. This was good. She could cast a spell without notice. She reached inside her jacket and pulled out a small wand made of Blackthorn. With a short wave in front of China’s face she chanted.

“Be gone and forget so neither regrets. So mote it be.”

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Zhang ZiYi


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Approved! Don't forget your face claim.


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purge your thoughts of the life you knew before.
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar,
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Bao Yu

Vampire - Master
China-Rose wrote:Approved! Don't forget your face claim.

Hai hai. Thank you Imouto-chan. ^-^

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