Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Devon Blaire

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1 Devon Blaire on Thu May 27, 2010 4:31 am

Character Name: Devon Nicholas Blaire

Character Screen Name: Devon Blaire

Species: wereleopard

Location: Venice

Power level: Omega (on the verge of Beta)

Age, Gender: 27, male

Length of infection: 4 1/2 years

Description: By no means an imposing figure at 5'10" he figures himself to be average of height and he's fairly handsome of face, just on the verge of being a little effeminate but not quite making it. Though he'd tell you he looks "okay". His body is very well-defined with enough muscle to be considered fairly fit and toned. Had to keep fit enough to tend bar and look tough enough to scare off potential trouble makers without being overly menacing. Not that he thinks he could pull "menacing" off. More often than not he's found wearing jeans, a tee and a leather jacket. Function over fashion. His skin is pretty fair since he is one to stay inside and sleep during the day rather than being outdoorsy. He prefers the nightlife. more exciting. His eyes are a nice sky blue, complimented by short, sandy brown hair that tends to be unruly and flyaway no matter what he does to tame it.

As a beast he is a large Amur Leopard

Personality: He's a bit of a shut in. A little broody but not to the extent of being oh-my-god-moody or depressed. He just hasn't had the best lot in life and is pretty guarded because of it. That and he's still trying to figure out his sexuality. Very bicurious. He's dabbled a bit here and there but hasn't really decided. Rather odd for someone his age but he never claimed to be normal. He can be witty and charming when he's not in the mood to be an ornery cuss and a smartass. If he's not in the mood to even be that sociable he's quiet and withdrawn. he's really stubborn, too. His personality has been somewhat conditioned to be submissive but only to someone he feels has earned their place as his dominant; be that by way of outwitting him, asserting sexual dominance, kicking his ass or otherwise earning his respect. He doesn't just kow-tow to anyone.

History: Dev was born May 29th, 1982 in Dublin, Ireland to an Irish father and an English mother. Moira herself was born well off but when she was young she found she had a thing for the bad boys and took to hanging around them to spite her parents; which is how she ran into Collum Blaire. The two fancied themselves in love and were even foolish enough to elope together. And for a while things were good. Moira was accustomed to having finer things but she got on well enough, playing the part of the housewife while Collum worked construction. Not a grand line of work but it put food on the table and clothes on their backs.

When Devon came along things were quite happy. Again, for a while. But Moira wasn't very suited to motherhood. She was used to being the one pampered, not the one doing the pampering. Even as a housewife she had it pretty easy since Collum was generally a tidy man and helped out with the chores even after a hard day's work. But now with a child to take care of every second of every day... it was hard. And there were more expenses now which put a strain on things. Maybe they hadn't been ready?

Over the years Moira became decidedly bitter and wanted less and less to do with the little boy. She'd foist him off on neighbors since the community was pretty tightly knit and people tended to look out for one another. And the neighbors were happy enough to look after wee Devon, he was a little angel. It was moira they had the issue with. So careless and spoilt. Ever time she came to fetch him she was rumpled and considerably sloshed.

By the time the boy was about six years old his mother had had enough. One night she left him in the care of their next-door neighbors as usual. but this time she didn't come back to pick him up. She'd up and gone and good riddence according to the neighborfolk. Collum however was devastated. he'd put up with her antics over the years because he truly believed he could make it work. That he loved her enough for the both of them. Loved the boy enough for the both of them. But when she left he became another person entirely.

He turned to drink more than he ever had. Became mean and violent. No one wanted to be around him though all were sympathetic. He'd been such a good boy until that pampered hussy had turned his life upside down. The only good thing to come of the whole mess was wee Devon.

Almost decade passed and as said years wore on, Collum was getting steadily worse. The house, a house that had once been simple but nice, was falling into disrepair. Bills were getting further and further behind, Collum was roaring drunk more often than sober, and mean as hell either way. He'd lost his job on and off but out of sympthy for his situation there was always someone willing to offer work. At fifteen, Devon decided to leave school and work odd jobs to help make ends meet. It was the least he could do. He resented his father for not having the strength to man up and move on but he couldn't really hate him. He needed him.

At nineteen Devon landed a steady job in one of the local pubs and began saving up to get out of Ireland. He'd had just about enough of Collum who was content to wallow in his misery now. That was fine. If he didn't want to straighten himself out five years ago he wasn't going to now. But he wasn't going to drag Devon down with him. He scrimped and saved for three years just to be safe and left home for Blackpool, England.

He made fast work of finding a room to rent and another tending job -it seemed he was made for good old-fashioned pubs. He did very well there for a year until, at 23, he wound up having to step into a fight that had broken out in the middle of the pub. It wasn't standard protocol to do so but they'd been causing trouble all night and as the head tender on duty he'd had quite enough and was intent on dragging them out by their collars. But they came to blows just before he got to them and though he tried to separate them he found himself in the middle of a battle of teeth and claws before he could so much as blink.

He woke up in hospital pretty worse for the wear. Bandaged, stitched, hooked up to various machines. And apparently infected with lycanthropy. While he was drifting in and out of consciousness he'd asked for the vaccine. Numerous times. But the doctors refused him because A they hadn't though he would make it and B feline strains were supposedly harder to catch so they hadn't seen the necessity of wasting precious resources. But he did pull through and the tests came back positive. Such was his luck.

He could have sued the hospital for taking his options from him.And actually threatened to if they tried to lock him up in a safe house. Yeah the vaccine wasn't foolproof but it had been a chance. And they'd denied him. But he didn't have the funds for a lwayer and it wouldn't do anything to reverse what'd happened so he let it lie. Soon as he could he left the hospital only to find out he'd been let go from his job. Supposedly because he would be out too long but he knew the reason. His boss hated shifters and while he'd had a soft spot for Devon it wasn't enough to let a shifter tend his bar.

So he had to contend with that and being found by the local pard. The Nimir-Ra was animal servant to the Mistress of the city. Goody goody gumdrops! And said Mistress had the leopard Queen wrapped around her finger so tightly it was a wonder it didn't fall off. Any leopards discovered in the area were to be dragged into the Pard to build the vampiress' power base. And they would also provide sustenance. Among other things.

But how was Devon to know any better? How was he to know that it wasn't the way things were generally done? he was brand new to this. He hated it but he put up with it. He was given work at a Pard-owned pub since that was his skillset and whenever he was called he would play pomme for the night. Male vampires, female vampires, whatever. The only thing he asked was that the Nimir-Ra not force him into sex. If it came willingly then fine but he wouldn't whore himself out. He fell from grace a few times on either side of the table but at least he had enough say to decide whom and when.

But the night, at the age of 27, he decliend the attentions of the Mistress herself. Well. That didn't go over very well. Needless to say, hell hath no fury like a vampire Mistress scorned. Damn near drained him dry and cast him aside. That was the last straw. He'd had enough. He was out of there. As soon as he was well enough he packed up what he couldn't live without and left one night without a word to anyone. Like they'd care? There were plenty of fang-whipped felines to make up for his absence and the Mistress of the City didn't want to so much as look on him again so he took that as his free ticket out. No more. he was on his own and he wanted to keep it that way. He was moving on to a new country and a new start. On a whim he was off to Venice.

-General omega shifter abilities
-Has decent control of his shifting during times of stress
-Less susceptible to shift coma

-still can't resist shifting entirely (and can be forced)
-Susceptible to vampires call
-can't yet partially shift

-Moira Blaire (mother, missing)
-Collum Blaire (Father)
-Blackpool Pard/Kiss (Ties severed)

RP Sample: Nuh >.> I dun wanna! (And I don't hafta lol)

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Chace Crawford


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Approved. Don't forget your face claim!


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