Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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1 China-Rose on Wed May 26, 2010 10:28 pm


Character Name: China-Rose

Nicknames: China, Duckie

Power level: Master Vampire

Age, Gender: Male, 1000 years old, 981 years as a vampire

Location: Venice

China-Rose is a half Samhan (Now known as Korea), half Norwegian male with extremely pale skin and ice blue eyes. His eyes are set off by his short spiky platinum blonde hair, that he was born with, making them seem darker than their actual colour. Standing at 6'2" tall he is lean but muscular and in the right light he seems almost ethereal, like a marble statue carved with painstaking love and care by a great artisan. The only imperfection in his appearance is a scar under his left eye that is shaped like two triangles touching at the base corner.

His dress sense is relatively simple, sticking to paler colours with a darker undershirt. This falsely adds colour to his skin but too much dark in his clothes makes him appear sickly, meaning he has to dress carefully. If he has nothing important to do he usually wears white jeans with a black undershirt and ripped white jumper with pale boots, allowing just an occasional glimpse of the dark colour. If he has someone to meet or politics to play he will wear a crisp, modern white suit with a black or blue silk shirt and white loafers. No matter what he wears however he always has a set of black bangles on each wrist and a silver ring, inlaid with a clean white pearl on his right index finger. The only time this changes is when he is performing on stage, wearing make up to avoid looking so pale and much brighter colours and extravagant costumes.

China-Rose is a somewhat sadistic individual and always has been, often knowing the consequences of his actions and not caring what harm they may do to others so long as he derives a little pleasure from it. Although on the outside he appears polite and seems to follow the rules, he has a tendency to do whatever he likes, whenever he likes. More often than not it's little things, turning up late to an appointment, only to apologise and lie through his teeth to excuse himself or going against a dress code in order to feel more comfortable, none of which have brought him any serious trouble. Left to his own devices however he has a tendency to push the boundaries of human law, never breaking them but bending them to a degree that he could be hauled in for it, especially if people know what they're seeing. So far he has been lucky, treading carefully and following all the right protocols to a minimum, yet at the same time ensuring it is enough that he does not find his head in a basket or a stake through his heart. His name, China-Rose, was given to him as a gimmick from his maker and even now the name makes him smile when he hears it. He does however care very deeply for any servants he may have and does his best to ensure they are safe, putting their safety above his own as more often than not he is emotionally attached.

Born on the 12th of March 1010 to a Norwegian father and Samhan mother, China-Rose had always been seen as unusual due to his skin, hair and eye colour. Often being the target of bullies due to his heritage and appearance he became secluded, reclusive and somewhat rebellious by his early teens. The pain he suffered at the hands of the bullies only served to increase his, at the time, small sadistic streak and by the age of fifteen he had turned his sadism in to an art form. He could easily turn the bullies against each other with a few simple words and would watch in glee as they forgot him and faught amongst themselves. Although his parents knew of the bullying they never stepped in, believing instead that it would be good for him and make him stronger as a person. As a result at the age of sixteen, when his word games didn't work, he was set upon by the bullies more so than usual and branded with a cattle iron, giving him the scar beneath his left eye. He later surmised that he received the scar due to his word games and promised himself that he would practice more and make it so that even the simplest word could cause friction between so called best friends.

Due to his fathers business as a travelling merchant, China-Rose and his mother were constantly uprooted and moved from country to country. He was also taught some witchcraft by his father, originally learned from his grandmother, a romany gypsy but never used it for fear of the three fold rule. Whilst this added to China's language skills it also increased his bullying problems and it wasn't until the age of seventeen, when his father decided to permanently settle in Marseille, France, that he had some semblance of a normal life. Whilst still dealing with bullies he had also managed to make friends and began enjoying life as a "man of the house", working hard and partying harder. It was at that time that China-Rose met the person that was to be his saviour and downfall, Paris-Germano.

Whilst drinking in a public house with friends, trouble had started at the bar and never one to leave a lady in trouble, China-Rose wandered over to help. The men who had started the trouble must have outweighed him by a few hundred pounds but showing no fear China-Rose quickly outwitted them, puzzling them and confusing them until they started blaming each other and eventually turned on each other. Dodging the fight and fists with ease he made his way over to check on the barmaid, only to find her gone. Deciding she had gone to change the beer barrels, he made his way to the cellar and finding it empty he came to the conclusion that she had gone out for air. Making his way outside China-Rose found the barmaid bleeding on the ground and rushed to her aid. Remembering the book his father had found only a few weeks ago he played back what he had read in his head. It was a spell book of some sort and had a revival spell. It was only natural for a travelling merchant to come across many unusual things after all and in a blind panic China-Rose began to recite what he could remember whilst stemming the blood flow from the girls neck. It did not occur to him to call for help or a doctor in his state and whilst he could feel something happening he had a feeling that it would not be enough and before he could even complete reciting what he remembered he felt something else, a presence stood behind him, watching him.

Knowing the girl was unfortunately lost China-Rose turned to face his watcher, both curious and angry. He would never wish a death like hers upon anyone and for the watcher to just stand there as she died was disgraceful. Standing he had faced up to the rather unusually dressed male and whilst noting he was handsome he ignored it for the moment, ready to fight if needs be. He had always known that his sexual tendencies were unusual and he had no qualms with it, liking both but preferring males. What the stranger did next however surprised him, introducing himself before asking if he was a practitioner and how he knew where he was standing. Giving vague answers had seemed to intrigue the man now named as Cheshire Lombard and from there a friendship had struck up, eventually molding in to a relationship.

It was three months in to the relationship that China-Rose had finally recognised the feel of the man currently called his beloved. Piecing together his habits from books he had read, unusual happenings and the general cool energy of his lover, China-Rose had come to the conclusion that Cheshire was a demon of sorts. Determined to be proven right China-Rose confronted his lover that same night, only to have to play word games with him to discover the truth. Once Cheshire confessed after being outwitted, China-Rose swore to kill him as he was evil but could not bring himself to raise a hand against his love. It was then that Cheshire took his opportunity and struck a deal with the pale youth. He would give him all this, immortality, strength, speed, power but above all the love of Cheshire for eternity if China-Rose would just stay. China agreed and on March 18th 1029 he received the final bite to make him the immortal he is today.

For the next fifty years China-Rose stayed with Cheshire, travelling, learning, loving and growing in power whilst seeing delights that would take more than a life time to see. It was however short lived. When the couple had reached Germany China-Rose began having visions, dreams that seemed to call to him, entice him towards a brunette beauty in a bedroom, his already high libido seeming to increase with each dream. Waking one night after having the dream he had been overwhelmed by the urge to find the brunette and had fled the home he and Cheshire were staying in, in order to find her. Not taking clothes, thinking he would be back, he had no idea that the brunette would keep him trapped with the council for nearly three hundred years. He had walked straight in to the arms of Belle Morte, his soudre de sang and back in to France. It was April 9th, 1079.

For nearly three hundred years China-Rose remained with Belle Morte, unable to contact Cheshire or to leave the watchful eyes of his mistress. During his time there he discovered the reason Belle Morte had wanted him, he carried the Ardeur and as such needed to be taught control. He agreed but his Soudre de Sang put even his sadistic streak to shame and made his stay both a pleasure and a torture. Breaking free as soon as he could he travelled for a while, gathering information on the whereabouts of his old love. He continued to travel for nearly five hundred years before finally settling in Venice, Italy and eventually gave up on finding Cheshire.

By this time he had grown a great deal in power and was strong enough to hold a city if he wished to. Being the sort to flaunt the rules however he decided it would be better to just remain a part of the Kiss and when the council came, eradicating the previous Master of the City and replacing him with Donovan, China-Rose was given the position of Temoin (second in command) as he was now the second strongest vampire in the city. It has been that way for the last year and slowly the Kiss is rebuilding from the devestation the Council brought. As well as being Temoin and looking after the paperwork from Il teatro di anima, China regularly performs in the musical productions, from Broadway to Opera as his singing voice is exceptional.

-All feldgling abilities
-Deep Rolling
-Orgasmic and controlling bite
-Mass hypnosis
-Ardeur (Full Ardeur, able to increase lust, cause it, spread it and feed off it both at a distance and up close)

-Basic street fighting
-A little bit of swordsmanship knowledge
-Excellent at close combat with daggers.

-Nearly 300 years with the council
-Excessive travelling both alive and undead
-Expansive knowledge of other cultures
-Excessive participation in vamp politics
-Speaks English, Italian, Norwegian, French and German (he also speaks Samhan but no one speaks it anymore)

-Stake to the heart
-Holy Water

Master vampire Powers:
-Human Servant Capability
-Draw Blood From A Distance (a master at using the abiltiy)
-Rise early (about 3 hours before true dark if he's sheltered)
-The ability to call Ghosts as if calling an animal. (extremely rare talent)
-Advanced voice tricks

*China-Rose has the capability to form a Triumvirate though this is an undiscovered ability as at this moment in time he has no animal to call*

Blood Line Power:
Belle Morte, Ardeur

Kiss or Non Kiss:
Kiss, Temoin

RP Sample:

Immunity reigns bohaahahahahaha

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Name of Actor, Actress, Singer, Celeb...etc Unknown


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