Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Koyuki Watanabe

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1 Koyuki Watanabe on Wed May 26, 2010 8:06 pm


Character Name: Koyuki Watanabe

Character Screen Name: Yuki

Normal or Preternatural: Plain old home-grown human

Location: Monaco, France (but will be whisked away to Venice)

Age, Gender: 18, male

Description: Yuki is very fair of complexion with a slender dancer’s build. Even despite the fact that he deliberately wears his ebony locks in a short and oft times flyaway style he is still frequently mistaken for a woman (much to his annoyance) and often perceived as delicate. Though without the deceptive veil of cothing it is apparent that he does indeed have male musculature and form. His hair is straight and falls about his ears and face carelessly but in a way that is most certainly flattering. Even cute if one dared say so. In keeping with his recent rebellious streak he has a couple of choice piercings. His navel, his left nipple (don't ask) and his tongue. All done just for kicks really (and all done with a simple silver bar) though his delicately curved ears remain unadorned.

Personality: Koyuki has always been the quiet, intelligent type. He would keep to himself in school for the most part, having no real interest in those around him. Especially females. He was rather bookish and solitary, using a journal as a companion and either doodling in it or writing poetry at his leisure. Due to a falling out with his parents he has trust issues. But he can be anything you want him to be. The shy, sweet type; the sultry sexy type, whatever his clientele ask of him to a certain extent. Aside from that he is somewhat bitter and sarcastic. A little bit of uncommon knowledge is that he as a soft spot for fluffy things. Specifically animals.

History: Koyuki was born October 5th, 1991 to Madelaine and Magojiro Watanabe in, of all places, Paris. His mother fancied herself an artist of sorts and his father had fallen for her hard while attending one of her galleries all those years ago. He was a very conservative man, Jiro, but Madelaine was sweet and intelligent and... well he'd have been deaf, dumb and blind not to notice her looks. At any rate they eventually married and some short years later Koyuki came along.

Of course he was their pride and joy though Jiro was a little perturbed that he seemed to be rather on the effeminate side as he matured. It caused a lot of confusion and upset for all concerned because even in school some random boy or other would come up behind me and start making moves. Until they realized his gender. Then they'd either beat him up or chase him off. Needless to say he became a good sprinter but it had his mother constantly worried and his father... well his father chose to ignore it. The boy needed to toughen up anyway. Yuki learned eventually to just suck it up and take it rather than come home crying or otherwise displaying his upset when he got cornered at school.

It was on one such day that -instead of getting beat down or run off- one upperclassman chose to back him up against a wall and continued to touch and even kiss him. Well that was certainly different... He was so stunned that he couldn't even move for a moment or two. Naturally his initial instincts were to pull away and run off but... he couldn't. It felt too nice. And he was a handsome one. However, when the older boy tried to go further than simple kissing, Yuki typically freaked out and ran for it. He went straight home, fuming and mulling it over the whole way.

He wasn't averse to the concept but he was confused. He went through the usual ponderings of "What just happened? Why did I allow that to happen? Why did I kiss back?!?" Though he convinced himself that it was simply a fluke and, by the time he had reached his house, he was satisfied in his reasonings. He wasn't like that. So what if the girls held no interest for him. He just hadn't met one worthy of his attention, that was all. It had to be or he'd be in deep shit with his father. Jiro was of the mind that men should be men and that they couldn't do so if they had an eye for their own gender. Stupid and ignorant but he wasn't a man to argue with.

Still, Yuki was very rattled by his experience. And he began to notice little things. Like the fact that his entire room was a shrine devoted to good-looking men. Posters of them, drawings of them... the only woman on his wall was a painting -a self-portrait- done by his mother. Other than her, his walls were covered in J-rockers, beautiful actors, favored members of various bands, etc. All gorgeous. Not a pretty lady in sight. You can see how shocking a revelation it was. Honestly it felt like something out of a really bad soap opera. Frantically he began tearing them all down, lest his parents suddenly realize what he had.

Well he wasn't able to avoid the topic come dinner. They'd seen his efforts to strip his room and were of course concerned. Curious. He was wound so tightly that it just spilled out. What had happened, his reactions, his denials, and finally, his realization. All of it. It was dramatic and it felt a little foolish to be making such a big deal out of it in this day and age but he knew his father. Even his mother. She was pretty liberal herself but she always took Jiro's side, something that had never bothered Yuki until now. Madelaine was devastated and his father was furious. After very little deliberation he was tossed out -pretty much on the spot- and was told not to come back. Again, typical. He has been on his own ever since. He was seventeen at the time.

He just couldn't stay in Paris for fear of running into them so he began hitching. How else was he to get away? It wasn't all that scary, really. So long as he didn't have any real destination in mind he could get pretty much anywhere without incident. For a while. Soon, though, he needed to have a goal. He couldn't drift forever. It had already been a month and he was going from place to place, barely sleeping and rarely eating. So he asked a gentleman one night if they might stop somewhere to eat. A very innocent question that was received in a not-so-innocent way. He'd had no money to give at that point so what would he do to earn his meal, hm?

That was the beginning of it. His new career. He would do small favors to get where he wanted to go. Then, once he got there, he started doing favors for money, and so on. There was never any actual sex involved, he flat out refused to go that far with someone he was "professionally" involved with. He'd do pretty much anything within reason when it came to favors but full-on sex was a hard limit and one he kept to stringently. Cut him up, smack him around, tie him down, bite him, whatever. If it didn't do any real or permanant damage and didn't go against his rules (and of course so long as it wasn't disgusting) what the hell did he care so long as he got paid? He wasn't doing it to enjoy it.

He saved what he earned, every single scrap of money or monetary value, enough to eventually find a semi-steady living space in Monaco where he inevitably wound up. Nothing fancy of course. Barely a decent space at all -more of a hole in the wall to stash clothes and personal belongings. But he needed to be more focused on keeping himself clean and well-dressed/groomed if he wanted to keep up clientele so most of his earnings went toward that as the year wore on. This wasn't the life he would have chosen for himself certainly but it kept clothes on his back and food in his belly. And to this day he holds firmly to the hope that eventually he will be able to put it behind him. Better himself and maybe have a real job and an apartment... a real life beyond the nighttime streets.

-Street smart for the most part
-Can sometimes be skittish

Preternatural active power: Unknowingly sensitive to the presence of preternatural creatures and their powers

Passive power: Physical Empathy


Dad - Magojiro Watanabe
Mum - Madelaine Watanabe

RP Sample: RAWR I are immune!

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Uke Yutaka (aka Kai of Gazette)



Koyuki Watanabe / 18 years old / Human / Strawberry / Human Servant to China Rose
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2 Re: Koyuki Watanabe on Wed May 26, 2010 10:43 pm


Approved! *stamps it* Don't forget facey claimy


"Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams,
purge your thoughts of the life you knew before.
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar,
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