Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Ruby Daserth

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1 Ruby Daserth on Tue May 25, 2010 1:31 am


Character Name: Ruby Nicole Daserth

Character Screen Name: Ruby

Species: Wereleopard; Weretiger

Location: Venice

Power level: Beta Leopard; Omega Tiger

Age, Gender:
25, Female

Length of infection: 5 years; 3 years

Ruby is a red-haired 25 year old who is rather petite in size. She stands at a height of 5'3 and weighs just over 110 pounds. Most often you can see her wearing a pair of jeans and a tank top, paired with her favorite pair of red converse. Her clothes are almost always form fitting, though she isn't afraid to just throw on a pair of sweats and a baggy shirt on the lazy days. Her make-up consists of only eye-liner and a light shadow, causing her almod-shaped, hazel eyes to really pop. On rare occasions, Ruby can be seen wearing elegant evening gowns that cling to her figure, moving in synchronization with her own movements. Her red hair is chopped in a slightly messy way, yet it seems to give her a classic elegance that many find themselves attracted to.

Her true form is that of an Indian Leopard. This leopard's appearance is not that different from that of the traditional African Leopard. Her back is mostly orange in color and as it begins to wrap around her body, it turns to yellow-orange as the stomach fades to white. Her markings are spaced apart in an even way that allow her to easily blend in with her surroundings. The reason blending in is slightly difficult, is due to her overly-large size, almost that of a young pony.

Her hybrid form stands at 5'4, her facial structure, teeth, and eyes all that of the leopard. She walks on the hind legs of a leopard while she has human arms and hands, though her nails are claws.

The other form is that of a large white tiger. With piercing blue eyes, her tiger is the main strain that takes over during the full moon. White as snow and black stripes that overlap in a few places make it a little more difficult for her to blend in with her surroundings.


Ruby has a rather outgoing personality. The girl isn't afraid to say what she thinks and often doesn't care what the cost of saying it is. She knows who she is and doesn't care if someone likes her or not. Able to make many friends, Ruby has a personality that draws people in and brings her closer to those around her. Once she has made a friend, the red-head is often loyal to a fault. She is fully trusting to those she meets, even after she has been betrayed, her trust is still there until it happens again. Many see her as gullible because she does tend to fall for things that aren't true, but she has an amazing sense of what is right and what is wrong. She often sits outside upon a balcony and writes. It doesn't matter what about, whether it's her daily activities, a poem, or even a story. She loves to have fun and isn't afraid to go wild when she's partying. Despite this, she hardly ever gets drunk and doesn't do drugs of any kind. When she does get drunk, her inhibitions are set free and most times she doesn't let anything stop her from doing what she wants.

Though she is often kind, Ruby does have a bit of a temper. When she gets mad, many can tell because her hazel eyes get darker and take on an almost black appearance. This causes many people to shrink away from her and chose not to make her mad. Those who do make her mad, often learn their lesson the first time and do not bother her again. Those who don't however, tend to find themselves with a worthy adversary.

Ruby Daserth was born and raised in Venice to Shenika and Xavier Daserth. Growing up, she always found herself out in the wild to find inspiration in her writing. As a child, she had all the friends someone could ever ask for and she loved all of them. As she entered middle school, she became slightly awkward in social situations and therefore lost most of her friends. For some reason, the people she had called friends viewed anything different as an outcast. The one person who never left her her was her best friend, Jezebel Austin.

Jezebal was just like Ruby, only there was more to her that Ruby wasn't even aware of. Anytime there was a fight, Jezebel somehow stopped it, keeping Ruby safe throughout high school. In Ruby's junior year of high school, something changed her entire life. The night after her twentith birthday, she was out walking when she found herself pinned beneath a large cat. The animal had been snarling in her face when another large creature tackled it off of her, causing the claws of the first large cat to drag across her stomach.

Unbeknownst to her, the large creature that had saved her was not only a leopard, but it was her best friend, Jezebel. Picking herself up, Ruby ran home, unaware of what had happened after she left. A few days later, she woke up in a hospital, finding herself in extreme pain. Blood tests had been run, as is protocol. They found that she'd been attacked by a leopard. Her parents, given the option, chose to give her a necessary vaccine. After a day, they ran tests again, only to find that the vaccine had done nothing. They hadn't been quick enough in getting it to her. After a payment, Ruby's parents took her home, determined to figure out what to do to keep their daughter alive.

The Saturday after the incident, 2 days after leaving the hospital, Jezebel came to Ruby's house and took her for a walk, explaining to her what had happened and the best way to keep her safe. She had to go to join a Pard. The lycanthropes craved the touch of their own kind and survival was possible with their help. It was her choice, but the girl knew that she had to talk with her parents. And Jezebel had to be there.

After much discussion, going back and forth with the pros and cons of staying home or joining a Pard, her parents relented. With Jezebel's help, they took her to the local Pard, spoke to the Raj, and said goodbye to their daughter for the time being. Sometime during that conversation, Jezebel had disappeared, leaving no trace that she'd ever been there.

The coming trials would be no easy feat. Each time she shifted, her body collapsed with extraordinary pain. The process of controlling her beast was difficult and the one who helped her most was Gavin. Since he was the Nimir-Raj, he had the most experience when it came to controlling himself. As long as Ruby watched him and did everything he did, she would be able to control herself in no time. Little did she know, 'no time' was much longer than she had anticipated.

For two years, Ruby studied under her friends and leaders and learned to control her powers and her new ability. As her control increased, she was able to leave the lands to travel once more. Before leaving, Gavin died suddenly, no explanation was given. Not long after, a male by the name of Jon came to the Pard lands when the leopards were stuck in a limbo. He took the spot of Raj and Ruby stayed there for another week. After that week was up, she made her first trip out of the city. She went to Rome, where she encountered a breed of shifter she hadn't gotten to know before. The tiger.

After an argument about the politics of the tiger world, she discovered that keeping her mouth shut would have been for the best. The tiger she'd met was an omega who had no control over emotions when connected to his shifter. Immediately the male shifted out and attacked. With some difficultly, Ruby was able to fight the male off and make a break for it.

She returned to Venice, staying in her room until she was better. The female didn't allow anyone in until Jon came. She told him what had happened and that she had a bad feeling that leopard was not the only beast within her. They would know for sure in a week, when the moon would be full.

With anticipation, she waited. Standing in a clearing with the rest of the Pard, she felt herself shifting. Something different was happening though. She didn't see spots upon her. Instead, she saw stripes. It was then that it had become perfectly clear what was going on. She'd contracted a second strain of lycanthropy.

The following day, the Raj spoke about getting her a mentor for the tiger half of her. He found Mei, a Beta level tigress who was willing to help out. When Ruby wasn't training with the leopards, she was training one on one with the tigress, relearning everything she had to know. Throughout the entire process, she learned how to control the tiger within her and was able to pick up the skill of guns and throwing knives.

It has been three years since she was infected with the second strain and since then, she has learned much. Despite also being a tiger, Ruby remains with the Pard.


~Control shift
~Paritally shift eyes, teeth, and fingers
~Hybrid form

~Partially shift eyes
~Somewhat control shift

~Throwing knives

~Shifts in times of extreme stress


Shenika Daserth -- Mother
Xavier Daserth -- Father

RP Sample:

The sun's rays were shining down, causing the water to glisten and shimmer, making hazel eyes appear brighter than normal. Ruby was staring out at the ocean, her red hair whipping around her face as the wind blew. Within an hour the sun would be down and she would be free to change into her true form. It had been five years since she was turned into this creature. This leopard. Five years since she had found out her best friend of ages was a wereleopard. Five years since her life had been changed forever. To many, five years was nothing. To Ruby, however, it was an eternity. She had been forced to go into the shadows until she learned to control her beast and that alone had taken two years just to start. Exhaling slowly, her hazel eyes closed and the wind began to die down.

After a few moments, her eyes opened and she found that the sun had already fallen to the horizon. Clearly her eyes had been shut longer than a few moments. Shaking her head, Ruby began to walk along the beach, glad that no one was around. As more time passed, Ruby saw the sun had fallen behind the horizon. Turning her head to face the opposite direction, her eyes caught the glint of the silver moon. It was full tonight. Immediately, she winced in pain and clutched her stomach. Kneeling downin the sand, her body tensed up as the shine of the moon covered her body. Her hands began to morph as her fingers shrank and turned into paws, her feet taking on the same appearance. Her body contorted as she took on the form of an Indian Leopard. The last part of her to appear was her lengthy tail.

Her tongue extended from her jaws as she licked her jowls. Brown eyes looked around the beach as she began to walk, her shoulders rising and falling with each step she took. After getting beneath the pier, her body stretched out and she yawned loudly. As she moved, her tail flicked from side to side in irritation. Truthfully, Ruby wasn't sure if she would ever get used to changing into another form. It was still slightly painful, but less than it was when the change first happened. She was thankfully for that much. Padding her way through the sand, the female kept her body low to the ground, careful to make sure no one saw her. After all, she wasn't sure how many people had ever seen a leopard on a beach.

After an hour of wandering, she found herself surrounded by a forest and shook her body, releasing it of all the kinks from her human form. Her ears twitched as she found herself curled up beneath a tree, her tail finding itself in front of her face. Closing her eyes, she decided that it was time for a short rest before she began her midnight stalking.

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Alexz Johnson


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2 Re: Ruby Daserth on Wed May 26, 2010 8:44 pm


Alrighty honey there's a few things that need a little fixing. Try to bear with me.

First thing's first, love, Alpha status of any kind of shifter is pretty tough to actually reach. Seven years is not long ennouh to have reached it especially if she is having to learn control over more than one beast so at best she would need to be Beta of one thing and Omega of another (Logically I suggest that the Leopard be the higher of the two but I'm not going to force you)

Second, infection by blood transfusion wouldn't be possible, hon. All blood taken at blood drives and all blood checked into a blood bank is tested thoroughly for any type of irregularity. And if it had been discovered in hospital that she'd contracted lycannthropy she would have been locked in a "safe house" of some kind because there are still a number of prejudices surrounding preternaturals.

Also, it is not possible to contract more than one strain of lycanthropy at once sweety. They would cancel each other out, that's why the vaccine was invented. It is basically another strain (generally feline) injected into the system so it cancels out both entirely. What would need to happen is that she contracted one and then later on downn the line she contracted another (which in itself is very extremely rare but it does happen).

As for being given to the streak, that would not have happened. Tigers are VERY selective and quite literally Elitest snobs for the most part. Tigers that are infected, not born, are seen as unclean to them and most streaks will not even glance their way. They might accept them into the streak to keep them from running wild but they would be very poorly treated and largely ignored which is why I suggested your Leopard be the higher beast. And they especially would not like someone that is not solely a tiger. Having two kinds of lycanthropy would make you practically an untouchable to the tigers. Most likely she would have wound up with the Pard rather than the streak.

The Chang would have probably forbidden the pureblood males from having intimate interaction with Ruby, not tried to force one of them on her. As I said they are very VERY concerned with segregating the born from the infected.

Sorry that it seems like a lot. Tigers are always a pain to try and make because of their weird customs and it's never easy to try and make a panwere so don't feel bad, okie?

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