Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Jon Jackson

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1 Jon Jackson on Mon May 24, 2010 10:42 pm


Il clan della cresta - Nimir-Raj
Character Name: Jonathan Jackson
This should be your character's full name.

Character Screen Name:

Amur Leopard

Location: Venice

Power level: Alpha-Nimir-Raj.

Age, Gender: 28,Male

Length of infection: Eight years

Jon is normal height for a guy his age standing at a little over 6 feet in height. His body screams friendly guy next door though he knows how to take down someone much bigger than himself. Even though he's often seen standing with most of his weight on one foot you can tell he worked out while younger.

He has a slender waist and broad shoulders. While not overly tan he does have a golden shine to his skin during the summer months. It fades when winter rolls around though.His hair is an in between sandy blonde and light brown changing depending on the light. His eyes are a hazel color. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder blade, his family crest, he also have a brightly colored tattoo on his left leg. A Celtic piece.

His clothing style bounces around depending on what he's doing at the moment. Usually he can be seen in a worn tshirt paired with an over shirt on top of a pair of jeans. He doesn't like the suit and tie look though he can pull it off if he has too.

His leopard is huge compared to the natural thing. He stands roughly the size of a pony.His coat is a light orange dotted with rusty looking spots ringed in black. His coat fades to white at the paws and the tip of his tail. His hybrid form stands at roughly seven feet and he's covered in a thin coat of fur. He carries impressive fangs and claws in this form.

Jon is quirky. He's the laugh a minute type that hasn't learned how to control his mouth quite yet. Needless to say snarky remarks that get people riled up around him. To his friends though he's one of the sweetest people out there.Loyalty is big to him so he'd never turn his back on anyone if he could help it. If you talked to him more than a minute you'd know that alot of his bounciness comes from his increased in take of sugar. He loves donuts and cookies.

There is a slightly darker side to him but almost no one sees it. Jon has the habit of taking to much on sometimes and if he feels like he didn't help enough or if he didn't do his part to save the day he'll become illusive. He'd rather spend time alone than risk saying something hurtful to people he likes.He's not prone to fits of violence though and will drink before doing anything else if he's in a mood.

Jon was born to a happy well adjusted family outside a small London town,Bromley. Nothing tragic or horrible about his childhood. He got along well with everyone and proved to be remarkable smart in all his classes. Puzzles where his big thing growing up and he shocked a good number of people by being able to solve ones someone one ten years his senior would struggle with. He was in the middle of school when his Mum announced she was with child. He got a baby brother then another one just a few years later.

After skipping a few years of school Jon got into the PI field of work liking the excitement and using his talent to be able to make anyone talk to his advantage.He blames watching to many cops shows growing up. Police work seemed to straight laced for him. He did all his leg work in his home town poking his head around the local PI's office. His mentor helped him past the exam and gave him a job as well.

One of his first cases though proved to be to much for him. He was tracking down a missing person in Africa when he got on the bad side of a mean shifter. He didn't know at the time the person he was tailing was a Leopard but found out quickly enough. His target was human one second then the next he was a half man half beast thing.

He woke up a week after that night strapped down to a bed of a clinic not remembering a thing of what happened. He was told very gently (and from a good 5 feet away) that he was attacked by a Rouge Leopard and he was infected. Adjustment was hard at first but he was able to cope. He was sought after by the local African Ra who was trying to increase the size of her group.

After that he got settled in training with the trackers of the group since he had experience in following people around. He was happy enough to stay in Africa even if he was naturally a wander. He didn't have any urge to leave till the Ra told him point blank that she wanted him for a mate. He point blank told her he was gay and didn't want any of that. After getting a beat down by an rejected Ra he made his way out of Africa and into Venice.He got a work visa setting up shop as a Private investigator. Being the strongest Cat around he took up the spot of Raj and has been here for about three years now.

Can calm or call another Leopard's beast.
Can heal with flesh (blood)
Can block the call of a Vampire to himself and other leopards.
Knows hand to hand and carries a gun on himself.
Is the official tracker of the group till he trains someone else to do it.

Allergic to silver and strawberries.
Runs him mouth sometimes.
Is weakened if he has to heal more than one person and in a short amount of time.
Will often hit first and ask questions later.
Boarder line drunk.

Brother-Marshall (18)
Brother-Alex (16)

RP Sample:
Jon glanced around playing with the cell phone in his hand as he considered stopping at the local Deli. He wasn't in that much of a hurry to get back to the office. He knew that most of his cases were more long term than anything else so he wasn't in a rush to have to finish them. Plus he hadn't eaten since breakfast and the idea of a ham and cheese sandwich sounded really good to him at the point. He hovered just outside of the door before finally shrugging and making his way into the good smelling diner.

Once inside he slipped his cell into his outer pocket and glanced around. He attempted to be discreet as he glanced around taking a deep pull of air. Looked like he was the only fuzzy inside. He smiled happily and made his way to the counter standing in line behind a slender blonde. From the way the line was moving he didn't think it would take to long before he was ordering. Hopefully his phone would stay silent while he attempting to grab a bite to eat.

Playerbase/Face Claim name:Jensen Ackles


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Welcome to Web of Blood. Your application is approved and if you need anything for the Pard then please PM me or another admin.

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