Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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1 Paris-Germano on Mon May 24, 2010 2:39 am


Vampire - Master
Character Name: Paris-Germano Chesire Lombard

Power level: Master Vampire

Languages: Greek, Latin, French, German, English, Italian, Fragmented Spanish

Age, Gender: 1,597 years old (Born April 07, 0413 BC, turned at 30 years old), 1,567 of those years as a Vampire, Male

Location: Venice, Italy


Paris has sky-colored blue eyes and feels comfortable at the average height of 5'11. He maintains his hair in it's original dark brown-seemingly black hues, and without any sort of straightening his hair is naturally curly. His skin has always been of medium tone, and distinctive worry lines can be seen residing on his forehead. He is muscular in the same way that a tennis player is- thin yet not too thin, and athletic but not bulky.Paris' face is adorned with a English styled mustache, goatee and sideburns.

The male's attire is typically very flamboyant. He likes to play dress up, with clothes so extreme in variety that he will sometimes be wearing clothing typical to a 1950's detective and other times he will show up with a bright purple dresscoat. Paris always carries around a smoking pipe since that's one of his 'bad' habits, although it's more common to see him wearing it when he's dressed up like Sherlock Holmes. He almost always is wearing magnifying goggles atop his head; whether he actually uses them or not is irrelevant to him, it's a fashion statement.

Personality: Sadistic, cruel, violent.Some would claim he's mentally illed, schizophrenic or a sociopath. To others, he is a flighty, whimsical and witty individual who'll pit-pocket you when you aren't paying attention. Paris-Germano definitely is 'quite the character', and anyone who meets him soon won't forget it, for chances are he'll leave some sort of destruction in his wake. The Vampire has a low regard for life and would kill without thinking twice if he thought he could get away with it. Generally the immortal has a very short attention span and will abandon pets after a couple of months of having them. If something that he owns is destroyed, even living property, Paris is the first to blink an eye and never look back on the situation. Frankly, it's amazing that anything gets done with his level of follow through. As fickle as he is, Paris knows how to get others to do his dirty work by sucking up and performing favors, so despite being irresponsible, his business is always settled at the end of the day. That is the way he likes it- living on the edge without regards to his duties seems to make everything all the more thrilling for the bastard. Paris thinks through 'me-vision' and doesn't do anything that he doesn't think will get him something that he wants. Even though he's incredibly immoral and virtue-less, Paris-Germano still maintains a cheery, unbothered persona. It's actually a lost cause to attempt ot make the gentleman to become irritable. When this does happen, it won't last long.

Rome, Italy, Monday, April 07, 0413 BC until 0443
Paris-Germano grew up in Rome, Italy, under the name “Chesire Lombard”. He lived a decent, middle classed life in the city and like most boys, when he came to age at about eleven or twelve he was assigned a male mentor named Priscus who was married to a woman but decided to pick up a boy from the bath house. Since homosexual relations were not frowned upon, and almost encouraged to ensure that males were ready for their first encounter with women, Paris-Germano was taken as the sexually submissive several times by Priscus before determining his sexuality. Paris realized, in between affectionate and instructional sexual sessions with Priscus that he was homosexual. He was taken in as a slave and played the role of a female for his master who was married to a woman until he turned sixteen and was considered too ‘old’ for the role and abandoned.

Feeling lost and confused, having no place to go and repulsed by the idea of marrying a woman, Paris fled to the streets and became a male prostitute. He had several men who had adopted him and nursed him from various diseases he had caught in the streets; but all of his affections ended when he was twenty and considered much too old for prostitution. For about ten years he looked out for male prostitutes himself and had several boys that he owned and had sex with, although his lack of relationships with females was slightly appalling to the community because men had sex with men to silence their sexual appetite until they found women.

Having no money after losing his job as a prostitute, Paris-Germano mostly stole to cover the costs of his daily living and prostitutes. During this span of his life he was particularly sleazy and good for nothing, but his violence streak hadn’t surfaced yet.

Rome, Italy, Saturday, June 19, 0443

On this fateful day, Paris-Germano decided to indulge in some curiosities. Blood drinking cults were infamous within the walls of the city Rome; everyone did it, and although people died from it, the Romans had yet to make a link through blood diseases and the ingestion of it causing death. Women drank blood to become fertile,and men drank it for their sperm to be more potent. After having had complaints from his current male boy-slave that he was 'thinning out' in his ejaculations, Paris-Germano decided to join one of these cults that met at night. He had no idea that anything like Vampires existed, or that he could get infected with that sort of virus. The first night that he attended an irresistibly handsome man approached him and offered to take his neck. This wasn't the way it was usually done, but Paris agreed and was enthused with an orgasmic bite. It was so incredible that it kept Paris coming back like an addict, and by the time he realized what was happening it was two late: three nights and three bites had Paris turned. His sire was a man who identified himself as Delmar; a strapping looking man who was six feet tall, thin in weight and looked to be in his early twenties.

The two didn't exactly 'click'. Paris-Germano was bored of the Vampire by the first two years, but tentatively stuck around for a period of fourty years in fear of what might happen to him if he didn't. Delmar taught him how to hunt and protect himself, as well as how to protect himself from Fey tricks and hide from Vampire hunters. This training was so intense that it would leave Paris in day sweats when he slept in his coffin; for the longest time he had strongly engraved fears of the things that Delmar was trying to protect him from. During his stay with Delmar, Paris gladly submitted to a sort of submissive sexual role like he fondly remembered from his childhood.

Rome, Italy,Monday, August 22, 0488

Lonely, Paris-Germano decides to create a fledging. He hadn't much information about fledging and at the time there weren't very strict vampiric lead or rules, so it was easy for the immortal to pick up a young boy and seduce him using a bit of charm. The child, Eunice, was roughly nine years old. Paris had always a taste for younger boys and, while, the vampire isn't certain, he believed that the unsuccessfulness of his attempt to make the boy into a vampire was because of his age. The boy died during the second bite.

Seville, Spain Friday, January 24, 0587

It was nearly 100 years after Paris-Germano first tried to create a fledging. Paris had been cautious, spending most of the time with various one night stands and having short lived relationships with shifters; he decided, after much debate, to try to create another fledging. Paris-Germano met Ramiro at a fresh produce stand in Spain. He was 13, but small and still very much feminine in his appearance. He hadn't developed his masculine features and that was the way that Paris liked it.

It didn't take much to charm the boy, and although Paris only knew bits and pieces of Spanish he doted on the boy and made him feel secure. He fed him and offered him a bed, and in only a few weeks the child trusted him. The Vampire managed to restrain himself from actual intercourse but the two did fiddle around. One month into their knowing of each other, Paris-Germano turned Ramiro.

It was a success. Or so Paris thought. The boy didn't die mid-bite and survive for half of a year after the turning. It was a lovely relationship, if only a tidbit sick. One night, Paris awoke to a stiff, deadened body of his fledging. He didn't know why the male had passed over, but it was quite the depressing event. Paris-Germano oathed never to have a fledging again.

Marseille, France, Wednesday, October 9, 1028

Paris-Germano met China-Rose: A remarkably handsome half Asian, half of European descent blond with the bluest, most deep gazing eyes he had ever seen. China-Rose stood at 6’2, and his body frame consisted of lean meat and beautifully pale skin. The man spoke five different languages and was aged a simple seventeen. He had lived in several locals due to his father being a traveling merchant, and the mortal was wise beyond his years. While on most occasions Paris would charm his victims in, China-Rose charmed Paris in. From the moment they met Paris was hooked and the two found themselves meeting up to sell jewels at a local marketplace or talk over wood chopping for hours on end. Three months into their conversations, China-Rose revealed that he knew of Paris’ nature and of the paranormal world. Though the child was so young he did not seem it, and Paris knew he would never find anyone else like China-Rose. Paris-Germano turned China-Rose into a vampire with the full consent of the 19 year old and their life of immortality together began.

German States, Monday, March 18, 1079

Paris-Germano woke up to the startling realization that his fledging had left him. All mental ties they had one had were severed and he did not know the location of his beloved. So may emotions came crashing upon him that he was forever put to his knees at the mention of China-Rose, even to this day. The similarities between China-Rose and himself as a fledging were obvious, and he feared he had become as boring as Delmar had become to him as a young vampire. He desperately began to search for China-Rose.

Rome, Italy, Wednesday, January 22, 1203
(759 years as vampire)
A vampire for nearly eight hundred years, Paris-Germano was still living in the city he was born, after having abandoned Delmar during a traveling visit and never being approached by him again. Rome was basically collapsed, and the drinking of blood legally had been outlawed. It was difficult for him to stay, and for the past few weeks things had become heated. There Vampire hunters in town, Paris knew, and he was preparing himself to leave one night when one attacked him inside of the residence he was living in, sprinkling him with Holy Water. It was light enough that he didn't suffer any irreversible damage, but in the process of running away he hit his head hard enough to crack the skull, waking up the next night deep in a cave that he had no memory of traveling to.

Paris had no idea who he was, he didn't remember where he'd been or even how old he was--- thankfully, his insticts remembered he was a Vampire and that being in the sunlight would kill him, that he must feed, etc. Everything else was a blur. He adopted his new name Paris-Germano after traveling through places with similar names, and began to form a new life.

Open Seas, Tuesday, January 28, 1203

Roughly a week after his accident, Paris had become a pirate. He didn't know why he wanted to become a pirate, but he teamed up with some of the last surviving vikings, and after displaying his powers to them they accepted him as a valuable asset. A casket was kept in the bottom of their specially designed boats and he was protected from the sun, fire and hunters in exchange for pillaging villages, raping the women and gathering gold from the huts of various European countries. He did this for a great number of years, working with sons of sons of the original vikings he had cut a deal with, until the European governments had become fed up and decided to kill and capture the pirates that had been causing destructive happenings.

This was, roughly, around the year 1250. After that, Paris hopped onto Muslim pirate boats and continued switching from every pirate ship that he could. Some rejected him, but for the most part, pirates were the rebels of the sea and could use any extra Supernatural help that they could get. Paris was a naturally superior pickpocket and was able to swindle anyone out of all of their gold. He had to abandon ship in the middle of the night several times and swim for four or five hours to shore to find cover when his shipmates had showed signs of catching disease; Paris knew if they died that he would eventually die as well with no one to man the ship and him unable to attend it at night. He eventually solved this problem by starting to sail with other Supernaturals, mainly shifters, who would survive the meanest of Scurvy.

England, UK, Saturday, February 15, 1606
Paris-Germano's days of piracy had pretty much ended by this period of time. He'd wandered into England and suddenly become aware of the concept of Kiss', and that he had to be a member of one. On his way to find someone from the organization one night he bumping into a largely disfigured vampire on the streets. This Vampire had long black hair that was straight and ran to his shoulders, was tall and thin, and was missing a nose. His eyeballs were glass and he looked disgusting. Despite this, Paris somehow felt safe with the Vampire who introduced himself as Delmar. This was in fact his sire; but Paris wasn't aware at the time and Delmar didn't seem to mind the lack of acknowledgement. Delmar invited him to join a freakshow and showed him a variety of tricks such as juggling and lion taming; he joined a traveling circus troupe and traveled from country to country.

Delmar explained that he couldn't join a Kiss, although the reason never made sense to Paris. Surprisingly, he found himself extremely fascinated with this deformed Vampire who never spoke of his past and the two engaged in a relationship. They were involved together for two hundred years; by this time, all of their human and shifter companions of the freak show had died and Paris-Germano was left alone with Delmar. Fragment at a time, Paris began to regain his memory and identified the man as his Sire. This was a major breakthrough for the two.

England, 1809
During a city riot, Delmar is trapped and killed inside of a barn fire. Paris watches this event in horror but flees, damaged by the death of his sire but approaching the site later not finding any evidence that Delmar actually died. Optimistically, Paris believes that his sire is somehow alive somewhere out there, and that they will meet once again. He takes a collection of art, music, and theatre scripts that Delmar had collected over the thousands of years of his life and starts to sell and perform them as his own for money.

England, Summer time, 1812
It had been a long time since Paris-Germano had even considered having a fledging once more. He had moved to an English city and had been settled for several years when an opportunity was offered to him that he could not resist. Being a well known composer and contributor to the city’s pool of wealth,not suspected to be a vampire, an orphaned Donovan Luke Pettwood was offered to Paris-Germano to father. He could not refuse the offer after meeting the fifteen year old boy, and soon signed the papers that now do not exist for he destroyed them to adopt the human. He originally planned to fledge flee the city, but after living with the teenager for a week he knew that he could not create a lover out of this child. Donovan was indeed more of a son to Paris than a potential relationship, so Paris treated him as such. The Vampire took very delicate steps to hide his Vampiric nature from the kid. He was not able to successfully hide his vampire-tendencies for even a year. Donovan soon found out, but to his surprise, was not shocked or scared of Paris afterwards. Paris was Donovan’s father and protector. They were very close, until one day the then sixteen year old Donovan asked to be turned. They agreed to wait until Donovan’s oldest sister married for Donovan to be turned, and for the next year Paris spent the majority of his time mentoring Donovan to prepare him for the change.

Donovan, being a heterosexual male, formed a bond with a female during his waiting span for being turned. Paris knew of it but did not think anything of it, until he overheard a conversation between the two about a child. It had seemed suspicious that Donovan was working more hours to collect more pounds, but it all clicked when he realized that the girl was pregnant and Donovan was preparing to raise the child. Donovan’s sister had still not married but, during a confrontation, Paris-Germano decided to turn Donovan whether he liked it or not. Paris knew that if Donovan was allowed to remain human to the birth of his child that he would want to remain human, and since they had already bonded Paris decided to follow through with his son’s turning. For the longest time, Donovan was angry at Paris but stayed by his side partially out of fear and partially due to a deep father-son love. They had just reached two years past Donovan’s 30 years of being a vampire when the fledging had enough and ran away from his master. Paris, concerned, searched for five years though Donovan was wise enough to cover his steps up nicely. He found the corpse of his fledging Tuesday, August 5, 1851, the body with clear indications that a Vampire hunter had staked him at the heart. That slight still carries grief on Paris like the moment that it happened; therefore Paris doesn’t think about it, trying to silence any memories of his only ‘son’.

1900's to present

For the past one hundred or so years, Paris has spend his years picketing between France, England and Italy. He visited Germany once, but after a confrontation with a member of the local Kiss was told basically to never come back or he would be killed. Needless to say, the Vampire hasn't been back, and he's managed to get away with being in only very loose contact with the Kiss' of the various cities. He most recently moved from Rome,Italy to Venice, Italy and has decided not to contact a local Kiss. He spends most of his time in clubs soliciting youth who sneak in underaged, getting them drunk and fucking them out of their minds. He's been alone this entire time and lived a pretty empty, lonely life. He remembers most of his past though there are bits and pieces of details he can't recall; he remembers the general details though, and seems to get by alright.

-Deep Rolling
-Orgasmic Bite

-Dislikes birds
-Is neglectful and forgetful
-Has slight memory problems
-Pedophile ( sexually likes extremely young boys)
Master vampire Powers:
-Ability to rise early--- about 1 hour before true dark
-Advanced Voice Tricks
-Draw blood from a distance ( only kinda sorta knows that he can do this)
Blood Line Power: Belle Morte

Kiss or Non Kiss:
Non Kiss
RP Sample:
Paris-Germano removed his ear from the door where he had been listening, pulling back in his wooden chair a few moments before the door opened to reveal a flustered seventeen year old boy rushed into the room and jumped at the sight of Paris sitting so closely to the door.

“Sorry. I wasn’t expecting you, Sir- Erh, Lombard, sir.” Came a stammer from the blond child’s lips, body dressed in dirt stained peasant clothing and reeking of cow’s manure. He’d been working in the stables tonight, obviously, and by Paris’ calculations he’d been working more and more there lately. It was all the evidence he needed for his next statement.

“Is the girl pregnant? Donovan, you may be a blinded bigot and poor listener, but surely you aren’t stupid! Insert in the hole in back, not the front!” The vampire’s exclamation was so loud and upfront that it startled the mortal boy, who nearly collapsed against the closing door. This shock soon wore off though, and a frustrated expression swept the boy’s features instantaneously.

“You were listening against the door! How dare you protrude on my private matters!” Donovan’s face was flushed red, a fist brimming with rage that lunged at Paris before the Supernatural caught the punch midair and held the human by the wrist, making sure he didn’t make another motion like that as well as assuring the teenager didn’t try to escape.

“Any standard parental figure would scold you and tell you that you’ve made a mistake, that you’ll have to marry the girl and own up to your responsibilities. But the luck has it in for you, and I’m going to turn you tonight to make up for the lost time you’ve spent chasing that malicious whore.”

His tongue slid in and out of his mouth with a ridiculous French accent which was speaking English so the British child would be able to understand him. Although it was common in the 19th century for a man to know many a language, the one before him was young and unthoughtful of such cultural standards. With his spare hand, Paris stroked his chin and bobbed the pipe that was lit in his mouth, spewing the scent of tobacco smoke across the closed off kitchen room.

Donovan clearly wasn’t happy with this decision of the immortal. His wrist wriggled to break free from the Vampire’s grip but the hold was too strong- even though he knew better than to try to defy the undead, especially Paris-Germano, emotions were controlling his ability to think and he was acting recklessly with impulse.

“But…You can’t! We both agreed to wait two years until after my sister married- you know that we didn’t agree to this and you cannot break our promise! Paris-Germano! You promised!” He was whining, gasping for breath in between frantic wheezing that would only cease to take a deep inhale of air.

Despite the firework display in front of him, Paris managed to maintain a face void of any real concern about Donovan. He had known that eventually it would come to this. There was nothing that could have prevented him from taking Donovan at some point as they had agreed, and the sooner that it occurred the better it was for the both of them. The longer Donovan remained human the more he would long to be human. The male’s encounters with the vampire Paris-Germano had not made him feel any less attached to human life like it did to most: it had in fact reeled him into to living more, and as a result, the longer things went about the more Paris felt he was losing the mortal he now felt safe to call his apprentice.

“I don’t care about what we agreed to previously, I’ve changed my mind. Donovan, this is the perfect cover up story and we mustn’t wait longer to fabricate a more or less unbelievable tale of murder without a body or kidnapping by an unknown assailant. Now, you can be the boy who ran away from fatherhood. Found out a child was to be born and ran. Scattered. It’s perfect, makes perfect sense.”

A ring of smoke engulfed Donvoan’s sour face, and the struggling became stronger from beneath the immortal’s grip, but it was nothing that the blood sucker couldn’t handle. His eyes glazed over in dullness from the display of childish rebellion and he gripped harder, causing Donovan to cry out in pain as a bone in his wrist fractured.

“Offer me your neck, Donovan.” Paris-Germano was not asking politely: it was an order. He understood, only partially, the validity and volume of the feelings Donovan was experiencing at this moment in time. Paris himself hadn’t been given the choice to be turned and yet did not regret the bulk of what had occurred to him, and Donovan, being almost the age that Paris had been when he was turned, was acting so strangely. He should have been excited- enthralled- or at the very least gratefully compliant. As futile as Donovan’s resistance was, Paris was attempting to be as gentle and kind as he possibly could be to his future fledging while still maintaining authority over him. When it was clear that Donovan was not going to follow orders, Paris’ grip on the boys shattered wrist began to twist it, enlarging the pain as his tone grew in ferociousness.

“Offer,” Shouted one word, “your,” the next slightly louder and finally “NECK.” the last phrase being hollered in fury to the male’s ear, finally evoking the response that Paris-Germano was looking for when the tortured youth pressed forward with his neck nearly jutting out to Paris’ mouth.

To reward him, Paris’ salty tongue trailed from the base where the neck met the boy’s shoulder Donvan’s ear, nibbling on the lobe--- something that Donovan had many times expressed joy in, before whispering a final statement into the child’s ear.

“Very well.” And, like he had done many times before, Paris-Germano pressed his teeth into the skin of Donovan’s tender flesh. This would be the last time the boy felt natural warmth in his body and grains and meats filling his belly. No longer would the human walk within sunlight, at least not for another four hundred years. He would become a creature of the night, a child of monster, Paris-Germano’s fledging, for all eternity to serve.
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