Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric)

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1 Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:00 pm

It was perhaps two days after Pierce had left...or would it be one? He had been so distraught over the news, that he had gone straight to Dillon's place, and cried himself to sleep. He hadn't really eaten much. Just enough to keep his beast at bay, but other than that, he just rolled himself in Dillon's scent. He was currently in Dillon's bed, snuggled up to one of his pillows, and sleeping to the scent of his dominant. He was nude under the covers, and his hair was covering his face. So far he had yet to meet the Rex, and he was unaware he was going to meet him tonight.

He had slept all day again. Never stirring except to relieve himself of bodily functions, and then he was right in bed again. Now he was waking up to darkness, and his belly aching. His lion was also stirring as he hadn't had sex in a while, and now he was hungry. Two things that were always wrong to take out of a shifters life. His eyes slowly opened before he just laid there. He didn't want to move...he didn't want to do anything. He felt like he did back in the ring again. Numb...and just the urge to please. Maybe if he had pleased Pierce sooner he would have stayed...

Shaking his head a bit, he slowly crawled out of the bed, and headed for the kitchen. He stayed nude, after all there was no reason for him to get dressed. Opening the fridge door, he just stood there staring at the inside with a blank stare. His mind not registering what he was seeing. His stomach growled again, and he blinked to pull himself out of the state he had slipped into. His eyes finally taking in what he was seeing as he sifted through the food. He then shivered a little as he felt something strong coming towards him and the apartment door...

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2 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:20 pm

Being the head of Thyssenkrupp's southern division of Europe kept Alaric very, very busy. He was just returning home from Germany, having spoken at great length concerning the concerns and organizing of the full-scale opening of the many southern regional facilities, which was to commence over the next month. Alaric did not look forward much to being flown about all over southern Europe in a little jet for weeks at a time, performing duties that were trivial in application, but necessary. The sole source of comfort, which he held tightly in his mind, was the fact that he was finally home – in Venice. It had become his true home since he had set himself up as Rex of the Pride, and taken Dillon back under his mane.

Rather than returning to his personal domicile, he made a b-line from the airport right to that of his second in command. A place and the objects it contained were hollow; what gave them sincere emotion were the individuals therein and the memories. Parking his black Lamborghini outside the apartment building, without giving any forewarning, he made his way into Dillon's suite – he had his own set of keys, of course. As soon as he walked through the front door, however, he knew something was wrong. Narrowing his eyes, Alaric quietly shut the portal and sniffed at the air; his leonine senses extended. There was another male lion in the apartment, a stranger. Young. Beta.

Who the fuck was he? Where was Dillon?

Alaric forced his breath to remain consistent, and denied his inner lion's instinct to immediately flare up at the presence of a stranger in his territory, of another male in the sleeping place of his mate. Despite the sheer power of the beast roiling within his chest, Alaric was Alpha enough to keep it under control. Slowly, he swaggered towards the source of the foreign emissions, finding it to be the kitchen. Without a word, he simply shoved the door open and stood in the doorway. The six-foot-two German werelion was dressed for casual business, bearing a blaze blazer with a muscle-hugging white shirt beneath, a pair of slacks that hung loose yet complimented all of the curves of his lower body, and a pair of sleek shiny Armani shoes. Yet, as his turquoise eyes raked over the hugely muscled, nude Beta before him, the veneer of outward civility could not obscure the sheer primal ferocity of his character.

The Alpha's eyes met Marcus's. He simply stared, unblinking, and growled like thunder.

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3 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:54 pm

He turned around just as the male entered the kitchen door way, and what he felt scared him. He dropped the jar of peanut butter he had been holding, and a good glob of it spilled onto the floor. The six foot four male could be seen visibly trembling, and he was on his knee's nearly instantly. The power washed over him, power he had felt before even if it was from different species. It was power...power that demanded respect and a greeting.

He began to crawl towards the other lion, his own was belly crawling, and when they reached the males legs, he rubbed his cheek against it as his lion rolled to it's back to bare his belly to the stranger. He moved his head up the leg of the lion, and as he got closer to his crotch he moved to the inner thigh, and nuzzled right into the lion. He breathed in deep to smell his musky scent, and his lion purred as well as him. He smelled good...strong, Alpha, and very lion like. His tongue was soon slipping out to run along his crotch.

He didn't say anything. He remained silent as he greeted the lion. Dillon had said something about a really strong Rex. He was definitely stronger than his dominant. Was this the Rex? If he was he hoped he liked the greeting. He had not greeted a clan leader in so long he wasn't sure he remembered right. He just kept licking along the crotch, his eyes closing slowly in a lazy feline way.

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4 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:06 pm

The were-lion before him immediate seemed to embody in his being many things that were paradoxical in nature. On one hand, Alaric was able to divine easily enough that the lycanthrope was a solid Beta in power and experience. That should have been more than enough of a confidence boost to augment that he should have derived naturally from a very large and impressively built form. Outwardly, the male seemed like he should have been far more significant an individual, spiritually and mentally, than that which was displayed in his demeanor, which degenerated into something kitten-like. Despite Marcus having two inches and a few pounds on Alaric, the Rex watched the other lion almost shrink inward into a trembling, terrified heap.

What came next was unexpected and odd even for a normally submissive lion greeting a clearly superior Rex. As Marcus's knees hit the floor, followed by his belly, Alaric blinked and found all territorial rage evaporate, watching as the almost pathetic male crawled simpering across the floor to begin prostrating himself along the Rex's thickly muscled leg and thigh. This was extreme. Tilting his blond head down at the muscular man nuzzling into the thick musk of his slacks crotch, he knew without a doubt that the lion didn't have it in him to actively do anything hostile or openly dominance-challenging. Clearly, he was Dillon's guest.

After a moment, he shook his head, grunting, blinking out of the almost mesmerized state he had been sucked into watching the fawning were-lion licking at his crotch. Trying to prevent an unwanted uprising of his belt, he pushed a hand through Marcus's thick hair, simultaneously softly pushing him away and stroking soothingly through the locks. ”Who are you, cub?”

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5 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:30 pm

Marcus whined a little as he was pushed away a little. Did he do something wrong? Maybe he needed to try harder. He nuzzled into the hand at his head, and looked up to him as he asked who he was. "Marcus Pine...I live here with Dillon," he said with out thinking. His hand snaked out to slip under the lions shirt so that his hand was now touching his bare flesh. He felt nice. Toned and built like himself, but he held the image a lot better then he ever would.

His fingers curled so that his nails hit his skin and he moved his hands back down to stop at his pants. His eyes looked up to him, and the look was a combination of blank emotion, lust, and wanting to please. His lion would graze against his before settling with in Marcus again. His other hand moved to grip the lion, and what he felt made his eyes go wide. A sudden scent of lust was in the air as it made him aroused just from feeling him. He was well endowed like himself...except bigger.

His eyes slowly moved up to the lions face as his hand moved against him, "you're strong...stronger then Dillon...I can't refuse...." he said more as spoken thoughts then actually speaking to him. His face was still nuzzling into his hand.

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6 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:45 pm

At the Beta's cub-like whine of plaintive reluctance, and the way he nuzzled more fervently into Alaric's firm, yet gentle hand, the Rex couldn't help but feel his heart and inner lion soften, just a tad. Though the lion was clearly sexual-minded, his mannerisms seemed far more innocuous. When the kitten-eyed male looked up at him and replied, Alaric simply quirked a brow sharply down at him. For a few long moments he remained thus, not even responding to Marcus's hand straying under the hem of his shirt (which had to be untucked from his belt) to feel up the smooth planes of his abdominals. Clearly pondering, the beautiful Rex slowly tilted his head, eyes lingering downward to the slightly clawed fingers that strayed to the expensive leather belt he wore.

There was nothing indicating distaste in Alaric's imperious gaze, nor in the character of his lion, who growled and bumped dominantly against Marcus's own, pressing bodily against him. Though he gave no verbal sign of invitation, nor did he attempt to stop Marcus's hands from exploring his lower body. Finally, a low chuckle came from the Rex, amidst a rumble, when his half-masted member was gripped through two layers of clothing, the king simply looking with a blank matter-of-fact egoism at the wide-eyed, shocked Beta. ”I am... A little larger than Dillon.”

A wry smirk painted his handsome lips, his eyes lidded and gleaming as he chuckled more and gently rubbed his hand back and forth through Marcus's hair. ”We already knew that, Marcus. Dillon may be an Alpha, but now you meet a true Rex.”

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7 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:06 pm

Him being bigger than Dillon was true. He could feel the difference. When the lion said that he was a true Rex, he blinked and couldn't stop the words that came out of his mouth. "You're the jerk that just left Dillon?" he asked as he remembered the stories Dillon had said, and that the same lion was now back as their new Rex. As soon as he realized what the words were said, he was already working on pulling back, and his eyes wide in fear as he was expecting a big time punishment for it.

"I'm sorry...please forgive me..." he whimpered and closed his eyes as he expected a smack. He wasn't himself, and because of that of late he had been saying things with out thinking. Doing things with out thinking. It had been one of the reasons that Dillon had finally told him he was moving in with him, and arranged for time off for the poor lion from the job he had finally got as a cook in one of the smaller businesses on the pride lands. Luckily none of his slip of the mouth had happened at work to loose it.

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8 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:33 am

Alaric seemed to epitomize the ideal of lion masculinity in all ways. From his intellect to his ego, to his fit musculature to his agonizing beauty, and yes, even to the larger-than-life malehood that was already straining impressively under his belt and silk pants, he was every bit worthy of his position as Rex. However, despite the gawking Beta's awe at his endowment, Alaric found himself surprised by the verbal response Marcus managed to spit out, before immediately realizing the foolhardiness of his words. Rather than flying into a violence rage, the Rex simply arched a brow again coolly at the retreating were-lion, leaning one shoulder against the door-frame.

”Your forgiveness must be earned, Marcus. The first step in gaining reprieve is to understand the true situation of which you speak.” The cultured Rex's voice was level and calm. Slowly, he walked across the kitchen, closing the short distance to which Marcus had backed away. ”Make me some coffee,” he 'suggested' casually, moving to sit atop a stool at the raised breakfast bar.

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9 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:07 am

'Earned? Well...ok,' he thought as he started to move as if to earn it, but then blinked on the request. 'Coffee?' Marcus asked himself as he slowly stood up, and went for the freezer. He pulled out the coffee beans, and measured out the right amount. Dillon had made sure he learned how to make proper coffee. That the stuff in America was crap. Marcus never touched the stuff. He was actually a little scared to know how he would react to coffee when just sugar had him bouncing on the walls.

He pulled the coffee maker out a little so he could put the beans into the grinder part. Once he was sure they were in right, he went and got the water to put in. Pouring it into the back, Marcus push the setting he wanted, and then the start button. As it started up just fine, he smiled as it was the first time he hadn't messed it up. He then looked over to Alaric and slowly started over to him. Hesitant and unsure was clear in his manner.

"What do I have to do to gain your forgiveness?" he asked him. He was ready to do anything. Anything so that the anger and disappointment wouldn't come as a beating. He didn't remember the last Rex well. The ring had been sure to stomp it out of him. He had even almost forgotten Dillon, and he had thought he was dreaming the night he had been rescued.

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10 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:56 am

Alaric was approvingly amused at the blinking, confused Beta's response to his command. ”Yes. Coffee. From coffee beans? Surely you're smarter than you look,” teased the turquoise-eyed Rex with a chuckle in his voice, flicking his hand at the wrist towards Marcus in a dismissive 'hurry up!' gesticulation, as a king might to a servant boy while lounging upon his throne. Continuing to give a little chuckle now and then, the Rex leaned to one side and twisted at the mid-section, elbow supported on the countertop, his eyes focusing once more on the darker-haired male.

He watched the Beta lion undergo the process of making coffee, everything about his mannerisms projecting unfamiliarity with the task. At times, Alaric forgot that outside of the Germanic-cultured countries, most Europeans were not very well-versed in the delicate art of coffee preparation, preferring milder teas – or in the other extreme, brown molten lava cappuccinos. By the time that Marcus got the pot going and approached him with a smile, Alaric clucked his tongue and ruefully shook his head. ”I have a feeling like that pot is going to be terrible, but at least I got a few good looks at your bent-over backside out of it.”

When Marcus showed initiative by speaking out and urging the Rex to further explain the method by which Alaric would grant the other forgiveness, the German arched both brows slightly and swiveled the stool around a few more degrees, regarding him. Despite his submission, the lion's genuine eagerness in performing the role was pleasantly refreshing. ”It will not be easy. You must simply do as I say until I tell you that your penance has been achieved.”

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11 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:26 pm

It wasn't that he was use to it as a local. He was from the states after all. He was use to the stuff all ground up already, and he had to learn how to do it this way. Didn't help that he was still a cub in more ways then one. He looked back to Alaric on the mention of the coffee, and he wanted to say it wouldn't be. That Dillon had taught him, and his always smelled good. However he bit his cheek on saying anything. He was already in enough trouble.

When the words of, it would not be easy was said, he wasn't worried. He was use to rough and difficult ways of making it up to masters and dominants he had wronged. He could handle it...he was sure he could handle it. He moved over to him so he was able to kneel at this knee's and rubbed his cheek against his knee. Just being near enough to feel his energy tickle him caused him to purr as he scented him mildly to show he claimed him as his Rex. The kitchen flooring was cold against his bare body, but it was nothing compared to the ring.

As his mind ventured to that place, a shiver of fear ran through him. The stench would fill the room for a moment, before it was still and gone. He would take any punishment then being down there again...despite how much his body and mind was craving it at times. He tried to force it out of his mind by focusing on his purr.

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12 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:14 am

Many of the CEO's everyday items, including those with which even a Plebian American would have been familiar, were far beyond the means of your average working man's experience. While Alaric did not openly flaunt his wealth, neither did he affect a pretense of equitable modesty when in the presence of less affluent company. Case in point was the coffee. Despite it being Dillon's residence, the German made sure there was always an ample supply of coffee beans, idiosyncratic to and patented by Alaric through a subsidiary company out of Columbia. When he noticed how Marcus briefly glanced back at him as if considering retorting before rethinking, Alaric mumbled something that sounded like, ”Good choice, kitten.”

Then the coffee situation was for the most part out of mind, though the pot's gentle burbling provided subtle background noise against which the lions' louder vocals were set. The taller man's immediately assuming a kneeling position when closing the distance elicited in the Rex both approval and amusement, and deeper than those, curiosity, as well as a faint resurgence in the arousal he had started to get under control. All in all, Marcus's eager expertise in submission had already endeared the Beta to Alaric, who had inwardly decided to forgive him already. However, he didn't want his new friend to know that just yet.

Alaric turned all of the way around such that he was fully facing the muscular Beta were-lion who was so much lower than the Alpha at the moment. He rumbled pleasantly, leaning back against the countertop with his elbows, and gently, pushed his knee into Marcus's visage. However he paused, going still and narrowing his eyes when out of the blue he felt terror pour out of the kneeling male in waves, before Marcus ineptly tried to cover it with a purr. Alaric didn't buy it.. Reaching down, he tilted Marcus up by the chin to meet the commanding, yet securely comforting force of his eyes. ”Tell me what caused that.”

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13 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:37 am

Marcus had been hoping that the Rex would have ignored it, but he should have known better. Fear was always something that caught predator's attention. He might have been one, but he didn't really act it. His head turned easily as Alaric guided his head up to look at him. When the words came out, the look in his eye, and the caress of his powers...Marcus didn't really stand a chance.

"I thought of the underground sex ring...where I was before Dillon rescued me..."
he answered him a bit blandly like some one going through PTSD would do as they re-called the event, "I was used there...treated harshly....and I loved it. The biting...the cutting...the gashing. I loved it all, but I feared it...always wondering if I'd live to see the next day..." he whispered out, "I fear that I'll be sent back there as punishment one day...maybe even today...and that I'll love it so much...that I won't ever get better..." he said before he lowered his eyes to the floor though his head remained up.

Just telling him, and the thought of going back, caused him to grip the stool that Alaric was sitting up, and grip it tightly to the point that the material groaned under his grip as it could not handle the strain. "P-please...don't send me back there...I'll do anything to not go back there," he whispered as the fear rolled off of him again.

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14 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:50 am

It was a rare exception when the Rex chose to completely ignore something. To escape his attention entire required first bluffing his supernatural senses and contending with the fact that he was ever vigilant, trained to keep track of even the slightest details. Even when he did note something without making the fact clear, his brain still analyzed and assessed the situation, and the socially adept lion would fluidly change his methods of interaction without missing a beat, in order to better his odds. However, what he wanted from Marcus was an immediate, honest answer. The serious weight behind his turquoise gaze demanded it, as a thumb gently stroked along the edge of Marcus's chin.

He listened, stalwart and silent, his full attention rapt on the kneeling Beta as he obeyed Alaric and replied. The Rex gave no immediate outward signs of emotional reaction to indicate how he felt; so complete was his control even his inner lion was muted. Alaric simply slid his fingertips upward along Marcus's strong jaw and cheek, not wanting to break contact with the traumatized male, then resumed the feathery caress along his chin. Only when the taller male seemed to panic and begged to not be sent back to hell, did Alaric act. He leaned in close, free hand reaching to gently caress his straining knuckles, and buried his face in the man's hair.

He didn't need to use words to express himself. Alaric's massive inner beast did it all for him. It climbed atop Marcus's and laid there, letting radiant security, acceptance, and leonine connectivity seep into the other. It wasn't a pinning position; it was one of complete ease. It was an unspoken acceptance of Marcus into the Pride, as far as the Rex was concerned. He forgave him.

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15 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:59 pm

At the feel of the warmth of his energy around him, the welcoming...the acceptance. Knowing that he wasn't going to be sent away had him brushing his tears against the lion's hand. "Thank-you..." he whispered before he was suddenly clinging to him. Then the gurgling stopped to show the coffee was done, and he was moving out of Alaric's arms. He pulled himself away, and went about getting a coffee mug down, "is there any way you'd like it made?" He asked softly. He might be large, but he was quite soft spoken.

Pouring the coffee into the mug, Alaric would actually get a pleasant scent of the beverage to his nose like it was just right. He then moved to the fridge to get cream and milk in case he wanted either of those options. "Um...also Dillon is working tonight...I don't know when he'll be home," he said offering up the information figuring the Rex was looking for Dillon. He knew that the two were back together, but he didn't mind. As long as he could have Dillon at times he'd be happy...especially after everything.

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16 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:28 am

Up until then, the sorts of energy, which Alaric had deemed it sufficient to express openly for Marcus to discern, were many; dominance, anger, cold analysis, amusement, arrogance, and so on. Yet among them, more positive emotions had not been numbered – at least, not until that magical moment. Gone was the righteous Lion God-King seeking retribution, replaced with a leonine protector who was no less powerful or dominant, yet whose strength was focused around Marcus and outward, acting as a barrier to that which would do him harm. Alaric crooned deep in his throat in perfect harmony with the deep, resonating rumbles his inner beast emitted as it sought to cover Marcus's own. Only after he was able to lick the tears from Marcus's cheeks did he release the younger male, chuckling and sitting back in a lounge to watch with keen eyes as he went about the kitchen.

”Black. Germans are a hardy race,” the Rex growled with a teasing wink. He watched, silently, Marcus's continued obeisance, impressed in how the taller lion insisted on carrying out Alaric's orders despite the brief emotional breakdown. He couldn't help but admiring once again the male's breadth and musculature, but for the moment tucked those feelings away.

”Oh? What is my Secundus up to, hm?”

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17 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:25 am

The licking of the tears had been nice. Slightly arousing, and it would show when he stood up. However it wasn't a great deal, and of course his scent would show that he had enjoyed it both as a comfort and seduction. When he said he wanted it black, he quickly put the items back where they needed to go first so he would not forget and then the items spoil. He knew his way around the kitchen, and it showed. Like the place was second nature to him, and it should be as he was a chef.

"Black it is then,"
Marcus answered before carefully taking the mug in hand, and moved back over to Alaric where he set the mug down on the counter near him. No sense in accidentally spilling it on him. Counter was the safest bet for the time being. Upon the question of what Dillon was doing, Marcus had to think a bit.

"I don't know...I woke up for the first time earlier today to find a note saying he would be gone with business," Marcus answered as he didn't find a reason to not tell, "he'll be back later tonight. He...he tries not to leave me alone for too long..." he said looking down a bit, "just in case my urges get too strong and I wander out." He explained to the Rex.

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18 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:45 pm

Between cats, affection was always an expression which elicited mingled feelings, most often relaxation and arousal. It was no different with big cat shifters, and so Alaric was not surprised in the slightest upon detecting such a mixed combination of reactions in Marcus's scent. It did make him smirk a little, however; my, the boy was as excitably as a new cub. That, as well as the simple experience of watching Marcus's strong form move throughout the kitchen, aroused him a little more, as well.

”Black and strong. Just the way Germans like it. And Rexes.” The Rex's deep bass voice rumbled with a tease and a tilted grin, nodding in thanks at the taller lion before reaching to pick up the cub from the counter. Taking it, he raised it to his lips and very slowly, pointedly sipped, eyes never lingering from the dark-haired shifter. As Marcus spoke, he nodded, remaining silent and occasionally drinking small amounts.

At length, he set the coffee down.

”I will call him, then. And... What sort of urges are you referring to, cub?” Wordlessly he prompted Marcus to rearrange himself, by looking down between his legs.

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19 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:16 am

Marcus did not need much encouragement to move between the Rex's legs. It was a position he was familiar with and comfortable with. Nude and all. He didn't even take the time to think on it. He rubbed his cheek against his knee, scenting the Rex with his weaker scent to show he accepted the male, and to get the Rex's scent on him more. When he asked about the urges, he squirmed a bit as he wasn't sure if he should say or not.

However he was the Rex, and he had asked the question instead of ordering him to tell. That was a good sign was it not? "Urges to go and find a dominant who certain things to me..." he answered the question, "..things that are not healthy and even life threatening. Things I got use to while in the underground sex ring that happened during the war." Perhaps it was a bit more then what he wanted, but it definitely wasn't detailed. He laid his head on the Rex's thigh, and looked up to him as if he were waiting for something. An action...order...anything.

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20 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:07 am

Tonight had been a rather trying day and a worse night. Classes had seemed to drag on by, students less behaved than usual annd to top it all off he'd been roped into a bloody staff meeting that hadn't let out until after dark! How did one quite manage that? He couldn't recall a single important thing that had been discussed. Not one. None of it pertained to his class, it was all basically an excuse to blow hot air. Honestly, he had more important things to do like get home and spend time with Marcus...

As soon as the meeting let out he dashed on home, grumbling about idiotic administrators the whole way. He was so distracted by his blackened mood and his efforts to banish it before he stepped in the door that he did not even notice the presence or scent of the Rex in the vicinity until his beast swatted him from within and his hand froze at the knob. Shit!

He wrenched the door open and zipped inside, calling for Marcus and of course the meddlesome Rex. He loved Alaric, he truly did. More than he could really express at times. More than he liked to admit. But there were times -like this one- when he REALLY pissed him off. Not bothering to call and ask before coming over? He'd TOLD him that Marcus was staying in his apartment and NOT to visit until he could arrange a proper meeting. But did that bloody oaf listen to him? NO!

He rushed into the kitchen area to find Marcus... between Alaric's legs. And he saw red. But he didn't want to scare the kitten so he did his very best to keep all of his anger and his power clamped down tightly. "Alaric. I was not expecting you. Could you please join me in my room while I change? I need to discuss something with you in private." His body was trembling very slightly from the anger within but he was doing a pretty good job of keeping it under wraps where Marcus was concerned. "Marcus, love, start thinking about what you'd like for dinner. Your choice tonight."

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21 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:36 am

Alaric wasn't overly surprised by the easy familiarity with which the Beta slunk down and resumed his former position submissive between the blond's legs, but was pleased all over again. Chuckling, he leaned an elbow against the breakfast bar, swiveled around in his seat to face the center of the kitchen, while his other arm was busy bringing the coffee cup up to his lips again. Smirking behind its rim, he took a healthy pull from the rich black coffee without any sign of discomfort from its temperature, turquoise eyes lidded and shining down on Marcus's brown head, rubbing at his hair once his cup was down, arching a brow at Marcus's pause and reply.

”I see..” The Rex's voice was soft and suddenly distracted. The German's hand on Marcus's head paused as his slitted eyes flicked towards the unopened door, where he felt the approaching presence of his Secundus. Smirking slightly, he gave no indication to the Beta as to what was about to happen. When Dillon finally entered the kitchen to find the other two lions in their position, Alaric's roiling eyes were penetrating the other Alpha's while a light smirk played across his features. His own Beast was lazy and confident; he didn't seem all that concerned with Dillon's anger.

”Yes, Marcus. I like venison. Go on, then,” the Rex chuckled, gently pushing him away before standing and stretching lazily, grunting, to smoothly glide past Dillon out of the kitchen, making his way into the bedroom. ”What's wrong, mate?”

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22 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:28 am

Marcus felt Dillon, and a smile instantly crossed his face. He would have gotten up to go greet him, but Alaric's hand was upon his head. He wasn't sure how he would have reacted, and he didn't want more pain of any kind. He didn't see the smirk upon the Rex's face, but the anger's on Dillon's caused him to tremble a little. He had never seen Dillon so mad except the night he had rescued him.

At the order to make food, Marcus began to move to look for something, and then Alaric said he'd like venison. His eyes darted to Dillon for a moment before he was moving and working on finding the meat. He felt the two males leave the room, but he didn't feel any better. He kept looking at the bedroom door nervously as he took out the meat, and filled the sink with hot water to thaw it. He then started to gather the rest of the ingredients he would need. Eggs, flour, and lemon pepper. Simple combination that he knew tasted well on venison.

Pulling out a large frying pan, he dropped a good amount of butter into the pan to fry the meat in, and placed it on the stove. While he waited for the meat to thaw enough to cook, he merged with his lion just enough to enhance his hearing to try and hear what was being said.

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23 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:35 pm

Dillon bristled somewhat as Alaric disregarded the fact that Dillon had asked Marcus to choose something HE would like to eat tonight and ordered him, however subtly, to make what the Rex wanted. How the hell was the kitten supposed to learn to make his own decisions if every time he was asked to someone else completely cast the choice aside? He gritted his teeth as the Rex passed but quickly cleared his throat and schooled his features into something more calm and gentle for Marcus. "Well, since he's decided to be selfish and make the choice for you," he teased lightly. "You can choose what we have for dessert. Doesn't have to be something we have here, I can go pick something up after dinner. Or have something brought. Sound good?"

He sighed and let his beast nuzzle Marcus' gently before ducking out of the kitchen and following his mate to the bedroom. He shut the door firmly once inside and set his briefcase in its usual spot beside his desk before starting to strip off his classroom attire with angry, jerky motions. He had to be careful not to damage anything. "Oh you want to know what's wrong? NOW you deign to ask and listen to my input on something? Alright. I'll lay it out for you." He tossed his suit jacket onto the corner of the bed, the tie flying after it. "I told you quite clearly that Marcus was not ready to meet you. His instincts are still provoking him to greet his dominants, especially ones of my calibur or higher -such as, oh say, you!- in a sexual manner. I wanted to clear him of that BEFORE introducing him to you! And you just waltz on over without an invite and proceed to play on his submissive nature like a complete jackass! Don't THINK I don't know it, you can't seem to help yourself when the opportunity arises to put someone in their place."

The white button down went next and he very nearly lost a button in his anger. "You're my Rex and my mate but I will NOT tolerate you taking advantage of him!" He seethed to think what would have been going on had he come home sometime later. Doubtless, Marcus would have been bent over something somewhere, most likely enjoying what was going on regardless of want, and Dillon would have been livid. "I promised him I would protect him and I can't very well do that if you keep fighting me every step of the way for the sake of your overstuffed **pride!"

(**pride as in proud, not Pride as in the lions**)

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24 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:21 pm

While he heard and smelled Marcus going about the initial steps of preparing the food he had so humbly requested, Alaric turned the majority of his at times overwhelming attention on the Secundus. He gave no sign of ill will towards the other Alpha lion when Dillon dared to push his boundaries in mumbling those gritted words, which others might have perceived as a threat to the Rex's authority. In truth they were just that, but it was for that very daring and strength of will that he had chosen his Secundus, and for which he adored him. By the time the Irish werecat had entered and shut the door, Alaric had already made his way to Dillon's bed, and there he sat on his edge, reclining half-back with forearms supporting his sleekly curved body, legs spread wide and a smirk on his lips.

Thus did he remain, practically as immobile and beautiful as a Greek statue, as the other werelion ranted, hollered, and bordered on the verge of having an aneurysm. His face was a smug, gorgeous mask of smug superiority and amusement the whole while, and there was something definitely carnal in the heat behind his eyes as he watched his Secundus pull off one piece of academic-professional attire after another. On and on Dillon's tirade went, and still the Rex gave no indications inferring any sort of emotional responses he might be having. It didn't even seem like he was listening, yet Dillon knew him far too well to think that. Eventually, when the other Alpha ran out of steam, Alaric did finally make a move.

His turquoise eyes swirled with amber. Throwing back his head, he roared. It was the sound a fully grown male lion in his prime would make; his vocal words, diaphragm, and a few other involved inner bits shifted in isolation to provide bestial projection. At the same time, his inner Beast echoed the roar, yet its effects were even more astounding. Waves of raw, crackling dominant power rolled out of his person in thick seismic shocks, enough to literally knock almost any shifter off his or her feet – not to mention the effects it would have on their psyches.

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25 Re: Meeting the Rex...Yikes! (Alaric) on Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:51 pm

That son of a bitch! Dillon had known some sort of chastisement would come of all this but he hadn't been prepared to take the full force of the Rex's roar, particularly when backed up by near-crippling sucker punches of metaphysical power. He crumpled to the floor, one hand clinging fast to the corner of the bed, causing his discarded clothes to slip to the floor. The other hand was braced shakily on the floor, trying to support his trembling form as best it could for even his knees did not quite seem to want to hold him up. Damn him! God he hoped that Marcus hadn't felt that! If he got hurt because Alaric was being high and mighty he would kick his ever-loving arse no matter the consequences.

"Fuck..." he spat out. "You!" Perhaps it was a bit childish to e throwing down expletives but he was angry and of course, as usual, his mate was using brute force to show him he was top cat. Like he didn't already know that. They couldn' just ever have a normal spat, the Rex always had to bludgeon him with his beast and his power tather than just having it out like a couple would. There was no winning an argument. The arguments generally ended with Dillon curled up in a ball on the floor and cursing him beneath his breath, the issue not having been truly solved. he hated it. But he loved him anyway. Nothing could or would change that fact. Damn him.

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