Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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An the dead shall walk (Open)

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1 An the dead shall walk (Open) on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:33 am

Humming as she rotated her hand over the 'iPod' trying to select the right song to fit her curent mood Elen knew she should really be taking in the views of the City but she had never gone into the whole tourist thing and besides she was moving here so there would be time later. Her parents would probably be disappointed in her but Elen figured the weekend should be enough time to get it started with postcards and photos, besides they should know her fairly well by now.

Selecting the song she paused outside a clearly tourist oriented shop and smiled softly. While she might not be in to the whole thing, Elen didn't like the idea of getting lost and one of their maps was probably a good plan before she eneded up circling the block while she was looking for her flat or even better the offices. The FSP headquarters were actually fairly easy given that she could stand to risk asking anyone on the street about it.

Heading in she selected one and came straight out agaim before they attempted to sell her some kind of stuffed animal or worse yet a dish towel. Elen supposed she was a little weird in choosing to take this little stroll this late in the evening but she liked the night both her own unique talents and the fact she had spent most of the day trying to sort out the whoile moving in, visa, work and everything else Elen had not had much chance to do any kind of relaxing.

She had thought about goign drinking, but she neither knew where to go or knew anyone to ask to show her the town as it were and Elen was not interested in drinking by herself if she could help it.

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2 Re: An the dead shall walk (Open) on Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:38 pm

His whole avoiding people thing seemed to be working. A little better than he had thought it would, much to his dismay. Apparently even though he wasn't terribly social he was starting to miss having friends and people he could talk to more than once. It wasn't like he could call home and chat up his Mother of Father. Knowing them they'd trace the call and send someone to haul him back home. Something that didn't sit well with the snake. Better to be lonely then crawl back home like he was the one that had done something wrong.

So he was out and about yet again though this time he stayed away from the waterways this last rip still in his mind. Something to think about no doubt. He was dressed simply in a pair of black slacks and a short sleeved green t-shirt was layered over a grey long sleeved shirt as he made his way though the streets with no goal in his mind. Just a bit of wandering before he ended up trying to find some place to ea.

His attention wasn't focused on anything but when a young looking red haired female exited one of the many shops his eyes wandered over to her before going to the shop she had just left. Something sitting on the ground got his attention and it took almost no effort to swing out of his way and pick the item up. It was a slender wallet or billfold. He snapped it open and glanced around eyes searching for the woman once more. Using his snake he eased around the crowds appearing in front of the woman holding out the item. "Yu dropped this, Madam."

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3 Re: An the dead shall walk (Open) on Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:00 pm

She had completely missed the fact that she had lost her wallet and it would not be the first time it had happened either. Elen had a tendency to overfocus on a single thing to the extent she forgot the other little details in her life, like the money and where she had put it. However, this time she had actually started to hunt for the wallet as the man appeared in front of her. Startled at seeing someone here and even more so to have them offer back the thing she had been looking for, however Elen had seen too often how the world sometimes offered up moments of luck and perfectly matched timing as well.

Shifting the expression of worry that had been forming on her features she instead smiled at him, "Oh...thank you. Both for the honesty and finding me as well" Elen knew that more than one person would have simply taken the wallet and run without a backward look even if they had known who to return it too. It was nice to know there were still some good people out there. "So, I have to at least get you a coffee to reward you, its like a rule. One coffee or item of your choice for the return or a wallet", Elen was not above a little teasing when the mood struck her and right now she was in a good one.

Tomorrow meant work and getting the rest of the details sorted out in terms of her visa and exactly what she was going to do here. Add in the fact that she needed to start getting clients booked to pay for the bills and well right now it would be nice to imagine that tomorrow was never coming and not worry about it. This presented the perfect opportunity as Elen was not really the sort of person to indulge in lonesome drinking or thinking. She liked company.

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4 Re: An the dead shall walk (Open) on Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:29 pm

He offered a small shrug taking in the features of the young woman in front of him. She seemed pretty if a bit on the china doll side to him. Small, pale with huge expressive eyes and bright blood red hair to make her stand out even more. She was pretty he'd give that much, it was the kind of pretty that might drawn the wrong kind of eye though. He kept any expression other than polite interest off of his face as he stood there in front of her. He blinked at the offer wondering if this was really a rule or just a nice effort she was making.

Either way it was a tempting one. He could do with a cup of coffee and some human interaction. Even the smell of death lingered close to this one he could tell she was human for the most part. He considered the offer for a moment before finally nodding. "That would be lovely, Thank you." He didn't think his pride would allow him to let her pay but he wasn't going to let her know that till the very last moment.

He glanced around the busy street and waved to the coffee shop. "To be honest I think a cup of coffee would only do me good at this point." He ushered her across the busy street taking care not to crowd her but offer her an easy way across the busy street. People would be less likely to try to run him down then they would a young red head. He opened the door for her and let her walk in first before following.

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5 Re: An the dead shall walk (Open) on Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:42 pm

She chuckled then a playful and gentle sound, "...well said I think coffee may be in fact one of the greatest inventions of all time", Elen was deadly serious and she knew that a fair few of those in her profession felt the same way. It was probably due to the fact that a lot of them spent more time awake during the night then was strictly normal for any human being to endure. However, Elen had made her choice a long time ago, not that she could have ever denied what she was even if it had been possible. She had made her peace with being a necromancer even if all she would cough too when asked was that she was a damm good animator and let the rest of the truth lie as it were.

"So, come here often?", she quipped looking up at the list of coffee and working on translating the Italian into her own native English. She had spent a long time learning the language but still had some trouble with the little details of conversation if she didn't focus on things. "I have to admit to not being a local...if my terrible accent wasn't a big giveaway", Elen continued to make friendly chit chat even as she noticed the way he moved was a little off. Not by much but she had worked with some of the preternatural community and there was definitely something about him that had her spider senses tingling like nothing else.

Walking up the line she held out her hand towards him, "I'm Elen", she offered by way of introduction figuring it was really past time for that sort of thing. "About to start working at the local offices of the Animating firm you guys have here, so if you ever need any help with that sort of thing just let me know", Elen was proud of who and what she was.

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6 Re: An the dead shall walk (Open) on Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:04 pm

"It certainty provides a approachable middle ground." Daniel slipped his hands into his pockets as he made his way to the coffee shop that had been spotted.It seemed quaint enough and not overly crowded which fit his mood at the moment. He opened the door for the red head allowing her to enter before himself before he stepped in and looked over the menu. Eyes drifted back to Elen before he had something picked out.

"Not a local I confess though I have been here several months. I haven't gotten out much though" He offered a slight shrug before moving forward in line. He quickly ordered before stepping to the side and allowing Elen to order. He told the boy behind the counter to add the two orders together. Eyes moved back over to the female listening to her speak.

He gently shook her hand and let it go,"My name is Daniel." He did blink slowly at the next set of words that came out of her mouth. He didn't know anyone that could raise the dead. He was curious though and his mouth was open before he knew what was going on. "Are you not afraid of the local vampires? I hear that they normally kill death raisers if they get the chance." From what he understood it was a council rule to do that or something.

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7 Re: An the dead shall walk (Open) on Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:09 pm

To say she was shocked would have been an understatement. Elen was aware that vampires were not always exactly thrilled around animators as a rule, but they generally left one another alone. Especially in recent years with that entire ruckus going on in St Louis , which as far as Elen was concerned only reinforced her desire not to be outed as a true necromancer. Far better to remain anonymous behind the title of animator then reveal her true self.

“Well that explains why they had trouble recruiting for the job then…” the words leaving her mouth with a slight trace of bitterness. Suggesting she was less than impressed would have been an understatement. Elen was pissed, through and through. She was not and never would be one of those sorts of a person who looked for any kind of trouble, ok it sometimes turned up without her wanting it but that was hardly the point. Some warning about the local attitude would have been pleasant to know. She was hardly prepared to face threats to her life. “Well to be honest none of them have threatened my life before – well not seriously at least. I mean I do a job, raising zombies is hardly the most aggressive thing I could do with my life” she added after a moment of quiet seething.

Elen would be having some seriously short words with her boss and even more with the people who had suggested that Venice was such a lovely City in which she could practise her skills and help out the locals with their preternatural problems. This whole thing now seemed to reflect personally on her. Oh joy! Elen was not amused at all. “Thanks for the heads up its nice to know…”, she smiled, a touch wryly to be sure but it was a smile all the same.

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