Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Elen Osbourne

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1 Elen Osbourne on Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:54 pm

Character Name:

Elen Osbourne

Character Screen Name:

Elen Osbourne

Normal or Preternatural:




Age, Gender:

25, Female


For someone who has to spend a lot of their time in graveyards and among the dead Elen is well dressed and very fashionable. She likes to look good and while she would never go out to work in a high priced piece of haute coutre (even if she could afford it) she does make sure she is smart as well as professional. Given what she has to do for a living added to the fact of her gender Elen knows she has to work that little bit harder at creating both an impression and an impact as well.

She wears her bright red hair in the latest styles and usually short as otherwise it tends to get in her way and seriously blood is bad enough on her clothes without her then having to work at getting it out of her hair as well.

There is a delicate tracery of scarring on her arms and one long one on her left leg (the knife slipped) Elen isn't exactly glad about it, but the scars kinda go with the job and she lives it. Born of those thankfully few occasions when she has been forced for use her own blood in one of the rituals. Its always been the result of an emergency and Elen knows there was no choice in the doing of it.

Elen is a slender woman of average height, just under five foot six but definitely not skinny, she is all curves which tend to make a person want to spend some time caressing them however she is intensely picky about who gets to see her up close and personal and doesn’t really see herself as being all that attractive, pretty but not drop dead gorgeous.


Outside of work she is bubbly and a little gregarious as well, she likes to be the center of attention when she is relaxing and loves spending time with her friends. Which Elen finds easy enough to make though keeping them is something of a problem, not everyone deals with the whole ‘I raise the dead for living’ all that well. However, she is proud of who she is and what she does not seeing anything to be ashamed of.

Elen is a stubborn woman though, while she is playful she is someone who likes to make sure she gets her own way and once she decides on something Elen is not going to let her mind be changed unless there is a real reason for that to happen. She might be a stubborn but Elen is not stupid either, she knows there are occasions when she can either be blinded by her own self belief and then she knows she needs someone willing to come up and point out that there is problem in what she is doing.

While she is working Elen is focused and not easily distracted from the job at hand. She likes to give that image of dedicated and professional woman. Over the course of her work she has come across vampires and even on one occasion helped identify a ghoul attack while in the latters case she never wants to see another one Elen is aware the vampires are unavoidable. While Elen is not interested in being coffin bait she has a level of respect for them, though all her encounters with them as a people have been brief so far. She knows her spooky sense tends to pick up about them and its interesting but she is aware that while they can act civilised they are still capable of being pretty dammed nasty when they want too be.

Elen tends to take the view of remaining neutral on them as a subject, deciding to judge them on a one to one basis and take it from there.


Elen is not anything all that unusual in terms of her childhood and upbringing both of them were normal, average and almost practically dull as well. She never looked for adventure though but she did spend a fair amount of her teenage years looking for answers, it was after all a little out of the ordinary to be able to know the dead and then have them turn up on her door as it were.

After the first incident Elen was told incorrectly she was an animator and should therefore learn those skills. She might have questioned it a little more if her parents hadn't been so insistent that it had too be just that. It was only much much later that Elen learned they had some of their reasons for that.

At the same time she began her study of preternatural biology and was able to piece together some little pieces of detail that strongly suggested that she was something a little but more different from what her original information had told her was the case. Of course this meant she had to completely review her whole approach to things. From what she had managed to discover necromancers were a thing normally spoken of in terms of legends and myths not the present.

It also suggested that she must have had some relatives with the ability which was when she confronted the family with it. Her parents were still very relunctant about talking about it, but they finally admitted that a great aunt had been a well known voodoo priestess who had been sentenced to death for practitising her craft illegally in this country England before the change in witch craft laws that removed it as an automatic death penalty. While there was only rumours left about what she had actually been doing Elen was told that it was not something anyone wanted too admit too and asked to keep it quiet from her brother as well.

While it was the first truly interesting thing to enter her life Elen decided then and there not to let it go to her head and have her end up with a swollen one. It would have after all been a little weird to do so, Elen was still after all herself no matter what else might be case in terms of her abilities. They were not going to define her, merely be added into the mix.

Elen focused on her course and passed becoming one of those unique individuals able to handle her day job as an animator as well as help out in some of the preternatural cases that cropped up every now and then. With everything still being very new Elen was one of the few also willing to do so, after all so many of those who could didn’t want too or spent their time working in labs and not in the real world at all.

While she was born and raised in England she was recently invited to come to Venice to assist the local authorities in their work on some of the preternatural stuff as well as coming along to work with the animating side of things. Another new business that was developing, while her own practise had been well established Venice was a whole other kettle of fish especially given its location on the water. Elen is looking forward to the chance to spend time there and while her status as an animator is well established along with her role as an advisor Elen’s ability as a necromancer is something known only to a few of them given her need to learn as well as her concern about the wrong sort of people finding out as well.



[*] Able to sense the dead
- this includes knowing how old they are
[*] Can command the dead
- she is not actively using this ability as such, at least not outside the whole raising of dead as zombies, but in time she could in theory manage to command them as the necromancers of old managed.
[*] Can raise the dead
- she is stronger than an animator and unlike them she is rarely worn out with a night working on such things. NB: she could also raise the dead during the day, but she keeps that fact very secret
[*] Immunity to Vampires gaze
- its not completely immunity but it is a lot more than is normal for a human, only the very old would be able to snare her in their eyes
[*] Could in theory help create a Triumvirate between a vampire and lycanthrope


[*] BSc in Preternatural Biology
[*] Animator Experience
- she works full time at the local offices


[*] Only Human
- she is in spite of all she could be and is quite human and therefore prone to all their fragilities of mortality



Preternatural active power:


Passive power:



Mother: Hazel Osbourne
Father: Anderson Osbourne
Brother: Darren Osbourne

RP Sample:

-points to Aiden-

Playerbase/Face Claim name:

Alyson Hannigan


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2 Re: Elen Osbourne on Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:55 am

First off, welcome! Second off there are a few things that we need fixing.

1) Description: please add in details like height and stuff as well. we love pics but sadly they do not get that across, lol. Also as a Necromancer there are bound to be times when emergencies come up that she'd have to use her own blood to either finish the deal, or to gain control of the situation. Thus she would have a few scars on her arms. It's just not something that's heard un-scarred Necromancer.

2) Personality: As she is a Necromancer, she would have closer connections to vampires then most. Perhaps add in her view about them, and them becoming legal citizens now?

3) Necromancy is a bloodline inherited ability. We would like that mentioned in her history some where...whether looking up her ancestor's, or that it's a family dark secret that the last few generations of her family (either mom or dad's side) has kept it hidden and secret, especially as it hasn't been manifesting lately in the bloodline until now, perhaps? Animator's can develop into animating so long as the person can perform magic.

Please make these changes and we'll review her again when it's done. Thanks!

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3 Re: Elen Osbourne on Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:10 pm

Don't forget your face claim!

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