Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Nicolas DeLuca

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1 Nicolas DeLuca on Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:09 pm

Character Name:

Nicolas De Luca

Character Screen Name:

Nicolas De Luca

Normal or Preternatural:




Age, Gender:

29, Male


A little more bulky than might be expected given the nature of his talent, Nicolas likes to be out and about and part of that interest has meant he has needed to remain fit, hiking never really being a good idea when you are someone without the needed level of stamina. Approaching close to six feet he is not unusual in terms of his height though it does tend to still be the first thing anyone notices about him.

Nicolas supposes a lot of people make the mistake of judging him on his looks at and therefore assume a lot about him. Of course he is no different from most people, everyone makes assumptions on those around them.

His talent affects his appearance in on significant fashion, like most who possess his rare and rather specialised talent as well, Nicolas wears gloves. Usually ordinary cloth gloves in white or black. The white is intended for when is at working to help remind people of his role and make sure no one is accidentally in need of touching of him. Nicolas is not unfriendly about such things but contact has always been an issue for him.

Nicolas managed to miss out on the whole tattooing scene, too much close contact would have just gone down really bad after all. But he has a few most faded scars on his legs and arms from his childhood adventures outside. Nothing major and unless you were really looking for them unlikley to be noticed either. He does have a birthmark on his right shoulder not in any special shape really though some have described it as looking a little like an oak tree.

With tousled hair that he usually simply runs his hands and some gel through Nicolas has the look of someone who seems a little less serious than his profession might indicate in spite of the things he has had to see Nicolas remains a fairly well balanced individual. His bright eyes are often merry if on occasion haunted by shadows that suggest he knows much more than he really sure given his age.


With the influence of his talent Nicolas is a man prone often to quiet reflection and a tendency to extreme changes in his moon, especially soon after a reading. But his basic self is and always will be friendly, Nicolas is a patient man as well. Not someone who gives in easily to his own stronger emotions though the temptation is there, he has seen too often how badly that can go and knows it’s a better idea to remain calm and let things take their course rather than simply give into the moment.

Outgoing and intelligent he is a good companion to have about the place as long as you don’t catch him in one of his bad days and they can be pretty bad. As part of his tenure with the FSP he has regular checks on his sanity and while he understands the need for them given the things he has to see sometimes Nicolas really wishes he could either just walk away or have people accept that he can handle it. After all no one has good times when they are seeing death, despair and destruction, but he knows well that his job is a vital one especially when he provides the clue or piece of information that unlocks some case and brings it to an end.


Nicolas was an orphan and would likely never had amounted to much save for the presence of his talent. Growing up was hard for him, but he strangely didn’t develop either the problems of some or the angst of others. Nicolas was lucky in that, perhaps because of the fact his orphanage was run by people who actually cared about their charges or perhaps because his strength of character was developed even in childhood.

However, it does not mean he was any kind of saint, Nicolas was as capable as others of being a little wild and crazy, running riot in his teenage years. Though in his case he was more of a drinker than a lover, mostly as even the most simple touch resulted in an unfolding of themselves. Eventually instead of going any further down the path of self destruction Nicolas was offered the chance to study as well as join the FSP. It was a newly formed branch of the police force and he took the time to consider the offer.

Tempting as it was to try and make his own way in the world Nicolas saw the value of doing something a little more meaningful with his life than just sitting about and trying to run from what he was.

So he took them up on their offer and worked hard, worked long and succeeded beyond even his won expectations. Now an accepted member of the FSP force Nicolas puts in long hours that allow him to feel useful and also to actually put some good back into the world. However, there is always the next case, the next memory when it might at last become too much for him to handle and Nicolas waits for that day, accepting it even as he continues to accept that he will not run from what he is either.



[*] Can read past events via touch either inanimate or animate objects
- Nicolas becomes part of the past while he is lost in his vision, literally seeing it though that persons eyes and able to feel their motives and emotions at the same time.
[*] Can read strong emotional thoughts from people about current concerns
- this is not empathy but only an extension of the first one, if he concentrates he can allow himself to just read the present which allows him to know their current state but not to influence it in any way.
[*] Can allow someone else to share the vision
- this last one is incredibly difficult for him too do

[*] Unconsciously able to hide himself from anyone looking for him in the metaphysical sense, but it tends to turn itself off just as readily.


[*] BSc in Criminology/Psychology
[*] Fully Qualified FSP member
- knowledge of hand guns an their uses
- knowledge of the law (preternatural speciality)


[*] Cannot block the visions, only direct them
[*] Has to be a touch via his hands only
[*] Cannot change the past or directly influence the person he is touching



Preternatural active power:

Psychometry also known as token-object reading, or psychoscopy

Passive power:



Mother: Anna De Luca (deceased)
Father: Unknown

Member of FSP

RP Sample:

-points to Aiden-

Playerbase/Face Claim name:

Gerad Butler



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2 Re: Nicolas DeLuca on Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:43 am

Hello and welcome! Glad you joined. After looking over your bio and discussing with the others, we have determined that we would just like a little more detail in his description. Like height added, any scars that he might have from childhood adventures or what not. Other than that he looks good. Once the additions have been made we'll review again.

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3 Re: Nicolas DeLuca on Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:06 pm

Don't forget to do your face claim!

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