Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Meandering Thoughts and Wandering Legs (Open, AC:Sexual)

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Il clan dell'onda - Ulfric
As Rebecca slipped onto his hard length a moan escaped her that was clearly one of pleasure, and long awaited...completeness? Was that what she was feeling? It had to be as she never felt this way before with past bed partners. Her hips were already moving as she rode him like some kind of cow-girl who liked to ride the bulls. One hand braced on his stomach as the other braced on a leg as she really rode him hard and eagerly in her lust crazed state.

Feeling his hands move to her hips and helped her ride him caused a shiver of delight to run through her. She might be leading, but he wasn't letting her have too much control. He was going to still guide her to have it so she pleased them both. Feeling that...knowing that she didn't have to be in complete control caused her to groan a bit. An equal standing seemed to excite her nearly as much as his touch.

She felt him shift, and suddenly she felt his lips on hers. Her own pressed firmly back into his as she continued to ride him. Moving up and down as well as rocking back and forth. She could already feel the build up of her release. Unaware that this release was going to be far different then the others she has had.

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He had never felt anything this good in his entire life, to be sure Rebecca was not the first woman he had slept with but something told him that no one else would ever do for him now. Not that Aiden was going to be complaining at all he and his wolf agreed in the fact she was perfect, wonderful and the woman for him when all was said and done. The small part of him that was still thinking human thoughts was concerned with the whole sense of rightness and the immediate connection. This was impossible, right?

However, it was lost, gone and buried under the rush of emotions and pleasure that was racing through his whole body. Each movement of her body up and down his thick shaft only took him closer and closer. Bucking a little to help sink in deeper, his wolf raced up and wrapped around hers as well. Not to dominate but to do exactly this with her at the same time. Working in perfect harmony it pushed him closer to the edge and only Aidens iron control stopped him from exploding right then and there. He would not settle for anything less than her joining him at the same time.

"REBECCA", he hissed her name a plea and a cry for her to let go, to truly let go. Something shifters could never risk with any other than their own kind.

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