Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Aiden O'Neill

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1 Aiden O'Neill on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:07 pm

Character Name:

Aiden O’Neill

Character Screen Name:

Aiden O’Neill





Power level (Dominant/Submissive):

Alpha, Dominant

Age, Gender:

31, Male

Length of infection:

7 years


Tall and muscled he tends to dominate a room as a soon as he walks in, part of it is his physical presence but for the rest its all about his sheer personality and his aura as an alpha werewolf as well. The effect isn’t something he wants to really change even if he could, which Aiden hasn’t ever been looking for. He accepts who and what he is and just gets on with it.

While he doesn’t exactly come off as a typical academic in his looks Aiden is well educated and that always affects his clothes, he dresses himself with care for his looks aware that because of his presence he could tend to overwhelm certain people and he doesn’t want to affect everyone like that.

He can come off as a little goofy it not actually nerdy sometimes with his penchant for glasses and hats but he has a definite charm about him that tends to make people like being around him.

Aiden exudes confidence from his tousled brown hair and cheeky grin to his hazel eyes that flare to a golden colour when the wolf comes calling and bleeds into them. Not that it happens all that often Aiden has a great deal of control over his inner beast.

When he is the wolf he is a larger version of the typical timber wolf one of the most common species of lupine in the wolf. As when he is human Aiden is big and impressive and definitely not going to missed in a group.


There is a playful streak running though Aiden that remains at the core of who he is when all is said and done. There is a roguish way about him, charming and carefree and yes, it tends to make people think of the stereotypical Irishman and to an extent that is what he is of course he is not actually a stereotype no one ever is.

Throughout his whole life Aiden has always been aware of the impact he can have on a person when they meet, mostly just from the way he is standing but also from his personality. Hence the reason he has adopted the whole charming persona to offset a little bit of that effect.

However, he is also intelligent and perfectly able to manage being serious and straight to the point when he needs to be. Aiden knows there is a time and place for everything and while people can sometimes underestimate him when they first meet him he is a cunning and able man to have about the place when the ‘shit hit’s the fan’ as it were.

While he is happy enough to do what is necessary he is not interested in a losing battle and that includes those packs and people he sees as being affected with the vampires. He doesn’t like or trust the way the seem so intent on manipulating things about themselves and the people as well.


Born in a small village in southern Ireland called Churchtown Aiden spent his early years relaxing and enjoying himself, it was a fairly typical sleepy little place with the usual quirky mix of residents. Most of them at times seeming to be in someway related to the young Aiden. Not that he minded, his childhood was spent on adventures on rivers and building tree-houses. It was peaceful, and wonderful and might be one of the reasons he has grown into the man he is today. Those early years and memories are the ones he holds too and treasures, in spite of everything that has since happened or perhaps because of it.

He was perfectly happy there but he was too intelligent to simply stay there and settle down, performing well at school and later going to university and then focusing on his long term goal of working in research. Aiden had always been interested in the preternatural and the chance to study the viruses that made up the strains of lycanthropy and even the ones connected to vampires.

Fortunately for him Aiden was able to become involved in the work on the search for a cure, while he was not actually all that concerned with locating a cure but it was definitely exciting to have the chance to see the different strains. Aiden was so caught up in the project he even volunteered to undergo the first round of testing on the cure for wolf lycanthropy.

Sadly it was not as much of a success as the initial testing might have suggested it would be, unlike some of the other test subjects Aiden was not so much distraught as annoyed. Now he needed to work on mastering something so completely new, but he figured that if he could handle coming from a little village to working with some of the worlds specialists in the field.

Of course, there would have been some issues with working with anyone now he was a wolf as well as a man at least part of the month, however because the research team didn’t want bad press they kept the fact about the failure of the experiment very much private, it certainly helped with making sure that Aiden was still going to have a job as well, not that he wouldn’t have managed to handle things eventually.

First thing Aiden worked on was finding someone to help him control his new self, thankfully the research facility had managed to maintain a fairly healthy relationship with the local pack. Though it was not actually a good one, more strained at times but Aiden was actually welcome into the local group at least learn to handle his new found self. Though they made it perfectly clear he was not going to be staying with them for any length of time, they might want to make sure he didn’t go crazy and hurt someone and therefore reflect badly on themselves but they also didn’t trust him either.

After a few years of managing to balance his research and his wolf self Aiden was invited to take his leave of the pack, it was a polite invitation to go but it was delivered with the understanding that he was to go and not come back.

It was not bad timing though as he had received a chance to go and work in Europe at one of their research centres. It was an exciting opportunity but Aiden was aware that moving meant more than just a visa, he checked out the local area as best he could but was unable to find out much about the city in terms of the preternatural but he did manage to pin down the fact that there was a local park but not who was in charge so to speak. However, he intended to see about seeking them out as soon as possible.



[*] Increased strength, speed and agility
[*] Heightened senses
[*] Increased healing
[*] Immune to infections
[*] Shift in to animal form

Alpha Abilities:

[*] Can Shift at will
[*] Can resist transforming until the last possible moment with the moon
[*] Will not shift around blood/sex/high emotions
[*] Partial shift abilities
- its his hands mostly that he shifts, or the appearance of fangs. He can’t do a wolfman yet
[*] Doesn't need sleep after shifting
- but he is tired afterwards
[*] Can block a vampires call
- depends on the vampire and their age and strength
[*] Can call and calm anothers beast
[*]Can call out to the pack in times of need
- being new in town this means that while he could he doesn’t know them that well, but he could certainly feel them and possibly if stressed call in general for someone to help
[*] Unaffected by a vampires eyes
- again this depends on the vampire


[*] Biotechnolgy BSc
[*] Genetics MSc
- two qualifications which he uses as a medical researcher on diseases

[*] Hand to Hand Fighting
- basic self defence classes including judo and karate
[*] Werewolf Politics
- does pack culture and how to handle himself
[*] Vampire Knowledge
- knows about them in a general way, enough to be aware they are dangerous to the unprepared or inexperienced


[*] Silver
[*] Bananas
- seriously loves them


[*] Mother: Megan O’Neill
[*] Father: Frank O’Neill
[*] Older Sister (Twin): Agnes O’Neill
[*] Older Sister (Twin): Aoife O’Neill
[*] Younger Brother: Aaron O’Neill

RP Sample:

Do I need too offer a sample? Or I shall I leave it for the moment...

-leaves out cookies to help with choice making-

He could understand easily why so many couples came to this city. It was beauitful no matter the time of day. Still Aiden always felt there was something wrong with a place when you couldn't see the green of woods or look out at the rolling hills. A reflection of his childhood and the happy memories of a time before the world had come along and taken a big ole bite out of his behind. Though to be perfectly honest Aiden supposed his life hadn't been that terrible really, sure he turned furry once a month but at least he was still breathing. Hell, he knew his gran would have told him off for even thinking he had it bad. Course, gran would also then had reeled off a story about the evil of the English. No matter that it had all happened centuries ago, the Irish were a people whp knew how to hold a grudge even as they also knew all about having a good time as well.

Leaning back as he sipped his drink Aiden supposed that he could get used to this place and certainly the Insitute he was working for had made it a singularly attractive offer, now all he needed was for the rest to fall into place. Though if it didn't explaining why he wasn't taking them up on their offer would be a little awkward, but Aiden was not going to stay in a city where the vampires might be the ones ruling the pack. He was no fanged faces pet or snack. Things he had seen far too often lately, as well as heard about.

He might not have been the most wanted member of the pack but he had been an alpha he could find things out when he wanted to know and Aiden had decided the only way he was going to live with the wolf was to accept it. Figthing something he couldn't change just seemed dammed pointless to his way of thinking, which was why he was hoping one of the reasons ther ehad been so little known about this pack was the fact it was not messing or being messed with by the local vampires and their kiss. Otherwise it would pay for him to just up and leave most of the time, though it would depend on what state he found them in. Once he found them.

Playerbase/Face Claim name:

Johnny Depp


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