Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Not just another one (Open)

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1 Not just another one (Open) on Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:27 am

Even though he had told himself that he was going to lay low for a little while longer he couldn't help the boredom that was starting to eat away at his mind. He wasn't used to hiding really even after the whole thing with his parents before he made his way out of Sydney. So he told himself he wouldn't be out and about for very long. After all how many snakes could be running around town anyhow. It was with that thought he dressed as casually as he knew how and hit the streets looking to do something or maybe get his hands on a new book to read.

He strolled down the streets eyes looking back and forth from one vendor to another. It was certainly busy this time of day. While his inner snake didn't take to the heat well and remained tucked deep inside of him sleeping Daniel had to admit the breeze was making it just warm enough without being unbearable. Spotting a book store he slipped in and was bathed in a musky coolness as he stepped out of the bright light of the sun.

It seemed like it was easier to breath in here out of the sun and the dampness caused his inner snake to unwind slightly. When he was asked if he needed help he shook his head and started wandering up and down rows not really looking for anything certain but still looking none the less. His eyes were pinned to the history section of the store when something caused his snake to take notice. He paused his hand running along the spines of the books before he glanced around wondering what was going on.

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2 Re: Not just another one (Open) on Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:13 am

Gaelan was in the book store looking for a specific book. It catered to the supernatural a bit, and well...he was finally curious about how a nest worked. So here he was...looking for a book, and failing miserably at it. It was while he was down an aisle that he felt it. Tasted it like it was something he always looked for. Another snake. He was strong, but not like himself. He was alpha but the taste of dominant was not on his aura.

He turned his head as he followed the scent. His snake rising up in curiosity. He wasn't an Anaconda. A lower species compared to the king of snakes. He rounded the corner, and stopped as he spotted the young male. He wasn't bad on the eyes, but he was also young. He was also new. He remained standing, just watching, and as he did he happen to notice the book that he was looking for. As a result he moved closer, right up behind him, and reached out to pluck the book smoothly from the shelf. He didn't bother to hide what he was either.

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3 Re: Not just another one (Open) on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:42 am

When he didn't see anything right away he shrugged lightly to himself before giving his attention to the books yet again. His fingers trailed lightly till he noticed the hairs on the back of his neck standing up and his inner snake paying close attention to something. Whatever it was it was powerful. Curiously he started to turn his head to be able to look around once more and blinked when he noticed a blonde male standing near him reaching for a book.

He gave a little half step away blinking as he took in the sight of the male. Another snake he could that right off the bat, stronger than he was as well. Outside of that though he couldn't really tell anything. He glanced up and down the aisle taking in the sight of other people wandering around. He wondered if he was suppose to formally greet this guy with other people around. If this was Nest lands he'd have done it no question asked but with humans around it would look like he was offering himself sexually to the slightly older looking male.

He opened his mouth not sure what to say . "Hi, interested in history?" He made sense that he might be considering that Daniel was standing in the history section after all. He wasn't very good at ice breakers unfortunately enough. He flushed slightly before sighing and twisting to keep an eye on the humans no to far away. "I'd greet you but this doesn't seem like the best place." His voice was low enough that others would hear him and sounded less bright than what he had started out. He didn't normally sound like a chirpier ten year old. Nerves and lack of anything to say he supposed.

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4 Re: Not just another one (Open) on Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:39 am

Gaelan looked to the snake as he asked if he was interested in history, and he gave a light shrug in answer. "Not really...but I'm doing some research, and I was told this book store had the best source for what I need," he answered him casually in turn. Then when the male moved in to whisper a bit more softly about a proper greeting, Gaelan actually blinked in confusion. He had never been with a nest before. In fact the only other snakes he had known until this kid, was his parents.

"'re part of a nest? Or, was?" He asked as his distant and arrogant manner left him in surprise due to his luck so far. The look of surprise was completely gone though with in a blink of an eye, and that aloofness was back as he eyed the book in his hand a moment. Slipping it back on the shelf, he looked to the male before him. "Perhaps I could buy you a drink?" He offered casually and smiled a bit, "You about common qualities." He said in an offer that didn't seem to sound too odd if anyone was listening in.

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5 Re: Not just another one (Open) on Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:34 pm

He was left to merely blink at the blonde as he seemed surprised at what he had just said. He gave a slow nod before pausing midway with the movement. "Well.. I was. I had some issues with the leaders so I got out before it got to bad."

He was curious how the other snake's expression seemed to blank out but pushed the thought to the side as he listened to the other male. After hearing the offer for a drink he paused wondering if that was a good idea for him to go or not. Figuring it couldn't hurt to met another shifter like himself he nodded and stuck the book back onto the shelf.

If he really wanted it he could always come back. Not like he needed it or anything. It was more of a pleasure buy than anything else. "That's sounds fine." He glanced around before turning back to the snake. "I'm Daniel." Figured knowing a name would be helpful. He glanced at the book in the blondes hand wondering if he was going to buy that. If he did he would wait before moving to the small pub he had noticed down the street.

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6 Re: Not just another one (Open) on Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:31 pm

He looked at the book in his hand, and then placed it back on the shelf. If the kid was once of the nest he could get his information from him. He then offered the kid a hand to shake, "Gaelan. Pleasure to meet you. You are officially the second snake here." He said grinning a little. His eyes remained blank though, like that of a predators who was always on the hunt. Once introduction were over he moved towards the exit, and slipped back out on the streets.

"So how long have you been in town?" Gaelan asked the young male. Well...younger than him that was for sure, "you taste you haven't been around long enough for the scent of Venice to sink in." He said simply as he gave a shrug of his shoulders for his explanation. "Oh did you want to go any where in specific? I'm still re-familiarizing myself with the local pubs."

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7 Re: Not just another one (Open) on Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:19 am

He blinked not sure if the news that he was only the second snake around was a good one or not. While he didn't want to run into the same problems that had caused him to leave home he had to admit being around someone that was almost like him was a refreshing feeling after having hid for as long as he had. He was far to social to make it out there by himself.He'd reserve judgment for the moment and wait to see what kind of person this other snake was before relaxing totally.

He moved to walk next to Gaelen his eyes darting around constantly checking things out like he thought something was going to happen. He felt it was better to be watchful then to be surprised."Not for very long not." He figured it was better to not really admit to how long he had been here. There was no nest so he didn't have to met up with any leaders so that gave him a little more wiggle room than the normal shifter.

He shook his heads eyes drifting around the street once more for a just moment before spying a coffee shop. "A cup of coffee would be nice unless you were hoping on something stronger to drink." He nudged his head in the direction he was looking hands in his pockets. He hung back waiting to see what Gaelen's reaction to his offer would be.

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8 Re: Not just another one (Open) on Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:44 pm

Upon his answer to how long he had been around, Gaelan picked up something subtle. Like it was truth, but perhaps not the full truth. "Ah then you missed all the excitement. That's good. I don't think you would have lasted long," Gaelan said not ashamed to be so blunt. At the nudge he looked over as he suggested coffee instead of something stronger, Gaelan gave a nod of his head and started for the shop. It was too early for anything hard.

Taking a seat, he actually ordered a moca beverage as he did not want too much coffee in his system. Him and his snake tended to get too wired with the stuff when the night came. The sugar and carbs would do fine though. His body never could get enough of the latter. "So what brings you to Venice? If it's not too much of a problem to ask," Gaelan asked once Daniel had given his order to the waitress. He would get pleasantries out of the way first before asking about a nest.

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9 Re: Not just another one (Open) on Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:54 pm

While he didn't say anything out loud he agreed with Gaelen. He had heard about the war and wasn't much of a fighter unless he was pressed into a corner. And from what he understood the war was violent and bloody. Best he kept out of something like that. More so considering he had no one at his back anymore. He followed Gaelen ordering a simple back coffee before taking a seat. He looked over to the other snake sipping at his coffee before setting it down and leaning back.

"Honestly just stumbled across it. Seemed like a semi decent place so I figured I'd stick around." He offered a shrug knowing it wasn't the best reason to pick a place to live but he didn't have any other reason really. "I wandered for a bit after leaving home. Nothing really seemed to stick out though till I arrived here." He picked up his cup of coffee and took another sip.

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