Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Craft Types

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1 Craft Types on Thu May 20, 2010 10:21 am


Each gifted human is born with psychic abilities. It is their choice or their affinity that decides what type of practitioner they become. Whilst most can choose, some are unable as their psychic ability when born is centered on one thing. It is those born with a natural affinity that usually become the more powerful practitioners, but not always.


The most common type of practitioner, witches come in all shapes, sizes and religions. Whilst there are religious differences most witches follow the same rule. The threefold rule. Any magic you perform is returned to you thrice. This means that good is returned to the caster with three times the power and anything bad that is cast is also returned three times. This generally stops "bad witches" from cropping up but there is always one or two who think they are immune to the threefold rule. As well as using the traditional methods of witchcraft (incantations, herbs, potions, charms, runes, scrying) most witches are also gifted with two active powers and one passive power.


Animators turn their abilities to raising the dead. Once merely a parlor trick it has become a lucrative and profitable business thanks to businesses in the United States seeing the potential and cashing in on it. Each raising is done with a specific ritual, blood, steel and salt are needed and each raising must be contained within a circle of power. Most animators use chickens or goats, depending on the size of the death but most cannot raise someone over three hundred years dead without a white goat (human sacrifice). This is however illegal and licenced animators do not practice it.

*Side note: Animators also have the ability to sense the dead and have partial immunity to a vampires gaze


Necromancers are more powerful versions of animators. There are not given a choice with their craft as their innate natural ability draws them to the dead as well as drawing the dead to them. They can if strong enough control all manner of the dead from zombies to vampires. The vampire control however can only come during the day as whatever passes for the vampires soul somehow blocks a necromancers powers at night. Only the most powerful necromancers can raise a zombie over five hundred years old without a white goat, this includes vampires. They are also able to heal vampire wounds.

Vaudun Priests/Priestesses

Due to their reputation, those who practice Vaudun are not allowed within a cemetery at night without a permit and if one has been in, FPS will often re-visit the sight to check for signs of Vaudun magic. The signs include verve drawn in chalk, blood and sometimes a dead fire. Whilst they do practice death magic, much the same as animators and necromancers, they are less trusted and discriminated against for worshipping the Lao. Two main parts of voodoo are the verve, symbols drawn to summon the Lao at the beginning of any Vaudun ritual, and the gris-gris. The gris-gris is a band of feathers, bone, rope and beads, fed with blood to give something. Some cheat death, needing vampire blood to feed them and being undone with mortal blood, whilst others give power, sex or wealth but usually need a sacrifice of the virginal or preadolescent kind. There is one specific gris-gris made to test for necromancers and is composed of feathers, rope and a mummified animal foot or bird claw. If a necromancer holds this gris-gris then the dead part of the charm will respond to them.

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