Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Daniel Sands

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1 Daniel Sands on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:20 am

Character Name:
Daniel Regents Sands

Character Screen Name:

Species: Albino Lavender Reticulatus Python

Location: Venice

Power level (Dominant/Submissive): Alpha
Age, Gender: 25

Length of infection:Born.

Daniel is fairly semi-casual. He doesn't own many pairs of jean favoring slacks more. Being born into what some would consider a family of power money was never an issue. While he doesn't have everything tailor made for him he can look and see he's old money. He also liked the dark colors, all bright and vivid. When he's not working he's usually still seen in pressed dress shirts and a jacket.

Daniel was gifted with shaggy brown hair that never gets past his collar. He doesn't like how it flop into his eyes so he tends to keep it short. His eyes are a medium blue and depending on the light that hits them might changes shades very slightly. For the most part he's unmarked. There was a fight with a young Lion when he was still in his teens that left what looks like a cross cross of marks on one of his back legs and he has a scattering of freckles but outside of that his skin is the same lightly warm golden color everywhere.

His snake is slightly unusual in coloring. Unlike his parent shady green coloring he appears a pale yellow on white. The eyes for white snakes are normally white but his own are a jet black. He's a good six for a snake,almost 15 feet in lenght which makes him bigger than both his parents. He doesn't like using his Alpha form to often feeling it makes him look like something out of b movie with a small budget. He has the bottom half of his snake and from the waist up looks pretty much himself if not for the solid black eyes and the fangs.


For a snake Daniel is extremely well adjusted.He's a bit on the loud side used to having to speak up to get himself noticed in a large group. He's pretty able to adapt to his surrounds being the natural go betweener type of person. While he is friendly enough he isn't an open book by any means. He prefers to give the illusion of sharing but few people actually know anything about him.

He's fairly laid back as well taking everything with a grain of salt though once you get on his bad side your likely to not get off of it. He holds a grudge well and remembers everything. He doesn't mood swing much though can go for weeks without speaking unless spoken too. He isn't sulking, merely musing on things that have happened. Once you get to know him he tends to be a bit goofy and extremely loyal. Needless to say not to many people get to see that side of him.

Daniel was born in Australia to small nest just outside of Syndey city limits. He's childhood wasn't that special other than he was born a white snake instead of the normal green color his parents had. This caused life to be someone harder for him. Not unlike the Streak pure blooded snakes were easy to wean someone out to try to pick on them. Daniel was more than just a tab bit inclined to protecting himself so it never got farther than being pushed around a time or two.

When Daniel was seven he had to come to terms with his parents being leaders of the nest. He hadn't really noticed that fact till then and it made him oddly shy around the others. A phase he had to grow out of.He felt this meant he had to work twice as hard to make sure his friends were actually his friends and not people trying to get favor and power though his ties to his parents.

While struggling with that he attended some of the best school and got interested in history. Just in general and about anything he could get his hands on. During his brief out of school years he got a job at the local library and slept with anything that caught his eye. It was then he discovered his thrill of being pinned down. He never admit to it of course. It's not something a Prince should admit too.

Not unlike most places a war broke out amongst the shifters groups. The Rex tried to take over the Pack lands and everyone choose a side. The Next refused to get involved and found it's self caught in the middle anyhow. They lost a good amount of snakes before the fighting stopped. With limited numbers all the males were required to breed with a female in hopes of getting their numbers back up. Which Daniel was fine with, he'd been expecting to have to do that anyway since finding out he was a Prince for the Nest. When he was told to mate with his own bother though he put his foot down. Hard.

The nest didn't like it and forced Daniel to make the choice of saying and being pimped out to his lessers or leaving with some of his pride intact. After taking off out of town he's manged to keep himself hidden in Venice not wanting to attract the attention of any of the lycan leaders. So far he's done fairly well at it. He's gotten a little lonely and has started trying to poke his head out without getting noticed to much.

Can hold in his own in a fight.
Can shift back and forth with no signs of getting tired.
Can call snakes to himself, only pythons though.
Has a half form.
Doesn't have ties to the moon and can shift whenever he wants.
Gets extremely hunger after shifting back and forth alot.
Sydney Nest

RP Sample:

Please see Jon.


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