Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Bambi Gemma Danza

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1 Bambi Gemma Danza on Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:05 am

Character Name: Bambi Gemma Danza

Character Screen Name: Bambi

Normal or Preternatural: Preternatural

Location: Venice, Italy

Age, Gender: 26, Female


Bambi stands at a glorious 5'10", with dazzling brown eyes that look like milk chocolate bars, and a head of soft wavy brown hair to the middle of her back that she preferred to keep down and loose to prevent accidental skin contact. She's lean in build like a runner but toned nicely to show she can fend for herself and had at some point taken some sort of active to tone her muscles. She has a nice hour glass figure, but when it comes to her chest or ass they aren't as round as she'd like them to be. Men say her ass is perfect for a grab and squeeze, and her breasts are a nice good handful with out it being too much or too little. Her skin is sun kissed golden brown. She has a scar on her belly that she keeps covered up for the most part with a belly chain if she wears anything that reveals it. A feature that is able to stay hidden with her make-up is some light red freckles that spatter along her nose and cheeks. If the light hits her just right they are still easily seen.

She normally wears some of the more modern fashion, slightly classy look when she's not working undercover for anything. Slacks, high heeled boots, and nice tops that are either belly shirts or loose and airy. When she's undercover for what ever reason, she will wear anything from stripper outfit, to the punk and goths of today. She is always seen with a necklace with the Wicca symbol made out of lightning struck wood that helps with her mental defenses. Then either on her wrist on a bracelet or her belly chain she is seen with a jasper and obsidian stones to aide with her clairvoyant gift. The jewelry is made all in silver due to the strength of added protection, and with the shifters of today. The chain is in a thick rope pattern, and though it can not be used as a weapon it would still cause a nasty burn to those sensitive to it.


Bambi is a confident woman, and knows that she deserves the best. Because of that she tends to intimidate most men who are seeking for someone who needs or wants to be depending on them.. She doesn't actively seek out sexual activities, but if it happens she never complains. However with her Clairvoyant gift it's hard for her to get close to anyone with the random flashes of visions she can still get now and then. She doesn't feel like she has to constantly prove herself to the guys because her gifts have proven her to be irreplaceable any where she goes.

She doesn't like men who put women down in any kind of way, and she hates women who think men are weak because they cry or actually confess their feelings. In general, any one who belittles another person is someone she can't really get along with as it's people like them that prevents the world from getting better. She'll give her advice if asked, just be ready to take it no matter how it sounds. She won't sugar coat anything just to let the person hear what they want. Believing that the truth, no matter how hard it is, is the best way to go.

She likes to be goal orientated. If there is no goal to aim for she tends to wander what the point is for the task. When it comes to love she's not sure what she wants. She figured if it happens to her, it will happen and she'll welcome it, but to foolishly seek it and have one's heart broken many times she can't stand to see it happen to her after seeing many of her friends go through it. She strongly believes in the Witches code. That should a witch do their own dirty work, that they will be paid back in punishment three fold. Due to this belief she has never cheated a person, always trying to give them the best deals, and takes a soft side to those less fortunate then herself.

She is a true believer of her Wicca belief's and she follows and worships the Roman Deities of her blessings and rituals. She follows Angita fore most as she is the known Goddess of witchcraft and magic to her people. She then follows in closely with Minerva for her wisdom and blessing for her thirst of knowledge, Sancus for the oath's and bonds that they make during the rituals, and Apollo as she would be considered a present day Oracle with her Clairvoyant gift.


The two most powerful bloodline families of witches had finally settled their differences in Venice, and a marriage was performed to bind Olivia and Marko together to seal the truce. As a result, Bambi was born to Olivia and Marko Danza on May 22, 1984 and five minutes before her brother. Her mother had a difficult pregnancy with them, and as a result had to get c-sectioned to give birth. The doctors then proceeded to perform the hysterectomy that had been discussed prior to the birthing. Due to this the family never got bigger.

At the age of five Bambi revealed that she had the gift of Clairvoyance by making the remark that her mother and father were suppose to get together so that she could be born and help those that needed her help. Upon the statement they got all the details out of her to know that one day she'd be on a special team that would aide the preternatural world. They had come to find out that Bambi had picked up her mother's ring while she was showering, and had seen a vision of the feud of the two families, then a present day vision of her birth, and thus followed by a future vision of her working on the FSP team. Granted at her young age she had no idea what she saw, and had used her own words to describe it. As a result she went into training immediately as both a witch and to get her gift under control.

At the age of twelve when she was well disciplined and had her gift under control they felt she was ready to start her training and practices in the art of magic. As was custom in the coven, she was passed around from one to another to learn a bit of each thing that the others were strongest in, and learning to find her special talent. When she learned all the spells quickly enough they didn't think any thing of it due to her Clairvoyant gift and not quite registering at first that a young girl was able to read Latin more easily then other twelve and thirteen year old's who were currently studying it as well. She was diligent and eager to learn up the knowledge that both sides of her family were willing to teach her. Finding a natural thirst for knowledge. It wasn't until she was sixteen and at one of her after school sessions with her mother that she began to read one of the older tomes of old Latin. A form that few knew of, let alone bothered to learn. After this display her mother took her to the coven High Priestess who proceeded to test her for the rest of the day and into the late evening.

Giving her first one book in one language, and then another. Varying from Greek, to old Latin, to Irish and old Gaelic. To the language of the Siren's to that of the Egyptians pictographs, and finally of Sumerian, the oldest known recorded written language on earth to man. By the end of the session it was determined she had also inherited Omnilingualism, and many believe it was granted to her by the Goddess Angita, who had become pleased with Bambi's devotion to her craft. As a result her next task was to start working on some of the older books of magic and translating them into present day Latin and still allow the spells to work. That was said then done as the languages and meanings had changed over the years. It took her the rest of her high school time to do it, and even then two years later while working at the local Wicca store. She had barely managed to find the time to buy and bless her own Athame for her rituals and spells.

By the time she was done, not that many could be changed over, she firmly put her foot down saying she was not at the beck and call of the Coven because of her gifts, and actually left the Coven for a short while. She knew what her destiny was, and if she stayed with them that destiny would not be reached. Over the next five years she took up a variety of skills. Martial arts while she was visiting Japan for a while, self defense from experiencing life on the street in Paris, and weapons training from a man who use to be an assassin for the English government, now retired. She learned how to handle a gun,sniper rifles, knives, and all throwing weapons from the last. By the age of twenty-four and a half, she felt she had the training needed to return home and wait for destiny. While she was out traveling and learning she still performed her magical talent and gift to make ends dues, and during one bad business proposition, she had been attacked for declining and was sliced across her stomach to the point of nearly being gutted. She had barely managed to get to the hospital to be tended to and was in recovery for a month.

For the last half a year, now twenty-five, she has been with the Coven once more and working in the local Wicca shop. The front half being more of the usual gimmicks that tourists seem to search out for, while the back held the more potent and powerful items for witches, Voodoo Priests, Animators and the very rare Necromancer that might travel through. She worked the front where she performed palm readings, using her gift as a Clairvoyant to help out in the readings. Waiting for the day that FSP would approach her. It finally happened right at the end of the big war and the old Master of the City was disposed of. They offered her a position, good pay, and she accepted. As of right now she is waiting for the rest of the team to be put together.


*Omnilingualism- Able to read, speak, write, and understand all languages she encounters. Some think she can even decipher codes and such, but she has not tested the theory yet.
*Clairvoyant- Specializes in past events like past lives, and seeing how a crime scene really went. Is able to control and call upon this part, but has lesser control over present and future events. A downside to the gift is that, unless she's some how directly involved, all faces are blurry of any detail. She can sense the sex of the person, and whether or not they are young or old. Her Visions are so strong that she does, like most Clairvoyants, have the image like they've left the body and she can "walk" the scene to get all details. She has more difficulty in doing this when doing it for present or future events however.

*Martial arts- Mostly focused in the way of Jujitsu, has some training in Kenjutsu (art of the sword)
*self defense- this is more street fighting then anything. No specific talents except that if she's put into a difficult corner or spot, she's not afraid to fight dirty.
*weapons training: handguns, sniping rifles, knives, some sword training, and all throwing weapons.

Type: Witch

Preternatural active power: N/A

Passive power: Clairvoyant and Omnilingualism


Olivia Bambi Danza- Mother; Witch and Clairvoyant
Marko Donovan Danza- Father; Witch and Telepath
Donovan (Donni) Danza-younger twin Brother; Black Dog of local Coven; Sensitive.
Venice Coven

RP Sample:

*Points to Becca, Marcus, and Selma*

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Eliza Dushku


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Approved! Now. Off to the Face Claims with you! Shoo!


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