Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Julian Régis (WIP)

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1 Julian Régis (WIP) on Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:09 pm

Character Name:
Julian Régis

Power level: Master Vampire

Age, Gender: 1762, Male by biological birthright, but gender confused.

Location: ...Venice?

Julian's hair is naturally black, though hair-dye has let a blue shine become visible under sunlight. His skin is undeniably pale, having not seen the light of day in well over a millenium. He prefers to wear black clothing, whether it be dresses, pants, a jacket or a shirt. On occasion, he will wear colours but it is not his usual wardrobe. His nails are perfectly manicured, and he immensly dislikes breaking them. Hair goes from being cut short to just below his ears depending on his mood, and his ears remain unpierced.

He almost always wears make-up to give his skin a little colour, which extends to lipstick. He dorns no tattoos or piercings – he finds them to be very unattractive on an individual. He also bares no scars due to his bloodline...his skin is smooth and unblemished. Julian also dorns no body hair save for his eyebrows and the hair on his head – he can't stand it on himself, he feels that it makes him look hideous.

Standing at a tiny 5'4, Julian makes up for his lack of height with an extremely cold demeanour and a seemingly endless ocean of calm. Beneath this of course, is insecurity and confusion, but this is hidden under the guise of his harsh gaze. Unlike his feminine face, he is extremely slim, and the lack of curves on his figure disturb him.

Julian is best described as an almost feminine loose cannon with a razorblade smile. Whilst he is remarkably calm most of the time, the slightest irritation could send him into a lust for blood that has nothing to do with hunger. Enjoying the art of torture, Julian does not quite understand why anyone would choose sex over pain. At heart, Julian is not completely sure if he is male or female, and whilst this has no outward effect, it gives him strange tendencies at times. Julian has long become confused about who and what he is, beyond an individual that enjoys the pain of others.

He is not quite sure why he finds Donovan so attractive, but he does know that he would love to slice the man into tiny pieces to prove his affections. Of course, the enjoyment of Donovan's company is worth more to Julian than his masters pain, and thus his little fantasy would never be realized. Instead, he is more than happy to subject to Donovan's every whim, knowing that it could, and does, result in the best sorts of rewards.


Augustus Fabiola was born in Lutetia in a time of peace. His father, a solider of great reputation, was a Roman, whilst his mother was Lutetiacian. Augustus enjoyed a luxurious life, well educated in both reading and writing. The theatre held a particular enjoyment for him, and his mother was nothing but kind to him. Augustus enjoyed the life that most boys in Lutetia had – training to become a soldier to aid the cause of the late Julius Caesar.

At the age of ten, Augustus was married to a girl of high reputation, though it was not until he was fifteen that he moved out of home to live with her. She became pregnant not long afterwards, and bore him a girl. Augustus was dismayed, knowing that a boy would be able to pass on the family name whilst a girl could do little but to get married to another. It would not be for some time, however, that he would impregnate his wife again – the apocathery at the time stated that her physical state would not be well for some time.

Life was difficult, but never hard. Despite the beatings and the pain, Augustus was always a strong young man, motivated and determind. Certainly, he was never the best at fighting, but he was always aiming for perfection, always striving to achieve. It was, perhaps, how he outlasted several of his counterparts in brutal training sessions.

It was perhaps because of his stamina that Augustus made it to become a guard, mostly for religious figures. He was terribly good at his job; barely speaking and instead simply focusing on the task at hand. His hands were bloodied several times – mostly beating thieves. His interest in matters of the world, of course, spurned from his education as a boy and he often found himself curious about those with accents or foreign clothes.

There were many stories which reached his ears, of boats and travelling the world. Augustus could never do such a thing to his mother of course – she would be heart broken if he were to leave for the sea. Still, his curiousity had him yearning for something more than his profession. His wife became pregnant with their second child; a miscarriage followed not six months later. The baby would have been a boy, and both Augusutus and his wife were distraught. Still, he was nothing but optimistic that she would give him a son.

Her third child was the death of her. Another girl born, and his wife dead. Augustus was furious at the world, and became somewhat of an alcoholic. His children suffered regular beatings from him; their house servants feared him. Still, Augustus did not care. The screams that came from his house were a regular occurance – it wasn't until the deaths of both his daughters that the screaming stopped.

Even then, the deaths weren't his fault. But how was he to know? A vampire had long heard the screams from his household and had pitied the girls long enough to put them out of their misery. Death for Augustus, however, would have been far too easy.

The Beginnings of Immortality

An individual, mortal or otherwise, does not remember much after he or she is tortured. A human would be dead after being tortured for twenty years, let alone three centuries. Gender has no meaning. History has no meaning. One tends to agree with whatever they are told, simply to be rid of the pain that destroys their very being.

One Julian Régis was released from the council's hold, left with a shell. It took centuries for him to be moulded into something that was more than just that shell, and even then, he was confused. He was, for whatever reason, given to Belle Morte with the expectation that she would help mould him to the council's will. Of course, she did not. Instead, she made use of his fractured mind, playing games with his mental state and bringing out the worst in him.

When Belle Morte bored of him, she gave him to Donovan – making Julian blood oath to the other vampire. Whatever previous oath Julian had, was broken. During the years under Donovan's command, Julian found himself developing somewhat of a girlish crush on the other. Unfortunately, Julian was broken enough to believe that pain was equal to love – he professed his feelings once to Donovan, and the reaction was enough for Julian to never express such emotions again. Whilst Donovan was shipped away to England, Julian was made to stay with the council. It was more maddening than having no master at all, and his sanity waned further. He was sustained by Belle Morte, and whilst it was satisfactory, being away from his master was most distressing.

Julian slowly began to gain powers he had never been aware of. If he'd had them before his torture, he could not recall how he used them. Spiders, for one, seemed to hold a particular likeability that he'd never experienced before. Perhaps it was the spiders, or simply forgetting that he had ever had it, but his bite gained the ability to kill via corruption. Belle morte found both rather amusing; almost as amusing as Julian's desires to do his nails perfectly and occasionally wear dresses. His madness deepened with time spent away, and the council still denied him the company of his oathed master.

It was not until Donovan was arrived in Venice that Julian was finally allowed to follow suite. He is yet to meet up with him however...

(Profile will be added to as I rp!)


Master vampire Powers:
Animal to Call: Spiders

Blood Line Power: Morte D'Amour: Rotting Vampire

  • Speaks Roman, French, English and German fluently, though French is his language of choice.
  • Middle-Age torture techniques, and torture in general
  • Politics
  • Formal dancing (both male and female)
  • Ettiqute
  • Female/Male mannerisms
  • Sexy-time dances (thank Donovan for that)
  • Poison, and its cures (Spiders after all, have terirble bites.)
  • Complete control of rotting ability
  • Easily able to lie

  • Gender confusion
  • Walks the killing edge nearly all the time – irritation and anger are a fast path to death, and these emotions are often unpredictable
  • Unable to rise without Donovan's power
  • Sunlight (not silver or religious items, those can be easily healed by a rotter after all.)
  • Terribly blunt
  • Crush on Donovan

Kiss or Non Kiss:

RP Sample:

The silence in his office was deafening, and yet it was still more welcoming than the silence in his own home. Liecia would not want to speak with him that night, if he returned to his house. It wasn't that they had fought recently, it was more that he had not been home in a week. Deneene had not yet asked him to return home, and thus he was more than happy to remain in the office doing work. Julian had become all too well accustomed with the lies and movements of love, and he knew that Liecia had grown to believe that his words and actions were true.

It was just sometimes, just sometimes, such lies were tiresome. Cumbersome. He had been living it so long that he truly did wish he could feel something for Liecia. She was beautiful enough, her personality lively enough. He just couldn't seem to feel for her emotionally. His feelings did not seem to extend beyond amicable, and that in itself was a regrettable sadness. With a sigh, pen returned to the paperwork he needed to do. If only...things had been different. 

Playerbase/Face Claim name: Brian Molko


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2 Re: Julian Régis (WIP) on Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:10 am


Welcome to WoB. Great application that is happily approved. Don't forget to put your face claim up so your face ain't stolen!


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