Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Vampire Bloodlines

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Vampire - Master
Vampire Bloodlines

Each Sourde de Sang is capable of supporting a bloodline: a group of vampires who draw power from that vampire either by direct descent or by blood oath. Some powers are particular to certain bloodlines i.e. the ardeur.

*Admin’s Note on Member Created Bloodlines: Along with the bloodlines known in the novels (listed below) we allow members to create their own bloodlines. However, any fictional bloodlines must be approved by an admin.

The Wicked Truth: Warrior
The Wicked Truth are elite warriors, even among vampires; their bloodline power lies in combat and speed. They are also exceptionally skilled at passing for human even to other vampires and preternatural humans.

Padma: Master of Beasts

Padma, also known as the Master of Beasts, is one of the members of the Vampire Council (albeit a weaker member), whose power is the ability to "call" all animals.

Morovan or The Unnamed: Nighthags
Morovan and all of those descended from her are ‘nighthags’ and are able to feed from fear in the same way that Belle Morte can use the ardeur to feed from lust; nighthags are also able to inspire fear in their victims, to a paralysing and irrational extent.

Mr Oliver: The Earthmover

A master vampire, Oliver's abilities included the ability to cause earthquakes, the power to draw blood from a distance, levitation of himself or others, the ability to remain awake during the day and mask his vampire nature almost totally, voice powers similar to Jean-Claude's, and the ability to call snakes and snake-like supernatural creatures.

Morte D'Amour: Rotting Vampires

The vampires of Morte D’Amour’s line have the ability to allow their body to rot into a decaying corpse or even fall apart without suffering damage. As a result, they are almost impossible to kill without fire or presumably sunlight. These vampires can cause "corruption" with their bite, and unless the victim is sufficiently powerful to resist, even a single bite can cause a victim to decay and die.

The Traveller: Vampiric Possession

Simply known as the Traveller, he has the ability to possess other vampire's bodies, though that vampire's consciousness is still awake. The Traveller’s ability seems to be limited only to vampires considerably weaker than himself. He also has the ability to lend power to lesser vampires temporarily, bolstering their inherent strengths, and he can shield others from sensing him. The Traveller’s own body was not present on his visit to St. Louis, only his consciousness possessing other vampires, and it was suggested that the Traveller’s body is hidden away somewhere safe.

The Dragon: Draw Energy

The Dragon has the power to draw all of the energy from another vampire, killing it permanently, regardless of distance. For members who wish to be of a direct descendant of the Dragon’s we will limit this power so that touch is necessary for a kill, and that the maximum draining distance is 100 feet; for non-direct descendants, touch is still necessary for a kill but the draining distance is 50 feet.

Belle Morte: Ardeur

The ardeur is a double-edged sword, affecting both the user and its target(s). The most basic aspect of the ardeur causes intense sexual passion in everyone it touches. Those under the power of the ardeur are gripped with an powerful desire to have sexual intercourse with the user of the ardeur, or else the nearest person.
When used lightly it is possible for a person to choose the one they have sex with, but the more powerful the ardeur becomes, the less picky the victims become (to the point where they would have sex with those they are normally not attracted to i.e. heterosexual people would choose same-sex partners). The ardeur can also become extremely addictive.
At more powerful levels the ardeur can also inspire intense love and devotion towards the wielder of the ardeur. At its most powerful, the ardeur can also home in on its victim’s deepest desires and reshapes their personalities to better accommodate those desires.

All those in Belle Morte's line that possess the ardeur are called "incubi" (if male) or "succubi" (if female). It should be noted that other vampires automatically assume that all belonging to Belle Morte's line are incubi and succubi and carry a piece of the ardeur (even if they don’t actually possess the ardeur). The ardeur drains the energies of those it feeds on and can potentially drain a person to the point of death; those who possess the ardeur must have several lovers if they wish to properly feed the ardeur without killing anyone.

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