Venice, the Italian city of water ways and festivals, masquerades and balls. The city of romance and life but beneath the joviality and parties lay darker things. Vampires roam the night and lycanthropes howl at the moon. Do you dare take residence?

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Why Does Everybody Want to Kick My ASS? (China)

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Nowadays it really was a rare thing that Devon had a day to himself. Or at least that he was completely alone. And he didn't mind that one bit, it was just nice once in a while to have some alone time. Even if that time was spent applying for jobs and running other such errands. Dominic and Jon were probably going to give him hell for going under the radar. He'd left a note at least. But all it said was "running errands" and had his name signed. he hadn't really known specifically where he was going so he'd not really been able to supply mroe detail than that. Oh well. That's what a cell phone was for.

As it was, he was getting a little antsy and thinking that maybe it was time to head home. The past few stops he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being followed. The street seemed to be busier than he'd expected, judging by the cacophany of footsteps all around. And he was recognizing scents he'd come across earlier today. He'd just been so distracted and determined that he hadn't noticed. Dammit. He was being followed. He sped his footsteps enough that he could possibly lose his tails without appearing to be in a big hurry and dug into his pocket for his phone, pretending that it had gone off in his pocket. For all they knew it could have been on Vibrate.

"Yeah?" he said into the phone. "Yeah I told you where I'd be, what's up?" A pause. "Oh yeah? Okay. I'll be right there just hold on." He plunked the phone back into his pocket and sped up even faster, having an excuse to speed up and also now having the illusion of someone knowing where he was. Hopefully that would deter his followers. He rounded the next corner and ran smack-dab into a group of cranky looking guys. All pretty big and, from the looks of it, armed in some fashion. A lynch mob? Really? Christ!

He backed away slowly, lifting his hands to show he was just a passerby. "Hey there, gents, didn't mean to get in your way. I'll just be going and letting you get back to whatever party it is you're headed to. Thanks, bye." But as he started to back away, he was grabbed by the arms and shirt and tugged into an alley to be shoved unceremoniously up agaist a nearby wall where he was pinned roughly by a few me each. Oh shit. And one of them flicked out a nasty looking knife with which they sliced away at his t-shirt. And where the blade touched his skin it burned. Silver. Double shit! How the hell had they known?

Then again if they had been following him the whole day they'd have heard and seen him being turned away for being a shifter. And he recognized quite a few of them. A few of them sported buttons, tattoos, patches and other sorts of indications that they were not on friendly terms with the preternatural community. Activists. Fucking Humans First activists! He'd heard a lot about them but he hadn't been expecting to lynched by them! Jaysus fucking Christ Almighty! "Look, fellas, I've done nothing to you and so far you've done nothing to me. Just let me go and that'll be that, no charges or anything. Okay?"

"Shut up, shifter trash. We don't like your kind here. We were doing just fine without your bullshit and we want you filthy pieces of shit out of our city. You're gonna help us get the message through. We're gona cut you up and then we're gonna put you up in the middle of the plaza. Then they'll run scared. Right guys?"

There was a chorus of agreement and the one with the knife started doodling on him with he blade, drawing pained gasps and grunts from the leopard. Yeah he could've tried to fight his way out but they were all armed and had a silver knife pointed at his gut. Someone would be killed and he sure as hell didn't want to be the one with blood on his hands. He'd just wait for an opening and get the hell out of dodge. For now he'd have to deal with the burning pain of that blade digging into his flesh. Triple shit!

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